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  1. They'll be fine. With Mahomes and crew they'll always be in contention. They'll trim the fat and sign FA's who want title shots at lower than market value, and replace in the draft. Rinse and repeat. Hopefully the Bills can/will do the same with the ascension of Allen to Superstar level. We will begin to see FA's say their top FA landing sites are Buffalo among one or two more teams.
  2. If the offseason is decent enough, I would not mind packaging up a 3rd and 5th or whatever the breakdown would be to get back into the 2nd to take this guy
  3. I was so furious at the coaching staff to cry, even the day after. I just cannot comprehend the coaching blunders of the last 13 seconds, it is so idiotic it's mind-boggling.
  4. I'd be more impressed if you chose someone else on our team other than our superstar QB to make such a claim
  5. These wounds are fresh, but its close, very close. That was a fluke play. This was a wasted historical performance by Josh Allen and Gabe Davis by the coaching staff. They made the worst situational football decisions at the end of the game. At least with MCM you could say the ball sometimes doesn't bounce your way. This game the game was GIVEN to the Bills at the end and the coaching staff was like "no we insist, you take the win"
  6. I looked at his stats from this game and almost threw up at the outcome. That dude played a historic game. If you'all are pissed now, I would suggest not looking at the numbers he put up and the game McDermott wasted.
  7. This loss may rank up there with some of the most gut wrenching losses in team history. You literally have to TRY to lose with 13 secs left on the clock and you are kicking off to the opponent. TRY to lose. I don't think I will be able to shake this loss for many months, if not years, especially if KC coasts to a SB victory.
  8. When all the chips are on the line, McDermott has zero situational awareness. 31 other teams would've played that last 13 seconds differently. He absolutely wasted a historic game by Allen and Davis.
  9. Its funny, I told my fiance after we scored with 13 seconds left, "I wish we took more time off the clock". With 13 seconds left, I am saying that. 13 seconds. You have to TRY to lose with 13 seconds left. I did not trust the coaching or defense tonight.
  10. That was not prevent defense. That was "please take however many yards as you would like" defense
  11. He should man up and own it. This man has ZERO situational awareness in coaching big situations. ZERO.
  12. Let's just get past KC first, this would be a moot point if they do not win today
  13. The Cowboys losing this past weekend was almost as satisfying as the Bills winning. The media and their fans are so obnoxious over this team, to see a first round exit in such a cluster-f of a fashion it was quite satisfying.
  14. It was a great play, but that is no where near "flatten", blocked? yes...flattened? c'mon.
  15. If he doesn't change his game plan to reflect this message board thread, then we are in trouble come Saturday night
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