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  1. I am starting to think there is a real chance he doesn't sign with anybody this season unless there is a major injury. Outside of the "OBJ loves the NYG" talk, their beat reporter made a lot of sense about a 2023 return rather than 2022.
  2. When a team is gripping a bit too tight, not playing well, and struggling to find a groove, tightening the reins and readying the whip has a risk of being a disaster. Easing off a bit will generally either be net neutral or net positive. It almost never makes a skid worse.
  3. The contextual rules in American Football are wild. Some kicks are 1 point, some kicks are 3 points. Some touchdowns are 6, some touchdowns are 2. A catch in bounds is different than a catch out of bounds or in the end zone. Make up your mind football!
  4. It is wild to me that the same person is responsible for both these posts! You: Stop posting drop statistics, they are useless!!! Also You: Here are some numbers I made up for drops. Just like the numbers I also hate!!! At one point in this thread you used your memory as source. Not Youtube or even IG Reels. No All-22. Just your memory. What a joke....
  5. Oh Shitts Creek!!! A prudent Jerry Jones? What kind of bizarro world am I living? A couple options here: 1. All teams are given pause about OBJ's current and future health. Nobody knows what he can bring to the table, and nobody is going to overpay for that kind of risk. All the OBJ hype is driven by OBJ and his team. 2. Jerry doesn't actually care and is willing to be totally reckless if need be. Could be trying to keep Buffalo and NYG's offers low so we can save a couple of bucks even though he is willing to pay basically whatever.
  6. I assume it won't be full on QB1 money. Mediocre QB money likely flips one of their Pats games alone. I was thinking that for $20-25M they could have been heading into Buffalo playing for the division lead this weekend. That would be a difficult prospect to turn down.
  7. What didn’t work? First in, Last out? He won 7 Super Bowls….
  8. The Bengals are about to be a problem. I didn’t get the hype last year, but they’re getting hot at the right time. I was onboard with what you are saying until you brought the Bills into it. We’ve had a rough go this season with injuries and high expectations. We’re gripping too tight at the moment. We haven’t played fast and loose in a month or more. I’m not sure that being in the facility more is the solution to that. When teams get that way it’s a razor thin line. Taking 2-3 days is the safe route for sure.
  9. Same, I thought there’d be a flag. I think Diggs got up laughing a bit not even jawing so I didn’t think a ton of it.
  10. That was mostly for CaliBills. Maybe he doesn’t have cold symptoms. Maybe he swung by his local dispensary. Funny story about getting caught high by my mom. I went to a HS dance and may or may not have smoked some pot. We had a finished basement, so I came home late and went right downstairs to watch TV. Pretty common. My mom gets up an hour or so later to go outside for a late night cigarette. Comes downstairs to say good night and starts staring at me. Then starts making all sorts of faces and moving her head around in circles and forward and backwards. I am doing my best to keep it together. Very unsure if all of that was really happening. She stops. Then smacks me in the forehead, puts her finger sternly in my face and says “don’t fudging do that again” and goes to bed. Nobody believed me that it happened. Forever as an adult a friend asked her about it while we were out to dinner. 100% true story.
  11. I watch all the pressers during the week. He just seems fidgety. He normally seems comfortable sitting there and is giving me “what do I do with my hands” vibes. (I’m not actually accusing him of being high. I’m mostly joking.)
  12. Is it just me or does McD seem off here? A little mini-bye reefer? Good for him taking the edge off.
  13. Really? I like the white. Dislike the black helmet. Looks better close up. But don’t love it still. Would be better in white with a gold fleur-de-lis.
  14. To a lesser extent the entire league is getting away with it. I cannot remember another season where I just see DB's run straight through WR's, arms extended, head forward not looking for the ball. It feels like defenses have "caught up" to the offenses this year, I think allowing DB's to play is a huge part. But it makes me feel like I don't understand the rules anymore. I think basically for it to be DPI, DB's need to either actually grab the WR or tackle the guy early. Everything else seems basically fair game game these days.
  15. I think there have been rumors that Jimmy G has a "no franchise tag" clause and is basically set to be a Jet next year. Barring Mike White becoming the guy anyways. I am admittedly higher on JG than most. The league is hurting for QB play, he isn't good enough, but more often he is an upgrade. Heinicke is a guy I would chase in the offseason if I were them. Better QB play flips at least one of their Pats games alone. With that they would be right back in the conversation at 8-4 and in second in the division heading into Buffalo on Sunday.
  16. Missing on the QB sucks. But Sauce Gardner showed up to the league and was a stud on day 1. I am not thrilled to have him in the division and I certainly don't want the Jets finding anybody competent to line up behind center.
  17. I think the only time we have heard others complain is QB sneaks. Which I don't hate, but don't love either. Everything else either gets blown dead or just needs to be blown dead from the officials earlier. I don't think there is a need for a rule change. Just an earlier enforcement change. Slightly related: The amount of DB's that aren't turning around and seem to be just running at the WR without getting called seems to be through the roof. I don't mind the contact. I just wish they would try and play the ball a bit more.
  18. Their schedule is favorable and Huntley can certainly get hot in that offense. @Pitt @Cleveland Atlanta Pittsburgh @Cincinatti The AFCN likes to beat up on each other, but other than all of those being divisional games they should be able to go 2-3 down the stretch and finish the season 10-7 which should get them in.
  19. I don't know why, but I am annoyed that the thread for the game in 2 weeks is way more active than the game we have coming up.
  20. A lot of Dolphins chatter. This is an easily winnable game. But if the Bills don't show up to play a highly physical game they stand a chance of getting punched in the mouth for an unexpected L. That Jets defense is no joke and (I can't believe I am saying this) Mike White can get hot at times. Keep the turnovers down and play the sticks and we should walk away with this one.
  21. Spotrac has it at $220M including $1.5M of rollover for us and we are still $10M over/in the red. Crossing my fingers for $240M. Hahaha
  22. One one hand it would be great to have him. But we have to start filling holes with immediate impact from our draft picks. OL is no exception. You can’t kick the proverbial cap space can down the road forever. At some point you have to pay the bill. New Orleans is a good example.
  23. He is the private chef for all sorts of position groups. Josh, Von, and I think some OL as well. He’s basically the go to for anybody on the team regardless of position. He can play inside too!!! Everybody is fondly remembering Beasley from 2-3 years ago but forgetting all the chatter about him being washed last season. I was a proponent of getting the best three on the field last year and thought it was Diggs and Davis outside with Sanders inside. If we’re going to pluck a guy off the couch he’s my guy.
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