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  1. Just Jack

    Advice dealing with local government

    And there's your problem. They are getting more money from the other club. Your money is coming no matter what.
  2. Just Jack

    Summer 2019 Concerts/Shows

    What I've been doing here with our new amphitheater is buying the cheapest seat inside, then the day of the concert, a few hours before, look to see what is still showing as unsold, and sitting there instead, because the staff there only checks that you have a ticket for being under the roof, not that you actually go to your correct seat. So far this year I'll be going to... Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Induction Morrisey in Toronto Hootie and The Blowfish/BNL Peter Frampton There's other shows I'm interested in but will probably buy tickets once it gets closer.
  3. Just Jack

    Do you remember Baby Rock?

    Any updates on this?
  4. Just Jack

    Advice dealing with local government

    So were you paying to use the fields, or getting it for free? And this other club is paying?
  5. Just Jack

    Woodstock 50

    I saw them handing out the candles before I left in the afternoon. My immediate thought was "This is going to end badly." Not sure why that was what popped in my head at that moment, maybe some premonition?
  6. Just Jack

    Woodstock 50

    I was at 99, I was a staff volunteer. Basically just filling in wherever someone was needed. Ended up leaving Sunday afternoon because my shifts were done, and I’d had enough of the heat. Went home and didn’t turn on the tv until sometime after 10pm and caught them talking on MTV about the fires. I did make it on the DVD. My staff badge allowed me backstage access. There is a spot during Jewels set where I can pick myself out by where I was standing, but anyone looking for me, would not because of the distance from the camera. If WS50 is looking for volunteers again, I’ll apply but I don’t know if I’d pay to go.
  7. Just Jack


    So, you're bringing in $25,000. But only giving out $11,500. So that's where your Stromboli fund comes from.
  8. Just Jack


    Not a monetary fundraiser, and not even an original idea, I saw another team doing it, but myself and a friend of mine, when we were involved in a professional organization that was looking for charity ideas, we proposed to our local hockey team about doing a Teddy Bear Toss. 15 years later, they are still doing it, after being hesitant to even try it at first....
  9. Just Jack

    Hot for Teacher: Barstow - You Would Not

    Try reading the article again.
  10. Just Jack

    Hot for Math Teacher: Belarus - You'd be an idiot not to

    You'd say thank you for 9 minutes and 30 seconds?
  11. Just Jack

    Who got a Bills gift box from the Bills today?

    Many updates on this?
  12. Just Jack

    Toronto to Buffalo

    It was back during the Toronto series, whenever that first game was I remember it was preseason. I wanted to avoid finding parking in Toronto on a game day and rush hour so thought a bus from Buffalo would be easier.
  13. Just Jack

    Who got a Bills gift box from the Bills today?

    Meads seen the pic.
  14. Just Jack

    Toronto to Buffalo

    It wasn’t me. Only bonus to sitting at the border waiting, was getting to see border agents swarm this one car, guns drawn, and haul the two women out of it.
  15. Just Jack

    Toronto to Buffalo

    DO NOT TAKE A BUS!!! I did it, twice, because like you I didn't want to drive, and will never do that again. As GBiD noted, at the border, the bus will be pulled over to it's own special area. Your bus will need to wait it's turn to be inspected. Everyone has to get off, with all your luggage, you can not leave anything on board or underneath, and go into a building where each person goes through the usual questions. If the agents have any issue, with any passenger, you are stuck there until either the issue is resolved, or the border agent releases the bus without the person that goes in the back for additional questioning. What would normally take about 3 minutes by car (being questioned once I reached the customs booth), took me 45 minutes going into Canada, 3 hours going back into the US.