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  1. Have you ever been married? one does not do whatever one wants. It's not a one thing in marriage, there is no he or she... its we. so no... that has snot been brought up yet.
  2. Here is a question I have for you all.. You're one of if not the, most successful QB to play the game... Although you're in shape and playing well you are 5+ years past retirement age in the NFL. You have money... no issues here.... you have a beautiful wife that for the last couple of years has begged you to retire. What is more important in this stage of your life? Health and Family or Football? be interested in reading some replies on this one.
  3. Likely this was their conversation the night before https://giphy.com/clips/tylermenzel-commercial-old-lady-wheres-the-beef-rtsH2fYtN4wHdizR1f WHERES THE BEEF!
  4. Mahomes will be staring at a All Pro on one side and a rookie stud on the other side with some dude named VON in his face. Sucks to be him
  5. he leads the league in INT. He is getting more expensive as the year goes on. IF we were to to extend him or have high hopes of extending him... I wish we did it already.
  6. Game before the KC game. get out all the rust stuck to his body.
  7. Josh Allen Fumble vs Miami likely cost us that game.
  8. all this being said... we not in their bed... uh... their house... we don't know what was said... maybe they had an agreement to retire last year or the year before... There is much to be left up for interpretation, yes?
  9. I would agree with this comment as well. it takes 2 to tangle.
  10. @Mike in Horseheads Mike you can eye roll this comment all you want. This is fact. When your family is begging you to hang up the cleats well past retirement age and all you care about is another year of stat padding.... What would you choose? 100% loser man
  11. grade D+? where did you copy paste this pile of garbage?
  12. we should have tre back for the KC game. I think Tre in there with elam and our pass rush will give KC headaches
  13. I believe McKenzie and Kumerow will be back. Shakir with 4.43 speed and toe taps all of 6' will do fine. Next man up from PS. no need to panic yet
  14. This rookie is going to turn out to be a Stud. High end ceiling. We may have a #1B CB by the time the year has ended. The future is great for this secondary
  15. Poyer is hungry. Dinner about to hit the table. Pickett going to be a late desert.
  16. Yeah? I got pff next gen. I will confirm it to be true. BuiltinBuffalo is not going to post garbage untruths on players.
  17. if he is so elite, how come teams don't have him lined up for when he is over his injury? we dont need OBJ
  18. no one is confused. crowder has a broken ankle. if we need to bring him down so be it. next man up
  19. we dont need OBJ. Did you see how Shakir toe tapped the sidelines? has anyone talked to you about the dudes speed 4.43 and reportedly he was sick that day? Digs is not getting any younger, we need to keep bringing up youth. Crowder has been a disappointment.
  20. This is why people have said all along of how deep we are. Players stepped up when we needed them and that is how it is in the nfl. IF your making excuses about injuries with how your year ended then your either not drafting well or not getting high enough tiered players in FA. In Beane I trust Next man up!
  21. the problem is.. we can't confirm or deny if Motor is legit. Moss just runs into big buts and bounces back.... he needs to be bounced. Cook is a huge disappointment sp far
  22. cnn says we will know momentarily. This was reported by CNN a month ago,,,
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