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  1. SDS: I’m a large fan of the site. I post (very) rarely but read every day and have for years. By and large you and your team are doing a great job. Here are a few thoughts for what it’s worth: #2. Politics – 5 or higher: None of your categories have the tendency to poison the entire community like this one. Nothing is gained by discussing politics here – no minds are changed, nothing is learned, and it interferes with the primary purpose (and the fun) of the site. There are other places for politics for those who want to partake (as well as PPP) – it should not be here.
  2. Great discussion. Here's why I don't think they'll drop off a cliff despite eroding talent: 1.) They do not turn the ball over 2.) They do not commit penalties I looked at this briefly, (more knowledgeable posters can check), but every year, the Cheats finish top tier in both those categories. These are team characteristics that reflects coaching and organizational stability. Despite decades of turnover, this has been constant for N.E. under the hoodie and I don’t expect to change in the upcoming year. I think a team with average talent who does these
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