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  1. I heard on NFL network that he refuted the rumor. These leaks can lead to embarrassment.
  2. Edmunds loss would open a huge hole on defense. A FA RT is not a need. Brown is growing and learning. He had growing pains but I think he will be a solid RT.
  3. McD is entering a make or break season. This past one was under cut by injuries, weather and Hamlin's terrifying health scare. IMP they did a good job getting wins. The sloppy play and mistakes led to two losses. Playoffs are different. I have been underwhelmed by the coaching in the past three playoffs. No changes, plays or wrinkles. Attack mode on defense. Both KC and Bengals were very aggressive. Frazier is not an aggressive coach. Feet of clay. Time to bring in a new guy to groom for the job.
  4. They lost Isaiah Hodgins who has size to keep Jake Kumerow a strictly special teamer. Adding talent at WR is a given. O line is average at best.
  5. Frazier comes up small and too passive against the top offenses in those three games. He does not want them to get burned but is willing to die by a thousand cuts. McD seems to support the defensive philosophy. If he did not, Frazier should have been gone after the infamous 13 seconds debacle.
  6. Be realistic. White was not up to his previous level of play. It is not physical but mental. Give him the off season to get his game back. Not ready to kick him to the curb but he was average upon his return. Patience is needed.
  7. Frazier's age is the reason. NFL is trending on young (30s) HC. If he was twenty years younger, he would get interviewed. Time to think about retirement.
  8. First pick will be a WR. I agree OL in round two. Need talent at those positions. Rest of the draft will depend on who left as FA. Face it there will be probably 25 guys gone. New cap is unknown but Beane said they are 20 million over what is projected. It will be an interesting off season.
  9. As someone who lost friends while on the Army, these things take a toll. You might seem fine but you are mentally and emotionally worn out. I could tell that they were running on fumes last week. They needed a break but unfortunately that is not how things work in the NFL
  10. I posted that I should have clarified already
  11. That is okay. I should have been specific
  12. You are looking at the wrong play. Deep pass where he wrestles the ball away is my point
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