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  1. I really don't want the Jets to draft Zach Wilson. I think he's going to be good. Really strong arm and mobile.
  2. "There's a gleem." It's Marty smiling up in heaven. Rest in perfect peace.
  3. I was thinking last night after the game. The Bills put up 24 points against the Chiefs...with their DBs holding all game and the refs letting KC get away with personal fouls, etc...unlike last night's Super Bowl. They also put up 24 points with no running game and playing one dimensionally. Allen was pressured most of the game as Mahomes was last night. Yet the Bills offense put up 24 points. The huge difference, of course, was on the opposite side of the ball. Our defense got zero pressure on Mahomes and the game plan was to "limit" big plays versus playing aggressive and
  4. Nope. They've been playing off the receivers...and not giving Mahomes time.
  5. Actually I saw a piece on the news today that Pats fans are still grieving the loss of Brady and are rooting against him.
  6. Got to give it to Todd Bowles defense as well. They are not playing scared.
  7. Just because they weren't called before doesn't mean they shouldn't be called now.
  8. The Chiefs are holding. He's not getting bailed out. The refs are throwing the flags that should have been thrown 2 weeks ago.
  9. I heard that during the McDermott interview. I liked McD's comment...he will watch as he always learns something.
  10. if he's successful...which I suspect he will be...he will be a head coach in no time!
  11. The last two decades the Bills were noncompetitive vs the Pats...with or without Brady. This Chiefs team, however, totally manhandled this year's Bills team in the playoffs...literally. I don't want to see another AFC dynasty created that will plague the Bills for another decade. So...this Bills fan is rooting for TB.
  12. One of the things I hate about our D is that we always allow receivers a clean release off the LOS. You are allowed contact within 5 yards for a reason. You especially need to this if you don't have a great pass rush.
  13. I actually wouldn't mind it if the Bills really focused on both sides of the lines in this year's draft. Those areas were our biggest weaknesses in the Championship game. Allen was pressured. We couldn't run. We got no pressure on Mahomes.
  14. It's not even just about winners. It's about "news." Stafford and Watson are in the news because there is something to talk about. Stafford has been traded and Watson is seeking a trade. There is nothing newsworthy about Allen right now. His season is done. He's not being traded. If the Bills negotiate a huge contract with him...then he will be in the news.
  15. You could construe that as Saleh not believing Darnold has talent.
  16. Such good news about Ron Rivera! Also wonderful to hear your wife has been cancer free for one year. Hope and pray she continues in good health!
  17. Yeah. They got most of it from Houston in the first place.😄
  18. Now he'll have sky box seats for the Super Bowl. I'll be rooting for the Bucs as well. It will be hard to root for Brady...but one thing Brady never was in all his years of winning was cocky. I see a lot of cockiness on KC...both the team and the fans. I just can't cheer for that, irrespective of how some may say "they've earned the right." That's why I like McD's mantra...humble and hungry.
  19. So sorry for your loss.
  20. Totally agree. And McD admitted today the decision to kick the second FG was a mistake. He doesn't need any armchair front office wannabes to tell him that. McD knows he has a lot to learn as a HC. I'm glad we have a HC who is not thinking that he's "arrived" just because he has a title.
  21. It was hard from the standpoint of realizing how far away we truly are. Going into this game, I did not have confidence in our defense despite how well it played vs the Ravens. But we really only had to focus on one aspect of their offense...the running game. The Chiefs have so many playmakers. The hope was, though, that our offense could keep up. The Chiefs D benefitted like our D vs the Ravens. They only had to focus on one aspect...our passing game. We were never a threat to run the ball. They could pressure Josh all game and our O line was exposed. Our coaching deficiencies were e
  22. Until Josh Allen wins a Super Bowl, Bayless will never be sold on him.
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