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  1. College (sports) basketball is turning into a joke with the constant transferring and NIL. In the 90's- early 2000's, college basketball was the *****. It is simply ***** now. Spoiled, entitled kids, thinking they are owed the world. It's going to bleed into professional sports very soon. The quality will suffer tremendously.
  2. He will have a lot to say, but offer no solid answers. Will thank Diggs for all hes done for the city of Buffalo and wish him well in Houston. And finish off by reminding us to Trust the Process.
  3. Diggs was instrumental in our success over the last few years, but this move had to happen and i'm good with it. Too many short-sighted fans. He's definitely on the downside of his career, and is a massive distraction. By week 6 next year he will be screaming about his targets. 2024 might not have the success that we all want, but we are setup nicely to have a massive 2025.
  4. Sneaky Pete. It was on Amazon for a couple seasons. Good show. Wish it was still around.
  5. I think the same could be said about all sports being better in the 90's. We spent hours Saturday night at camp talking about random ***** that happened in sports when we were kids. (Old man Nolan Ryan beating the ***** out of Ventura, Hard sliding into 2b, running backs like Barry Sanders, etc).The best part about it, was 4 of our kids were there listening and into every story. My son (12) went home and told his mom that was the best camp trip yet. Unfortunately, he then told her he knows the difference between a lintel and a chick pea. Still working on the what happens at camp stays at camp theory.
  6. 100% a classic and still holds up to this day.
  7. This is a horrible take and represents somebody who doesn't watch the games, and only listens to all the moronic talking heads after the fact. Is JA perfect? Absolutely not. Does JA make the occasional blunder. Absolutely. Is JA the reason the Bills can't beat the Chiefs in the playoffs? Not even F@ck!ng close.
  8. Interesting enough, I had little "hatred" towards the Pats. They were so much better than the Bills and the rest of the league that I could never consider it a rivalry. Now the Chiefs? ***** the Chiefs.
  9. I wish they would simply play another full quarter.
  10. My son has travel baseball practice until 7. We will get home to watch the rest of the game. Rooting for a tie.
  11. The DL is a black mark on Beane's drafting grade. Aj and Groot are decent but ultimately should be considered fails considering where they were picked. Floyd was a nice surprise this year but isn't a difference maker. Jones was solid, but is older. We are stuck with Von. Our line is weak and needs major attention. Realistically, I'd like to retool it all and bring Jones and Floyd back as veteran leaders.
  12. I teach my kids and the kids that I coach in baseball that it's important to learn how to lose. I hate the Chiefs and care for the Bills at an unhealthy level, but I can't see any scenario where I'd get the urge, as an adult, to throw anything at the opposition. Embarrassing behavior.
  13. McDermott seems to have reached his peak. Solid man, loved by his team, but sadly I think they need to make a change. KC lost multiple defensive starters last evening, and their defense GOT STRONGER as the game went on. They made halftime adjustments, and the Bills seemingly did not.
  14. The passing of the torch. Just like Hogan to The Rock at Wrestlemania. Go Bills!
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