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  1. https://www.marketwatch.com/story/rare-blood-clots-tied-to-j-js-covid-19-shot-are-similar-to-issues-with-astrazenecas-vaccine-fda-official-says-11618350086 Primarily in 18-48 year old women. Rare, but people have died. Made sure my 18 year old daughter got mRNA (Pfizer). Told her to refuse the J&J if offered. At her age and gender, the relative "rarity" of the side effect isn't worth it compared to Covid IMO. Definitely thankful for the mRNA vaccines. Yeah, I don't know how they'll handle these types of situations. My neighbor is in a similar
  2. I understand you strive to be a pragmatic person but the minute you believe people in power were taking precautions simply to subjugate their citizens, then you are a cynic. Kneel before the science? Cynical. Actually, the biggest problem with Covid was the amount of unknown science fed into precautions to allow the science to catch up to it and until vaccines became available. Frustrated by the variable response between states like New York and states like Florida, Ohio, etc? A large portion of that rests squarely on Trump deferring to the governors rather than som
  3. Good one, but not quite there for me. Twittiots was my number 2. But I have to stick with my number 1 as Tweetarded and Tweetardation are just too useful to ignore.
  4. I hear ya, but let's be real. Not like the NY political BS just suddenly appeared with Covid.
  5. There's no doubt some kids have had a rough time with the lockdowns, especially states that didn't do limited openings last fall. More unfortunate when parents can't recognize the seriousness of the situation in some individuals, especially those that revel in the social structure within the schools. But speaking as a divorced father, kids are resilient. Especially when parents bury their own negativity and put in the extra effort to show their kids a positive new reality to an otherwise bleak event. There's nothing like family. Even when family is forced to change.
  6. Berenson's pretty good at pandering to right wingers by going to legitimate information sources, picking a minor fact and blowing it out of proportion to spin a new reality while ignoring the more numerous facts that tell a different story. People at both extremes do this, he happens to be the far-right's hero.
  7. https://www.msn.com/en-us/health/medical/researchers-are-hatching-a-low-cost-coronavirus-vaccine/ar-BB1fjndQ?li=BBnb7Kz Fantastic article on the American scientist who built and continues to build a better Covid vaccine and the side effort in helping third world countries easily produce their own. Just a perfect example of how most of us scientists are wired!
  8. Thanks for your good thoughts also and I definitely appreciate keeping it apolitical. Definitely our federal agencies got caught flat-footed but we haven't had a true pandemic since arguably 1918. We had no meaningful capacity to contact trace, no way it was going to happen effectively in the 3-6 week window we had to control this thing last year. Plus, Americans are very wary to sacrifice personal freedoms even temporarily, so asking them to do it proactively was virtually a non-starter. It's part of what makes us great, but not this time. So I would in all fairness say, other than the C
  9. Yah, I missed him answering it above. And I have seen him engage and discuss at times, other times he just enjoys obstructing a discussion. Same as Tibs. I'm still willing to attempt to engage but yes, we'll see if I end up drawing your same conclusions👍.
  10. I hear ya, the problem is this (the science) has always been and continues to be a complex situation developing in real time. There's more grey than black and white at play here. We've learned much but there's still a lot of unknowns that simply need time and further study to figure out. Will certain areas see another rise and will vaccination/natural immunity be able to squash it or prevent others? Best data we have may be Israel, otherwise it's a guess. We're only a little over a year out on trying to get a handle on this novel, unusual virus. That's nothing, barely a blink
  11. Nope. I'm a scientist, bachelor's degree biochemisty. Are you a teacher?
  12. Honestly, I don't have an opinion as to how they structure your salary. I hope it works for you. Teachers have a huge, huge amount of time off as I mentioned in my earlier post. If I were a teacher I would deeply appreciate that. Teaching is a difficult job, not here to tell you otherwise. Simply that the things teacher's standardly complain about (taking work home, long hours, crappy administration/bosses, micromanagement,etc), well it's a bad look to most of us in the working world as we have more than our share of that too. We just don't B word like some teachers feel compelled to do.
