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  1. you need to start getting used to the fact that we have a top notch deep rostered team. we are a top tiered team. rest of our division is a tier or more below us. Its bad mojo putting teams on a pedestal
  2. I will take duffs plain wings with a side of ranch dressing. Just because I know this will get a reaction lol
  3. I have very mixed feelings on this and I'm just going to go through them and just maybe, someone can help me sort them out 1. I do not want drama on this season... Josh Allen is STILL growing... Will OBJ's drama screw with that? 2. I really love McKenzie's growth... At 27 years old IF he has taken the next step, we can get 4 great years out of him but this will take lots of live game day reps to confirm. 3. This is Davis's time to shine! I don't want to pull from that. 4. Is there more to Crowders injury that we don't know? While OBJ does bring something to the table, I feel my thoughts bring to much concern.
  4. in that path to success A. no one is wishing Injury on anyone, B. no one is laughing about an injury and C. most people want to beat the best to be the best. and in that path, that gets us to home field advantage throughout and we make it and win the big game then life is good. But I would like to say I'm the better person by not putting up a laughing smiley face concerning someone else's injury.
  5. I think the dumbest thing to see is someone putting a laughing face on an injury post. Borderline sick if you ask me. I want to beat the best the teams have to offer, and I am sure the players would agree.. but you be you.
  6. click bait going on here... how about "Dawkins left camp for personal issues"
  7. A Poster in Twitter says this best. This is eye candy. took to much time to reach home, no safety on the field "eye candy"
  8. 67 bottles of beer on the wall.. 67 bottles of beer..
  9. for starters.. BleacherReport is right half the time... and the other half of the time Gronk lies when he says he is retiring... Tune In... or not.
  10. 82 bottles of beer on the wall... 82 bottles of beer?
  11. oh man. there is always one.
  12. bro? Read through this... You agree that most 6th rounders don't make it in the NFL and continue to say "there must be some expectation for some progression plan on a 6th rounder" ? Then i basically quote you saying "no expectations from a 6th rounder and you say "I literally just said that in the post you responded to" Then I said "great we agree" and then you say "thats your take" How can you agree that most 6th rounders dont pan out and then in the same sentence you say "there must be some expectation for some progression plan on a 6th rounder" how does this even make sense? When someone in the NFL as a starter or even a solid backup everyone highly notes in their surprise that the dude made it in the NFL. It is highly noted when the player was drafted, even announcers on tv highly note this... and yet you think the team expects 6th round picks make it in the NFL? There is Hope yes... The team picked a player in the 6th round they hope they can work with to get better and maybe be a depth player... but there is 0 expectations. Cant have this both ways... im sorry...
  13. great then we agree. no expectations on 6th round picks
  14. most 6th round picks don't make it in the nfl. sorry bro. just facts
  15. depends? how you like those wings? hot? medium? mild? ranch? BC?
  16. Riddle me this.. Will Hill be top 15 WR in stats after this coming year is over with? If you think that answer is no.. or close to no... then who cares what the dude says.
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