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  1. Interesting to see how one small trade can have a ripple effect.
  2. I know! LOL! Only 600 plus guys in the draft pool, pickings are lean.
  3. If you look at his drafting, he is not even average. If he was a GM he would have been fired long ago.
  4. Rats! I wanted the Bills to sign Tonga as an UDFA
  5. You will get close but the meds on Wilson will prevent him from getting selected.
  6. Big OG who can fill in as back up OG and C.
  7. AFCE had a good draft as did the Bills. Now let us see how that translates on the field.
  8. Time to hit the phones and contact potential UDFA
  9. Watch his tape. Plays very physical. That is all attitude.
  10. A CB who plays a physical game. I like that. Could be the DB that the Bills against the TEs that tore them up.
  11. Bills pick so they go to commercial.....again
  12. Bills have back to back picks....how about Tay Gowan and Trey Smith?
  13. Future kick returner for the Bills.....Marquez Stevenson.
  14. Trey Smith OG would be a nice addition to the interior OL.
  15. Imagine the goal line packages will have a towering presence.
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