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  1. I thought the speed of getting the ball was fair, time was not on our side at that point
  2. The '85 Bears and the '22 Bills mascots are both 4 legged mammals found in the American mid-west ...
  3. Well if this was MilwaukeeRic I would say you're full of it, but ChicagoRic...your word is gold
  4. I'm sure there's a couple groups of teenage girls at the Galleria mall you can meet and join in on their gossip if you just need something to chat about....the rest of us will enjoy the Bills winning and "lack" of anything to discuss other than winning
  5. Those boys were on a mission to shut him down last night. I knew he wasn't going to have a good game when Benford came up and challenged him on a sweep and took his legs out
  6. I think he fits that Edleman/Welker role for Brady...albeit his age makes him a poor-man's version, I think he can be effective to an extent
  7. I thought that was the motto for the first game?
  8. The horses right in the middle. If I'm Tennessee and see that two major DT's are potentially out for this game, I am ramming Henry right at that line and testing those boys out. So I would say those DT's that play Monday night will play a huge factor in the outcome.
  9. What is phantom about the DB getting to the WR early before the ball? They even showed an up close replay and is was pretty clear if we are talking about the same play. You can hate Mahomes as much as the next guy, but he underthrew the ball as he got hit and the commentator said that those penalties are a result of the underthrown ball ...but if you want to call it "phantom" go right ahead
  10. They are still division rivals, they will still be amped up and giving the Bills their best shot. Pats beat the Bills last year throwing the ball what? Once? Twice? Did anyone see that coming?
  11. I'd kill to be able to put Sam Cowart on this team...dude was in the same conversation as Ray Lewis and Takeo Spikes as the best LB in the league...I still remember the very play in TB the derailed his career
  12. Yeah well I had breakfast in California
  13. Beefed up the middle of the d-line...I hope King Henry turns into Peasant Henry Monday night
  14. Let's not exaggerate, they did blitz, one of the replay's during the game even keyed in on a bills blitz by Milano maybe that was picked up by the center. They just did not have to solely rely on the blitz to generate pressure.
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