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  1. A buddy and I have been planning to travel up from Charlotte for this game since the schedule came out. We go north for every Bills-Steelers game. This year we got tickets on the Bills sideline, 25 yard line, three rows up. Got a great price a month ago. Looking like a beautiful investment now. Gonna be a playoff atmosphere.
  2. Nope, third. Mentioned in the broadcast, but don’t recall the other two.
  3. Kinda like when the light started to go on after the injury early last year. It’s almost as though Josh needs a timeout early in the season to recalibrate.
  4. I can't believe there hasn't been more discussion of Mariota's illegal forward pass last week. Talk about karma! Sure, it wasn't EXACTLY the same, but it was a pretty darn similar scenario. I love that this year feels like an "Exorcising the Demons" tour. We may not win 'em all, but the match-ups sure feel like an opportunity to break a few curses (and yes, I realize "curses" are just a bunch of voodoo hocus-pokus mumbojumbo...)
  5. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001058654/article/roundup-vikings-resign-wr-treadwell-with-beebe-out Adeboyejo signed with the Baltimore Ravens as an undrafted free agent on May 5, 2017. He was waived on September 2, 2017 and was signed to the Ravens' practice squad the next day. He was promoted to the active roster on December 26, 2017. Currently a free agent.
  6. Yes, but did he give him “The Clap?”
  7. I wouldn’t put Derek Carr in the same zip code, much less the same ball park as Josh Allen when it comes to having the respect of his teammates. Not even close. There’s also a big difference between a guy who had no choice in which team he was trade to vs. a guy who has been given permission to find a team to be traded to. AB’s stunt was nothing more than an orchestrated stunt to get away from a place he didn’t want to be. The Raiders are the Jaguars in that comparison, not the Bills. Not that it’s worth us squabbling over it, mind you. I’d rather just stay excited about the guys who ARE on this roster and the good things they’re doing. Go Bills!
  8. I don’t necessarily want him, but this whole “locker room problem/chemistry killer” thing goes away pretty quick if Josh Allen reaches out to the guy and leads the welcome wagon once he joins the team. That’s what leadership is. The way this team is rallying behind Josh right now, if he makes a move like that, everyone else will be good. Also, even malcontents can get in line when they see how “The Process” is a foundation of a winning culture. In New England, they call it “The Patriot Way,” and it has brought everyone from Chad Ocho Cinco to Antonio Brown into compliance. People buy into a culture when you show them evidence of its worth and give them a reason to buy in. Jacksonville hasn’t given anybody a reason to buy into anything.
  9. Wait until late in the week. Somebody will looking to unload whatever they could sell early in the week for a premium price. Market forces take over and prices fall.
  10. I’m generally in the “Cincinnati might give us more trouble than you’d think camp,” but I’m not sure what to read into Dalton playing well against the Seahawks defense. This is the same Seahawks defense that let the Steelers hang around behind the quarterbacking talents of Mason Rudolph and the running of someone named Benny Snell.
  11. I’ll take “Back-up Quarterbacks Who Accomplished Nothing” for $500, Alex.
  12. Had Doug Whaley chosen Deshaun Watson, would he still be Deshaun Watson? This is why I roll my eyes every time someone says the Bills could have drafted Mahomes. Yeah, we could have...but it’s a near certainty he wouldn’t have looked anything like what you’re seeing in KC. Compared to what he walked into, Buffalo would have seen him play with a worse OL, worse WR group, worse TE, and less QB-friendly coach.
  13. I asked a similar question here a few years ago...thought it would be fun to bring back the poll. Bonus points if you think it’s a fat dude. If Spain scores our first TD, we’re clearly gonna be an offensive juggernaut.
  14. Maybe he’s announcing a trade for Melvin Gordon. Younger than McCoy, cap space available, and a Gordon-Singletary backfield is a longer term answer to pair with Josh Allen than anything revolving around McCoy or Gore.
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