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  1. O line played poorly across the board. Yes the refs were unbalance in penalties but you can not hold. Once it was called the guys should know this will be different than last season. O line has to get better quickly or the season will be in jeopardy
  2. Tasker explained the coverage. To beat it you have to go deep and the O line did not afford Allen that opportunity expect for a handful of times. Hard coverage takes away one side and a DB is behind on the other side. The other out in routes have to win the one on one battles. He is a slow punter but that block was due to a blown assignment.
  3. Spain??? He would not make this team. Teller was traded for picks one of which went to Minnesota for Diggs and the other was used to draft Bass.
  4. He was scattershot today and his WR helped him out. Ben was 12 for 23 to his top three WRs. I concur with the dead arm assessment.
  5. Past problems have not been solved. Open TEs getting easy passes. Bills reluctance to use their own. The Bills need to run more. AND use the screen pass. Steelers used the Bills pass rush against them with designed screens.
  6. Why? Claypool? He torched White. Face it the Steelers have good WRs
  7. PItt defense was rock solid last year until injuries popped up last season. They are a top five and played like it today. I thought it was going to be a tough game to win. I did not expect ST giving up a TD nor bizarre play calls on offense.
  8. Bad calls. Poor coaching decisions. Players are not executing. This is feels like a Dick Jauron team. I know next week they will bounce back but MIAMI is not an easy game. Get ready for a long, hard season. No cake walk.
  9. That first drive deep in Pitt end and getting a FG was a indicator as to how this game was going to play out
  10. You can not coach cute at mid field and play ultra conservative in the red zone
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