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  1. Had this same thought last night. I’m not sure I buy it as a full-time position change, but it wouldn’t surprise me as an occasional gimmick.
  2. No need. The Eagles find their way into TE Pitts territory, solving their Zach Ertz standoff problem. Set free of that holdout scenario, they trade Ertz to Buffalo, maybe even for a second rounder. Buffalo stays put in round 1 and grabs a rock solid CB to pair with Tre White. Now we’re only shy a stud DE, but there was none at 30 anyway, but we’ve majorly upgraded CB2 and TE and we have five picks to take a few fliers on.
  3. Everyone who had “punter” on your Bingo card fill in a square.
  4. Isn’t this where we’re supposed to comment about “This post has a vague title” or something like that? I kid, I kid.
  5. Man, can we stop with the “woe is me,” we got dissed routine already? Wah f’ing wah wah. Let’s go find one more way somebody in the world didn’t crown us kings while also acknowledging we had to slay a horde of g** d*** zombies along the way. Why do so many people need to have their hardships as fans confirmed in order to feel validated? Why can’t we just have fun watching a team we cheer for beat a bunch of other teams?
  6. I like our guy...I think his super power isn’t running over dudes, it’s making them unsure whether he’s gonna throw or run until the last minute.
  7. Big chance? No. But he’s gotta be a top TE candidate...if a dude was ever gonna cash in, now’s his chance. And with the Titans getting bounced from the playoffs, he’ll have the opportunity to weigh $ vs. championship potential in TEN vs. championship potential in another city. He’s got options, in other words. I doubt we get ALL these guys. But I seen them as the tier of guys we like to go after. No superstars on this list, but some guys who could make above average contributions and potentially play at a level above their current production in the right sydtem.
  8. Both are a gamble. Ordinarily, I like the double dip strategy. However, for this game I like the idea of building the lead early and often. Preach to the team that a Ravens possession at the end of the first half is a “for the win” possession, not a “Oh well, they scored” concession, and maybe we steal a point opportunity away from them. I will say, I like this coaching staff’s ability to make halftime adjustments much better than I’ve liked any previous coaching staff’s abilities in that department.
  9. We’re doubly screwed because we’re not bad enough to draft high enough to get a good quarterback. Josh really F’d us by beating the Dolphins at the end of the year.
  10. Of that group, the players I see us most likely to sign (aside from any of our own we resign): T Matt Feiler C Austin Reiter Edge Trey Hendrickson LB Jayon Brown CB Troy Hill TE Jonnu Smith
  11. I don’t know if you guys know this, but Fitz’s COVID scored a 51 on the Wonderlic test.
  12. Good lord, the hot takes are getting ripe around here. After a 17-year playoff drought, this regime has authored two playoff seasons in three years, is en route to a third playoff season in four years, has a 6-2 record, is atop the AFC East at the midway point of the season for the first time in over a decade (when Brady missed the season), just defeated the Patriots, and the team’s only two losses are to two of the top teams in the NFL this season. But you’re right, our backup linebacker sucks.
  13. I’ll bite: Can you please post the list of what types of professionals are allowed to exercise their views and which aren’t? Doesn’t have to be a pie chart...maybe just two lists. Thanks. If you have the spare time, I’d also love a breakdown of what counts as “politics” and what counts as standing up for basic human dignity, justice, fairness, and equal protection under the law. Maybe in, like, a Venn diagram form. That’d be cool. I REALLY appreciate you deciding the rules on all this stuff. Helps a ton.
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