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  1. Do not have the road grader types to open holes. It has to be quick hitting runs and many of the running plays are too slow in developing.
  2. Just imagine this team being healthy. A juggernaut!
  3. If the Ravens lose, Harbaugh will be scorched for not kicking the FG after a 90+ yard drive
  4. Respectfully disagreed. Enjoy the rest of the game.
  5. Disciplined Defense! Turnover takes it to the 20
  6. That Jackson run was on the D line. Do not blame Edmunds.
  7. He played it as well as anyone could. Jackson has speed.
  8. yes. Ravens have pretty much stopped them selves. 34 minutes time of possession
  9. Like I said earlier. Bills have to score on every drive. I do not think the defense has a solution for the Ravens.
  10. Taron got schooled by Andrews. Lured him into a cheap penalty.
  11. Andrews is his safety blanket. Cover him over and under
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