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  1. I have suffered from a severe concussion and it is a long term and lingering injury. When I saw Tua hit his head last week I was sure he was concussed. Now this injury will intensify the scrutiny on the Miami organization. I pray for the young man
  2. It is like the football gods want to humble the Bills and their fans. I wish him a speedy recovery and see him next year.
  3. That still baffles me. Pressure helps the rookies. Frazier out thought himself, like is apt to do.
  4. My question is why is this team so snake bitten with injuries and how were they not prepared for the heat? They play there every year and you know how to combat the heat with forcing fluids, cooling fans and rotating players. Rotating was off due to the heat issues.
  5. Allen has 400 yards passing. 115 yards team rushing. And lose. Too many darn mistakes. All phases played poorly. Coaching was substandard.
  6. O line is breaking down. Need to hold up for one more play.
  7. Get the ball back at midfield. Have to challenge the DBs. No more playing dink and dunk safe passes
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