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  1. I knew something was amiss the other day, but had every confidence that the issues would be resolved, and we would once again be able to access the site.
  2. This link shows that the item is available: https://www.nflsportjersey.net/bills-white-2021-training-camp-bucket-hat-p86283
  3. There's something close to that on Amazon, but they don't have it in white.
  4. Josh took the redeye and is back already at OTAs per One Bills Live. Right now he's taking his football more seriously than his golf. Fine by me.
  5. I think by and large Josh is just a very humble guy, from humble beginnings, who takes nothing for granted. I think he was nervous throughout the match and actually started playing better as the match went on. He's not used to being on the big stage, except on the football field.
  6. That's a good idea. They could play it like the Ryder cup...AFC vs NFC.
  7. Barkley is so funny! "All these people need to be standing in the middle of rhe fairway. They'd be safe."
  8. Josh had the best drive and Mahomes the best approach this hole.
  9. Brady and Rogers are taking this match more seriously than Allen and Mahomes.
  10. Beane said in an interview that they needed to do more than just write a check. They wanted to be present to the community. I was a puddle watching it on One Bills Live today!
  11. And many politicians don't want to do even the bare minimum. It's not about getting elected to do the right thing. It's about getting elected. Governor Hochul in the presser today said action needs to be taken nationally. However, she is working with 9 other states to trace the pipeline of weapons and high round magazines to try and stem the tide.
  12. You have hit the nail on the head. We all thought after the massive slaughter of little children in Sandy Hook, some action would be taken. That withered into the usual "thoughts and prayers" and nothing was done. I have little hope for this country, and it breaks my heart.
  13. They're not really quoting from it, but just citing how he researched the shooting venue and planned everything. Also they cited his influences. This was in an article in the NY Times.
  14. I hadn't realized the media is now citing elements of his manifesto. At the initial press conference the media was very closed mouthed about all this as the investigation was ongoing. I don't think I have the stomach to search out and read the document, but from what I gather from the press, he certainly was influenced by other mass shooters and was radicalized especially over the past few years via social media forums. This is just plain scary.
  15. I'm merely expressing an opinion. Mass murder doesn't need to be copied although I'm not denying that copycat murders don't occur. I also acknowledge that those who perpetrate such crimes are making very public statements. Someone as young as 18 could well be looking for notoriety. We'll learn more about his particular motivation in the days ahead as facts are confirmed. Now...if you have a particular expertise please offer it. Perhaps. We'll learn more as more facts are revealed.
  16. In the initial press conference they gave no details as law enforcement was investigating at his home and they did not want to forwarn any possible accomplices. More details will follow after his arraignment this evening.
  17. Social media is less informative than it is a forum. These incidents aren't really copied. People who hate enough will find an avenue to act on that hatred whether or not it's been done before.
  18. According to Beane they had 5 guys they liked on the board at 57 so when they got the offer to trade down to 60 they took it. At 60, all 5 guys were still there, so they took the offer to trade down to 63. At 63, 4 guys remained, so they stood pat and took Cook. So at the very least Cook was number 2 on their list and very likely could have been at the top of the list.
  19. https://www.audacy.com/wgr550/sports/dolphins-mocked-for-video-of-tua-badly-underthrowing-tyreek Some of the tweets cited in this article are priceless!
  20. He's like Rasputen or gum stuck to the bottom of your shoe. He's never going away.
  21. You know, as much as Belichick stinks at drafting WRs, he's been pretty good at drafting O linemen.
  22. Have the Bills signed or invited any QBs for rookie minicamp as yet?
  23. That Bills healthcare team probably looked at him as not a good risk.
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