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  1. I miss Star. I can't believe I just said that! 😳 our D line sucks right now.
  2. I will be very surprised (and happy) if the bills win. It's the type if game they lose every year. 24 17 rams
  3. Usually my disdain for any NFL is limited to teams, but i find myself really routing hard against Brady. 😀
  4. Like others have said. He just needs a tweak. It's not like he was all over the place. Each kick was to the right. Tweak his mechanics this week and he'll be fine.
  5. Why not use a charity's name until a reasonable bid comes along? Couldn't you write it off as a tax deduction?
  6. Wait...so WHEN we win the superbowl this year it will mean nothing because the Patriots players decided they didn't want to play? Give me the asterisk and the superbowl. Never seems to bother Patriot fans.
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