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  1. My favorite Collinsworth quote was something like "they get Von Miller and now everyone thinks they're a sack specialist". I hate Collinsworth as much as anyone but that was a good one.
  2. Buffalo chicken pizza and a bottle of Josh Pinot Noir
  3. I was only there for the playoff game against the Texans a few years back. It was packed! Agree about The Harp. I lived in Boston for a few years and that place is great! Used to make my friend drive from Ellington to meet me there.
  4. I can second Shea’s in Manchester. Go Bills!
  5. 31 - Byrd 97 - Bryant (had to - it’s my last name and my favorite player’s (Bennett) number 23 - Hyde 40 - Miller
  6. I just ordered mine a few weeks ago in CT. They wouldn’t let me substitute 0 for O either (like NJ). I ended up going with BFLO BLZ
  7. I'm totally following this topic. Putting in for my CT vanity plate. I had GOBILLZ in Delaware but it's taken in Connecticut.
  8. I actually don’t know what he’s trying to say. 🤨 But on topic … RIP Dwayne Haskins. Far too young. 😢
  9. When did you get them? I got mine through a friend last year as I was "out of the area".
  10. I wonder if they will open up season tickets to fans outside of NYS now?
  11. I laughed harder than I should have. 🦷😂😂😂
  12. That’s what I thought as well. Diva doing diva things. Bye already.
  13. I voted no but not because he could take away targets from Knox. He’s just an a$$. Oh. And he’s broken too. Hard pass.
  14. I kinda want Chiefs to win so the Rams can blow them up in the Superbowl. I've always been a Stafford fan and I would love for Darnold and Miller to get after Mahomes. I know he's a great QB but he bugs me. LOL
  15. I feel like we need a NASTY D and we don't really get that with Mr. Nice Guy Frazier. Not sure what happened last night but they didn't seem like the #1. And Daboll has some head scratching play calling during games.
  16. There is a first time for everything. 😉 GO BILLS.
  17. I was looking this up today as I had heard the same thing. I had on 2 pairs of socks and boots for the Jets game and my feet were still frozen. I'm going to try this (and a sleeping bag). LOL
  18. Brrrrrrr ... I'm still on the fence but I gotta go, right???
  19. No joke. I booked the minute the time/day was announced. I’m sure the price would be doubled if I tried to book today.
  20. I loved this pick. I got in a huge fight with my friend over the “Josh’s”. I wanted JA and he wanted “the pipsqueak” as I like to call him. And yes, I like to rub his nose in it to this day.
  21. The Rams. I’ll always root for Matthew Stafford. And anyone who beats the Bucs.
  22. I’ll be there. Driving in from CT on Saturday afternoon. Im guessing/hoping the thruway will be cleared by then.
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