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  1. Yeah, that would be the correct bargaining approach. Let him reach out.
  2. He said the same thing to me at a cocktail party last week. How the hell would you know what he’s thinking?
  3. I figured it would be a longer commercial after Lions field goal. Went outside to baste the turkey on the smoker. My father in law doesn’t have DVR so my relatives couldn’t pause the game for me. I got back inside the house and I heard cheering…they all said “Don’t come in here…you’re obviously bad luck” So I waited in the kitchen and peeked around the corner when Bass kicked the game winner.
  4. Wow. Just watched that throw. Damn.
  5. I was outside basting the F’ing turkey!!! Guess I’ll watch.
  6. My Dad died in my arms on Thanksgiving night in 2018. Kinda sucked. I see death a lot in my job. But holding my Dad was rough. He literally collapsed in my arms and had his last breath with me. A great friend.
  7. There really is no reason for any other threads. Ever. This one summarizes everything.
  8. I bet Tre was reading this thread and IronMaiden’s scolding made him take the field.
  9. You’re doing good work here. But this thread is absolute garbage. Questioning someone’s health or ability to heal quicker than someone else is bush league. Typical “expert keyboard warriors”. Take my advice…skim past this thread. It’s ridiculous.
  10. "Josh, you're taking "follow through on your throws" a little too seriously"
  11. Googled “nfl personnel data 2022” and found this. https://www.nfeloapp.com/nfl-power-ratings/nfl-team-tendencies/ Looks like someone already found it above.
  12. Post the article, because this poster obviously can’t do their own research.
  13. This guy owes me at least $30 because I drafted him on my fantasy team last year.
  14. Some of you guys: "I want my Tre White back NOW!!!"
  15. Dude!!! Stats don’t matter. Truman does his job!!! (Which basically amounts to letting guards push him downfield while Milano and Poyer clean up the mess)
  16. Have another scotch (or whatever you’re drinking). You should change your name to “Keyboard Coach”. Maybe PFF can support your argument.
  17. Yeah. You’re right. The Jets offense is a juggernaut compared to Browns. They scored 3 pts today. Ohhh, you know who was out for the Jets loss? Milano
  18. Pretty sure Milano had a sack, two tackles for loss and countless other big plays. Ohhhh, wait. I always forget. That’s what Milano is supposed to do. I just forget what Truman is supposed to do.
  19. I guess the Edmunds apologists are silent? Ok. We have a consensus.
  20. This was easily Edmunds’ best game of the year. Run defense - stout. Some long passes - sure. We had a strong game. Well done, Truman.
  21. I could tell you some stories of the cases I’ve had.
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