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  1. Saffold had a great career but age and injuries caught up. He should have retired but he signed with the Bills. This is why I hate signing guys who are over 30.
  2. Unintended consequences. This was done to reduce concussions but how many teams will now do squib kicks or line driver one hoppers? Set up for a possible turn over or pinning a team deep, the kicking team will be flying to the ball. Thus more chance for injuries and concussions.
  3. The benefit of playing on a dominant Super Bowl winning team. It also helped that he was in broadcasting at the time of his induction. He should not be in the HOF
  4. It is a "What the heck!" signing. He may show promise but IMO just a body for training camp.
  5. I was intrigued in the pre draft broadcasts on the MLB position. The old model is being changed at the collegiate level. You are seeing smaller and faster MLB in college football. This will translate to the pros. The Jack Campbell model is being phased out. The Bills may have realized that and McD will alter his defense accordingly. We will see soon if this happens.
  6. After my career in law enforcement, false allegations ruin the person accused but rarely the one who lied. I hope this young man can bounce back and that stain on his character is erased.
  7. Training camp fodder. Might stick on the practice squad
  8. Beane is having a great off season. The FA talents and the draft is making the Bills stronger than ever.
  9. Now the fun begins with the undrafted FAs
  10. I getting to the point of ignoring the best available. Look at the Senior Bowl rosters and pick from that. LOL
  11. Wonder if he is going to be groomed at C/OG back up.
  12. Voorhees reminds me of the O lineman from Washington that the Bills signed after the draft several years ago. Had a third round grade but was injured. Tried to make progress but the injury did not heal properly and he left. You can gamble on talent but injured guys after the draft.
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