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  1. The Rams did travel to Philly last week and beat up on them. I agree it is hard for a team to back b2b travel across the coast and come out victors. My worry is more about the hype. Last year the game against the Patriots (same week 3) after a 2-0 start was hyped up so much and Josh had a very poor game trying to do beyond what he should have been doing and we lost in front of the national media. we can win the division if we took care of business within the division by going 6-0. Tall order, but that is the first order of busiiness...then they manufacture 4 other wins in the remaining ten games.. at least that should be the mindset.
  2. He was considered the 2nd best DE in the draft after Chase Young. I don't think he got to that level of standards without being good.
  3. 10-6. We went 2-0 last year to start the season
  4. All these comparisons don't matter. Beane and McDermott will pay based on what that players means to their scheme. Right now Milano is a key player in this scheme and the Bills have to identify how they would replace that talent in the scheme if Milano is allowed to hit FA
  5. B.I.L.L.I.E.V.E !!!!! All I want is for McDermott and Daboll to reign him next Sunday because we are playing a bigger opponent. This is what they did last year on both the Patriot games and we played not to lose. That is never a good recipe against good teams.
  6. I have to assume that the Dolphins came with a game plan to stop Allen from running, there by exposing their secondary. The bills spotted it and took advantage.
  7. Nothing better to go against the best (Mahomes) and come away with a victory and a stats line to envy !
  8. we got to run the ball effectively when playing against teams with good/great QBs..that is the only way to shorten the game and keep the opposing QB on the sidelines.
  9. Yup. The next chapter is start beating some of the good teams with consistency. Last year while we beat a loaded Dallas team and a tough Titans team (whose kicker missed 5 FGs) we lost to the good teams (the ones that made the playoffs) like Baltimore, New England, Philadelphia, This year we have a slew of good times coming up (KC, NE, Rams, Titans, 49ers, Seahawks and Steelers).
  10. and the sweetness of beating MIAMI ! As of today, Allen is the leader on the score board in total passing yards at 729.
  11. Levi has always been our starter at the other CB position.
  12. This could be the sixth year. If Knox is going to be out for a couple of weeks due to his concussion, I think Beasley will get a lot more opportunities in the middle of the field
  13. True. He and offense were outstanding in Dallas last year.
  14. Last year he had 4 4th Quarter comebacks to victory . Josh has put this team on his back several times before.
  15. Knox was knocked out of the game with a concussion.
  16. Milano and Edmunds....They were missed sorely in the middle of the field
  17. And that is a good blueprint for this offense.
  18. defense missed Milano and Edmunds in the middle....Please get well soon
  19. Fitz releases the ball very quick. blitzing will not work
  20. and may be the way they drafted Fromm..that might help too
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