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  1. Summary for those who read a long post: Its probably Spinal Stenosis, and DrPJax posts on the forum without the use of his arms or hands.
  2. 4 games is enough time to end a season, unfortunately. Do you only post when the Bills are doing well? Fair-weather?
  3. Well, it was a fun year while it lasted. Thank you Brandon Beane for shoring up the defensive backfield this secondary.
  4. They didn't examine him and determine the facts before giving him a designation? Wouldnt that be against NFL rules?
  5. These weren't the facts when they made him probable to return?
  6. We need our young CB's AND our young safeties AND our depth D-line to all shine. It's a big ask.
  7. Beane should be on the phone trading for defensive backs right now. Both safeties injured, #1 CB injured, #3 CB injured. More than half of our secondary is injured. I don't care about the 32nd overall pick. Trade it for some defenders. Complete opposite. With the Chiefs, they threw almost twice as many passes to Hill at or behind the line of scrimmage as they did 30 yards downfield or deeper. Last year, Mahomes completed only four of the 16 attempts of 30 yards or longer to Hill.
  8. Ed Oliver went from "Probable to return" in game 1, to out in Game's 2 and 3. What in the world!?
  9. Hard to say. So many injuries. Could be some completely random depth player.
  10. If I remember right, they run them 24/7 in the cold months, except for on game day.
  11. One of the reasons I sit in the club when I go. If you stand for too long in the club, an employee comes and tells you to sit down.
  12. In case I wasn’t clear, I wanted Levi in addition to Elam and Benford.
  13. Vegas sets lines to make money. They aren’t predicting a score or outcome.
  14. Incredible play by Levi Wallace. Wish we could have kept him.
  15. That really is worst case scenario. Dolphins fans will become insufferable.
  16. I never thought Edmunds was bad. Just underwhelming. A little above average. Not that special. Nothing through 2 weeks has changed that.
  17. To be fair, Allen has underthrown a few deep balls this year too.
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