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  1. Heading out to downtown Indy for dinner. Hope to see some NFL combine attendees or NFL coaches. This is a draft that set the team up for years .
  2. It is called battery and it is a crime. You hit a police officer even in jest and see the reaction you get.
  3. Concussions plus a rebuild and multiple millions in the bank if makes sense to walk. His heart is not in it to request a trade to a contender. I wish him well.
  4. Daboll has to be disappointed. Cleveland is being Cleveland. They will be CB looking for a new HC in two years
  5. Running the ball successfully cures many ills for your team. Youngsters do not acknowledge it. Now stay off my lawn!!!
  6. I think this off season they will add players to put them over the top
  7. Never saw the seminal and classic intellectual comedy Animal House.
  8. Spy needs to come off the left side of the defense. Jackson likes to roll right
  9. They are employing that soft coverage. Keep every thing in front of you and tackle short of the first. It rarely works against the offenses in 2020
  10. Very soft coverage by the safety. Have to play tighter.
  11. Titans have less than 100 yards passing but have scored 4 TDs. Henry and Defense is carrying the day.
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