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  1. Does Mahomes’ head band bother anyone else? He looks like a QTip with a helmet.
  2. Where are you? Upstate NY? No nephews, friends, etc. who bow hunt?
  3. That would save a lot of work. See you in a few weeks.
  4. Uhhh, no. Scouting him. Season starts October 1st (archery).
  5. Post pics of trail cam, scouting or harvested deer. Post recipes, smoked meat, sausage or other hints/ideas. I’m not a super successful hunter (zero last few years) but really want to get one or two this fall. Here’s one I’ve seen a few times on cam.
  6. Wikipedia is not always accurate. You need to look at the original scrolls from 12 BC.
  7. Yours doesn’t rhyme either. “Haiku” is loosely translated to mean “One who composes words must balance sound and syllables.” Try harder.
  8. Yep. Vanilla ice cream is great. Sometimes too sweet/rich. The cheddar balances it nice.
  9. Holy chit. Just try it. A little bite of cheddar with a big bite of homemade apple pie. Nothing better. Thank me (and your Dad and Gramps) later.
  10. I like pie. Apple pie. With a chunk of sharp cheddar. And a glass of cold 2% milk.
  11. I’ll be there in spirit. Don’t wake me up.
  12. I’ve never heard a first down ding or *****. Can you describe it? I have, however, heard an obnoxious third down train whistle which makes my head ache.
  13. Thanks for your post. Was terrifying here 200 miles away…can only imagine how you felt in the city. Stay strong and RIP all those lost.
  14. I’m singing “Happy Birthday to You” in high harmony.
  15. I miss @tester. He was a cool dude.
  16. You guys are a bunch of Master (click) Baiters. Had to see who bumped this thread from 6 months ago.
  17. They could raise some serious cheddar if we could support Rachel Bush's "foundation".
  18. You’re the problem. When you try to sneak in your wine coolers and favorite dilllldo, the security wastes time searching everyone. Just bring your essentials (lip gloss, spandex and napkins).
  19. I can hear the cries for help: "Save my house!!" or "Oh no, my BMW is on fire!! Save it!!" What about the bear habitat?? Has anyone even thought about the bear homes and vehicles??
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