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  1. I want to see Long step in for Morse on one play, just so we can get a “Long Winters” photo.
  2. Sorry, but it’s kinda like winning the preseason for me: It’s better than losing and better than nothing, but winning a watered down season with a fraction of the games, players opting out, and an expanded playoff field just doesn’t do it for me. The point of a measuring stick is to see how you compare...measuring this team compared to a shortened measuring stick doesn’t make me feel all warm and fuzzy that we achieved greatness. Why don’t we just host a Madden tournament Instead?
  3. Yeah. Or we could just skip it altogether. After all these years being the laughing stock of the league, nothing thrills me more than spending the rest of my life hearing how the Bills SuperBowl victory didn’t count because it wasn’t a real season.
  4. Calling something “politics” is an easy way to dismiss it. For some people, the hard conversations you’re being forced to listen to aren’t “politics”...they’re inescapable realities. I’m guilty of wanting people whose views I dislike to go away sometimes. I admit it. Not my finer moments, but I’ve felt those feelings. Even said it out loud. Still...there’s a lot of people suffering in this world, and who am I to tell someone who’s suffering when and where they’re allowed to have a voice? I oughtta try to truly understand them, but even if I’m not willing to go that far, the least I can do is to not declare myself the gatekeeper of the appropriate time and venue to ask to be heard.
  5. Isn’t the Tilted 3 Technique the approach he used when trying to walk the line during his DWI incident?
  6. The data indicate you’d be a blast at a party. Did I say that proper?
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