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  1. Jones, Oliver and Lawson have been playing outstanding the last three weeks. Except for one mental error, they would have shut down the Patriots last Sunday.
  2. Until a few weeks ago (Prior to the Vikings offensive explosion and bunch of no-name RBs running against us) we were in the top #3 in defensive category including points allowed. Today, 5th against the Run, 9th in allowing Rushing TD (9) , 15th against the Pass (yards), 9th in allowing passing TD (15) The 49ers are #1 in defense in Points/Game at 15.8. The Bills are #4 in defense in Points/Game at 17.4 The Bills defense is very good.
  3. I expect Allen's contract to be upgraded in the next two years, especially when we win a SB or two. Go Bills !
  4. Bengals will win the flawed AFC North and will not face the Chiefs in the 1st round. We will find out about the Jets (and the Bills) when they come to Orchard Park this Sunday. The Bills gifted the game (which was worse than 13 seconds) to the Vikings. The Chiefs schedule is soft rest of the way. I don't see them losing to the Raiders. If the Bills can win their THREE HOME Division games, they will win the division and set themselves up for the #1 seed. May be the battle for the #1 seed will happen on MNF at the Bengals stadium. Go Bills !
  5. We have three home games against our Division Rivals. We must win all the three to secure the division first. Then the run for the #1 seed. The Bills control their own destiny. Go Bills !
  6. With the teams level being so close to each other, it is going to be super critical to get that #1 seed in the AFC.
  7. The chiefs however have the best OL in football. They keep their QB protected. Our QB on the other hand is running for his life
  8. We are also 13 seconds from a 3-0 record and thst too all in KC
  9. What were the post game reports 3 weeks later when we went to Gillette Stadium and whopped them. Go Bills !
  10. The interesting part is that the teams that we want to lose are ALL on the road and playing tough teams. A win for them is not a given. All of them except the Chargers could lose on Sunday. The Dolphins are playing THREE straight road games with two WC road trips before they come to Orchard park. I think the two losses might be right there in this 3-game road trip.
  11. Duane was abused by the Vikings and Lions. Elam should be playing ahead of Jackson
  12. It is also showing the high expectations placed on this team from both the fans and the media. If you look carefully and ignore the emotions of a message board (post-game meltdown) a majority of the doubters are still in the media. Even yesterday, I was watching a YouTube video of Keyshawn Johnson dissing out how the Patriots made all the silly errors and that it was nothing to do with the Bills defense playing lights out. There are bigger homers of the Patriots, Chiefs, Eagles, 49ers, Cowboys and now the Dolphins in the media than for the Bills and that is how it goes. The Bills can shut all these nonsense talk by winning the next two games at home against the Division rivals. Beane really needs to spend some quality draft picks on OL to protect Josh Allen.
  13. Also having two RBs on the field has not helped him get opportunities. When Gillian was in instead of the 2nd RB, Knox was getting targeted more.
  14. May be he was playing injury free for the first time in four weeks.
  15. Give the guy a break...they have just added 2 more weeks. Get well soon Von. Go Bills !
  16. The Bills have good to great players at different positions. Bass is doing his part to build a successful Super Bowl team. Go Bills !
  17. And Super Bowl Champion will be a shining star around it
  18. It is really lacking a flow and rhythm. Josh and Dorsey need to go back to the Dink and Dunk offense instead of either throwing to the flat or throwing deep. Both have not been working.
  19. And so do the Bills...Road games against your division is never easy and you are also playing against Bellichek. Go Bills !
  20. I was hoping for the Chargers to take them out last week. That did not happen.
  21. The issue was that they were up by 14 against both the Vikes and Jets and yet managed to find a way to lose the game in the 2nd half. Both the defense and offense need to take the blame in the 2nd half of both those games.
  22. The key is 3 of the 4 are at home. Just those 3 wins will put us at 11 wins for the season... and then you have the Pats on the road, Bengals on the road and Bears on the Road...all winnable games.
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