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  1. so unfair to blame the loss on Marv. We choked and the Giants coached a great game. Belichek was masterful that day
  2. Tom Brady is a 7-time super bowl champion. I don't think there is any other player in any other sport who has dominated his sport except may be Don Bradman in Cricket https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Don_Bradman The great Don average 99.96 runs every time he went to bat. The next best average is like 60.
  3. Hunted down an article from 2014 about Kevin. "In fact, he’s somebody special. The same man who doctors feared wouldn’t survive the injury has become a doting father of three young girls. Faith is the middle child between 5-year-old Famatta and 1-year-old Kelani. They don’t care about his place in football. They depend on his place in family." https://buffalonews.com/sports/bills/everett-finds-peace-as-a-husband-and-dad/article_b0c135cf-e25e-5cd0-8005-c38ee44ad841.html
  4. Shaw, White was injured in the Saints game. After losing him, the Bills played, Patriots, Bucanneers, Panthers, Patriots, Falcons, Jets..... And agains the Bucs we were down 24-3 quickly. We got lucky that we were never tested by a good QB or offense. In the Playoffs we against whopped the Patriots and then allowed Mahomes to put 42 points on this defense....White was TRULY MISSED. I think this is what will happen
  5. I believe Knox himself plays a lot outside. The Bills will put the 5-best people on the field.
  6. Wow. Mahommes has been sick in the playoffs. Of course making it to the AFC Championship game 4 out of his 5 seasons is amazing and helps with the extra games especially if thye made it through the WC path like last year. Outstanding Brady was a game manager (to perfection) in his first 4-5 seaosns before he exploded.
  7. I think this is what Brian Daboll tried to artificially create into the system and did not work. Then he gave all the carries to Moss, only for him to get injured at the end of the season and then giving it back to Singletary in the last season. The Bills should go with the hot hand RBI ad RB2 in the game.
  8. With the Watson deal in the bag, Lamar is looking at losing a guaranteed contract of $250M if he chooses not sign an extension with the Ravens right now. It is amazing how we got lucky with the Josh Allen contract. On the flip side we have had to pay the premium for Miller and for extending Diggs. We will also be paying higher for Poyer, Knox and possibly Edwards.
  9. Probably still better than Nate F...g Peterman !!!!
  10. I believe that is incorrect. Lamar has chosen not to negotiate yet with the Ravens. It is not stalled by any means when it has not even started.
  11. IT is that part of the offseason !!!! 29 days more for Training camp !
  12. Because he is too slow. Both Moss and Singletary will be gone at the END of the season. The Bills cannot pay everyone and RB will not be a priority especially if Cook starts taking playing time from Singletary. The Bills will go back to the draft and get another mid-tier RB and a veteran FA to backup Cook.
  13. I think a trip to Canton to visit the HoF would be worth it to see the legendary Bills there.
  14. Agreed. This D was soft for most of the year. Even against the Patriots in the playoffs, i saw this team keeping good chunk plays in both the Run and the pass. And of course against the Chiefs, they gave up 40+ points. Our D is going to define our season with the expected offensive production
  15. Yeah..On the same vein according to their analytics model, they handicapped McDermott due to the Super stars at QB, WR, DE and CB.
  16. I think Josh Allen, Patrick Mahomes and Eli Manning will have objections on the "Hardest Working" part. He is trying to cheer his new teammate...and that is OK
  17. It took us 17 years and 17 different QBs and a guy wearing #17 to even have some level of playoff-level game. That in itself should tell who Jim Kelly was. He was a leader among men. Unfortunately his skill sets are vastly underrated.
  18. Agreed. Lamar is a much better player than Murray. Lamar won an MVP throwing 36 TD passes. Also, Murray is just "One Season" younger than the 2018 draft pick.
  19. The Ravens also could be low-balling hin... THey might be offering a $30M a year contract!
  20. This is going to be a one helluva team...I hope their destiny is hosting that Lombardi in February. Go Bills !
  21. I think it really comes down to what are Lamar's aspirations and what the Ravens are willing to pay him. The Raven's organization would have to understand that the market for elite QBs is $45M per year now with about 150 to 200M guaranteed. They would also have to thank Cleveland Browns for guaranteeing the 250M for Watson as now that becomes the barometer to gauge. Lamar needs to understand the value of signing a deal in this ballpark and move on with his career as winning a SuperBowl should be most important. The real questions are: * What does Lamar want ? * What are the Ravens offering. ? * How far apart are those two things. Josh Allen took the first contract offered as his focus is to win the SB. Taking a little less also allows Beane to surround Allen with better talent. Allen has chose the way of Brady and Rothlisberger so that his team remains competitive every year. Lamar needs to find that same soft spot that will help the Ravens be competitive.
  22. They already fell short the last two years at Kansas City. They really have no excuses this year after all the off season addition.
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