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  1. Bills do not need the china doll that is McCaffrey. Cook is going to make Bills fans very happy.
  2. He quit being serious about football as soon as he signed his contract with the Bills.
  3. They actually did say the drafts were among the best. That includes those players. Omitting them is illogical.
  4. If you are a better judge of the draft than those who are paid to offer these assessments well you are very under appreciated. Contact the NFL Network and ESPN.
  5. Replacing the key component of the Bills defense with a late round draft pick? That is not going to happen.
  6. Some good O linemen taken late in Stueber and Walker. Those guys will have nice NFL careers West may go undrafted
  7. ILB? Interesting pick. Most likely a ST candidate.
  8. They like to keep a lot of O linemen on the roster.
  9. Tenuta as a guard would give them a massive line for short yardage situations
  10. Next is the undrafted FAs. Filling out the training camp roster. Maybe one or two diamonds in the rough.
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