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  1. I have to disagree with those that think Josh didn't play well enough against a bad team. There was way too many dropped passes and way too much pressure. I thought he did all he could. Also couldn't understand why we weren't doing any quick middle slants. There were blitzing and the short middle seemed open.
  2. Not encouraging anyone. Just believe that if the Bills don't screw up, then they have no worries. Also, even if I knew this poster, I wouldn't care. It's a message board holding a grudge on here seems a little weird.
  3. This is the proper answer. If we don't become "Billsy" we should cruise to the playoffs. Btw if I ever called into 1 Bill's live I'd always use that term just to irritate JM. šŸ˜
  4. You know sometimes I can be a sadistic !@#$%. I just wonder what this place will be like if we get blown out by the dolphins at home? Can you imagine the carnage?
  5. How about the obvious... the Paties beat us. We had a winning record. My point is we have not beaten a quality opponent as of yet, and the Eagles, in MY opinion, are the best team we will have played against next to the Paties. We beat them and the media will notice.
  6. I love that we are 4-1, but we haven't beaten a team with a winning record yet. If we beat the Eagles (assuming we beat Miami) then they will take notice. Heck even my skeptical butt may finally admit we're good. šŸ˜Ž
  7. Too hard to give game balls. Too many had a good game. So who deserves to surrender a game ball? Ford and his all too familiar look out blocks.
  8. I have been somewhat defending Zay since the Panthers game in his first year. But I did witness Sunday him not helping his QB on the 2 INT. Granted better throws could have been made, but it looked very much like he didn't know how to switch to become a defender on those plays. It's frustrating that he is in year 3 and doesn't appear to have that little extra, for lack of a better term, "effort" in his game. He just seems like he's on the precipitous of being good, but just can't take that next step. Sadly I think he may never or he may just take too long for us to wait for him.
  9. The best back-up QB is the one that never sees the field.
  10. I'd like to tell you about the concerts I attended at rich, but I can't remember any of them. Man those were some great shows.šŸ˜
  11. Well no reason to buck my trend... 2-0 Patsy's in OT
  12. Don't turn the ball over and NEVER punt.
  13. Did he mention if he liked it being complicated? I would really love to see us abuse NE with quick slants like they do us every game.
  14. I do miss Crayonz, but this is a close rendition.
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