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  1. You should have used Where's George. https://www.wheresgeorge.com/
  2. Because that one was well planned with no issues?
  3. I know where that is, driven through there may years on the way to Inlet and the Moose River Plains.
  4. FYI, not gonna bother posting a link cause it really has nothing new and shocking to add, but WS50 has filed a third application with Vernon to host the concert at Vernon Downs, on Wednesday.
  5. They don't show any on their campus map. https://www.ecc.edu/uploadedFiles/Pages/About/Locations,_Maps_and_Directions/SouthCampus.pdf
  6. Syracuse is a mix of fans from most teams, so I answered No. Even the Bills have pulled back a lot from years ago with their advertising and events from the area.
  7. It's a form letter.... Got mine end of last week, my last name starts with W
  8. Three strikes, WS50 is still out at Vernon Downs https://www.syracuse.com/news/2019/07/woodstock-50-shot-down-no-festival-at-vernon-downs-town-says.html And now Virgin is out... https://www.pollstar.com/article/virgin-produced-pulls-out-of-woodstock-50-after-site-permit-denied-simply-no-time-left-138425
  9. Same, even have a technique for our amphitheater now. I buy the cheapest seat inside, then the day of the concert, a few hours before it starts, I'll look online to see what seats are still unsold closer to the stage, and go sit there instead. I don't get greedy and try for the front sections, usually somewhere in the middle near the sound board, where there's not a lot of people around.
  10. If you're on a boat, it's okay to wear flippy floppies... (NSFW - language)
  11. Next step, start "bribing" the local townspeople with promises.... https://www.syracuse.com/news/2019/07/woodstock-50-courts-vernon-with-offers-of-jobs-vip-lounge-playground.html
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