  13. The thing that's difficult in all this is you can't just simply stare at numbers and charts. There are too many factors that they don't capture. Mask and protective mandates are only so good as people are willing to follow. There's no charting compliance. People, especially young people get burned out. Variants. It's not like European countries wanted to shut down again, the British variant forced it. Look at Michigan, the British variant is thought to be influencing their rise, but we won't have the proof until a month or more. Seasonality. Not a lot of definiti
  14. Well, sounds like you didn't enjoy teaching, did the smart thing and got out. Congratulations, glad you truly found a career that better suited you. Like most jobs, I don't think teaching's easy, but if you love it you find a way to lighten the negatives. But, so terrible you had to do work at home! Yah, that's so unique in the working world. Not! And so freaking terrible you actually had to come in like normally expected for in-service days while your students get a day off. 🙄 Oh, and so terrible when mild winters deny your snow days! Spending this entire spr
  15. All I know is if I were a teacher I would be so deeply appreciative to have all the school holidays, 2 week winter break, one week spring break, and 10 weeks or so off every summer while still getting 10 days or so for sick/personal time and all while earning a good living. You'd never hear me complain to non-teachers no matter how hard the students, job, etc. are. Back in 2014 out of curiosity, I found my son's second grade teacher, in Ohio with a master's degree, was paid 86,000 a year. So count me as one who believes they get paid plenty. Then there's things like t
  16. You know the funny thing to me was that, for all the railing DR did about other posters being paid schills, he was in fact the most likely to actually be one. I mean, I poke around PPP infrequently, but always just marveled because many times during his heyday I'd look at the topic list and his avatar was last response on every one. Every freaking one. He definitely was trying to affably suffocate this board. Now, I can believe he was a writer because he is certainly gifted there. But when he was tgreggy he was much more liberal, but supposedly he "saw the light", be
  17. Not too confident that he can shield himself from the legal battles but he's almost certainly going to push 2024 and try and raise money off it. It was his entire point of fighting the election results so long. I know a few intelligent supporters that fell for his dog and pony shows while failing to look up what an incompetent travesty his court filings were. Dupe the fans, line his pockets. But don't underestimate his supporters. It's less about him and more an expression of what they feel is wrong with America. I only hope that between his attempts to usurp our go
  18. Moderna, 1st shot little arm tenderness like any vaccine. 2nd shot chills/transient fever, other miscellaneous mild virus-type symptoms about 12-18 hours after. Fine the next day.
  19. Happy to see Milano signed. Let's say Epenesa puts 10-20 lbs of muscle back on his frame. Both Ep and Milano appear to me to be very intelligent during live action. Ep also showed some burst at his trimmed down weight, he definitely needs to develop his game but if it happens quickly next year what does that mean for our pass rush? Now you have Star eating up the middle, freeing Ed Oliver, Harrison Philips up to a much greater degree. If Ep develops, with Milano you'll have two smart, quick, high-motor wily defenders that can get to the QB. You'll also have Hughes on the other
  20. What I'm seeing from lab studies is that the mRNA vaccines that modified the spike protein (pfizer, moderna) are effective against UK, Brazil but lose something like 12 fold effectiveness for the S. Africa variant. J&J, Novavax have even more S-protein modifications so they may perform better against S. Africa. Keep in mind that current Russia, China, Astra Zeneca vaccines use the non-modified spike protein and may have decidedly less efficacy. Supposedly Moderna or Pfizer has already sent FDA a modified vaccine dose they feel will be more effective against the variants. Not
  21. https://www.nature.com/articles/s41577-020-00480-0/tables/1 Fantastic article discussing the major vaccines and this table 1 link really highlights how the US/Europe has the best ones. Truly impressive Pfizer and Moderna took the extra scientific steps to design a more effective spike protein antigen in such a short time. Please everyone get the vaccine, I got Moderna, nothing too bad but mostly some transient chills/fever 13-18 hours post-second dose. This vaccine is nothing more than an mRNA surrounded by nano-lipid (fat) molecules. Side effects are consistent with
  22. Great cover 1 article Yolo, thanks for posting. The future's bright for AJ, he's a tireless worker and I think his specialty is getting inside effectively from that DE position. In college, he used his strong hands and arm thrusts at a heavier weight to be effective in the big 10. In the NFL he needs to be effective on the outside and use it and more burst to set up his inside game. But he's very intelligent and tireless. The next two years will be fun to see where he ascends. I expect him to be a disruptor and you get Ed Oliver upping that part of his game, it should create havoc for of
  23. I hope you don't let it bother you too much. Abused dogs carry quirks and emotional scars and sometimes nothing can change that. Sometimes you can work around those and other times you can't.
  24. There is most definitely an endgame. We are going to vaccinate Covid-19 either to obscurity (polio, smallpox) or to a manageable level in society (influenza). My guess is somewhere in the middle of this spectrum, either several years of adapted vaccines or a paradigm similar to influenza but maybe less often. Right now, even though the MSM will be histrionic about mutated Covid, it does appear Covid mutates faster than previously thought. Not as fast as influenza though. And while the vaccines may have some degree of reduced efficacy, they are far from impotent again
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