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  1. I was the one who said to calm down with the foster is gone and Duke is gone. People here are going way overboard with these late round draft picks. My point was everyone here would love for these guys to be so good that they'd make Brown and Diggs expendable, but the sensible person know that they will be fortunate if they even make the roster. Whoa that was too much like work.
  2. Hey I hope they make Diggs and Brown trade bait, but unless they are great ST guys I'll be really surprised if they are active on game day.
  3. Stop. Just stop. Both WRs drafted have better odds to be PS guys than removing Duke and Foster from the active roster. Come on guys, enjoy the pick, but be realistic these guys may not see a training camp this year because of the lock down. WR is a difficult position to crack in normal seasons.
  4. Worried he doesn't want to be a Bill. I think he'll feel a little bit better after a few carrys in the up coming superbowl.😁
  5. Arg. I wish we could find a way to trade up into the 3rd so we have two 3rds. I really hate seeing the other east team making picks. I guess you can say I'm pick starving.
  6. Anyone else feel like there's more commercials than draft?
  7. All pro hall of fame players at every pick and UFA. Hey I have lofty expectations. 😁
  8. I want nothing to do with him. Only 1x has he averaged over 4 yards / carry (the league average), and only once has he broke 1000 yards for the season. Way overrated!
  9. What this move means to me is they are in win now mode. A WR in round 1 may take a couple of years to pan out. Diggs signals now is the time. Although I probably would have gone edge in the 1st. But hey FA isn't over yet. 😁
  10. Exactly what I was thinking. It seems when he started dating the owners daughter the jokes started happening and all of Bill's nation slowly turned on him. Coincidence I think not.
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