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  1. We getting a TD... I can feel it.. Josh is to clutch
  2. News Media Headlines: Mahomes had a couple unlucky INT in a 400 yard performance against Washington as KC puts up 31 points against a otherwise solid Washington defense. .. You can quote me
  3. Washingtons defense did good job holding KC... But this is the beginning of the end
  4. who cares... lol Just saying.. I don't care about something I can not control.. I just worry about me... and If I am obnoxious its because they deserved every second of it.
  5. No cause he will say Mahomes had a rough start and it happens... and will say he pulled it out..
  6. HAHAH Second INT ... Mahomes is broke.. Bang Bang... The witch is dead the witch is dead lol
  7. Ravens are going to break the Chargers.... Chargers all down hill after this game..
  8. Chiefs broke themselves through the offseason... not fixing what needed to be fixed
  9. Chargers remind me of KC.. All Offense no defense
  10. Balt. is teaching us how to beat the chargers in the playoffs lol
  11. Chargers keep challenging stuff they dont have a prayer to win
  12. OK ... Go watch TD Phins broadcasted ended a minute ago and you will see a guy shaking with rage..
  13. Why? Just Why? Do you like reminding us the years of pain we went through?
  14. truth lol You sure about that? Maybe you should go back and watch again lol
  15. LOL Yea I am going to say they cut that lol nice!
  16. Just a reminder for those of you like me that are crazy enough to stay up and enjoy it all over again! lol NFL Network Late Tonight 1:30 AM
  17. I think every single Nick Wright thread should be removed from these forums.. because by us giving him attention? he gets paid... #BanNickWright
  18. Who was the person that said half time would not effect our offense? We need to calm down on offense... we need more points! 14 maybe
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