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  1. Agreed...a guy who has made the playoffs in 5 seasons of his 'storied' career...
  2. We should draft WRs in 1st and 2nd Round and hope one or both click. We are in desperate need o f play makers
  3. or at the half time of your first game with the team !!!
  4. They can't stop him from interviewing if the positions title includes Assistant HC or Assistant DC in addition to being the DB coach.
  5. How can his career die if he can't actually get on the field !
  6. Unfortunately, on that day, Jackson did play like a QB throwing for 3 TDs against this much vaunted defense...and that was the difference in the ball game.. something our vaunted defense didn't do enough.
  7. The Browns would have been angry at every possible hire.
  8. Also, they may not be the real coordinators. I don't know if th HC is also the OC in Green Bay
  9. The fact that Allen attempted 10 passes to Duke Williams tells me that Allen is more than happy to throw the football.
  10. The Bills will be playing Jordan Phillps on the DL. They will have to pay Spain on the OL.
  11. We were a young Football team very short on experience. The Texans have been at the end of this side of the barrel for the last few years..so they knew how to overcome their own mistakes...that was the real difference.
  12. That 90M is going to be spent mostly in re-signing our own players Tre White, Jordan Phillips, Poyer, Dawkins, Kevin Johnson, Spencer The future is bright
  13. Have to agree...they gave 2 TDs and 2 2-pt conversions...and then the big conversions on the final drive..that was surreal.
  14. That coordinator knew how to use his best weapon in the whole game.
  15. if we win and the titans beat the slumping Patriots, then we will play KC. However, if the Titans lose and the Bills win, we will go to Baltimore for a re-match
  16. Don't agree with first comment. We lost the first game against Patriots due to a ST blunder (or a clever trick by the Patriots). We allowed the Miami ST player to run roughshod over us and almost cost us the game
  17. Another point to consider is that when Allen was drafted he was always considered a PROJECT QB among all the 5 QBs drafted in the round. Even Rudolph Mason was considereed a more polished passer. This stemmed from him not really having a good college career. What enamored everyone was his arm skills and ability to keep plays alive. Now entering NFL, he was initially anointed to be a clip holder and red-shirting his rookie season. However, the Bills frighteningly found that they had no starting QB after a 40-3 shellacking at the hands of Baltimore. They inserted a not-yet-ready-raw-rookie-QB into the regular season. This background tells me that we need to be patient with Josh and the fruits of that labor will come when he is ready. He is a fighter and wants to play to the whistle . He is the ultimate competitor. He will cajole his teammates to play at a high level and will them to wins. The more reps he gets and also better players around him, he is going to get better. The thing is Josh Allen is NOT your prototypical NFL QB just like a Brett Favre was 25 years ago...You don't want to measure him against the standard NFL QB...he will be different and bring a different dimension to this game. This is what sets the base expectations differently ! Agreed. People want him to play fearless and at the same time be subdued...It is very unrealistic...Our QB is different from everyone else and we have to live with it. Why ask Allen to be a Tom Brady when that is not what he is. It is insane.
  18. The Best player on Offense and the Best Player on Defense !!! Go Bills !
  19. A Bills win (Hopefully) ! I think this is a even match up. A good/great offense vs a good/great defense An average offense vs a average defense This match up is similar to the Cowboys game. We can give all the yards, but not the score...and if our offense can come out of the gate hard, we have a chance. Can Special Teams make a big difference tomorrow. On Locked on bills Podcast, there was one stats that stood out. The Texans challenge the opponents to return the ball in both KR and Punting...They have a strong feel for their blocking teams and are challenging teams to return the ball. Andre Roberts MIGHT be the most important Bills player tomorrow.
  20. Every time we have been in anticipation of a big game, we have lost it. We went in to the Dallas game with a "What do we know" mentality and our boys lit up. I hope tomorrow's game is the same as Dallas. Everyone seems to be writing us off even before the game started...Let the Bills play "Fearless" as they did in Dallas.
  21. Let them play fearless in Houston like they did in Dallas....Two domed stadiums....
  22. We need a game breaking WR, a stout OL that will not bend and Edge Pass Rushing.
  23. He already gave us a massive win in Texas in November as a Thanksgiving Gift. I am sure he will shower his blessings from the sky as our New Year Gift with a win in Houston. Go Bills.
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