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  1. I saw Tenuta at the airport, along with Dion, Tremaine, and several others. He is an absolute GIANT of a human being. He legitimately made Tremaine Edmunds and Dion Dawkins look small. If he has any athleticism or blocking ability, that’d be…useful.
  2. This is all starting to feel like an SEO takeover…
  3. Can we use some of these surplus picks to draft for the Sabres? I’m new to how the draft works.
  4. Why don’t we just give him the nickname “Breece Hall” and close two threads at once?
  5. Ah, the “Hear Me Out” Double Down. A classic. I’m sold. We should probably replace our coaching staff and GM, too. Ya know…because Internet and stuff.
  6. I think I’ve figured out a solution that keeps the Bills in Buffalo and satisfies the “not with my tax dollars”/“it’s a bad deal” crowd: Get rid of all stadiums and tell them to play football in the grass lot in the apartment complex. It’s cost-efficient, it’s natural grass, and it’s just how you remember it from the good ol’ days. Everybody wins.
  7. Troy Andersen, LB, Montana St. Danny Gray, WR, SMU
  8. I found footage of Gilmore returning to the Bills.
  9. Fixed it for ya. Bills gonna lead the league in takeaways this year. Watch.
  10. What about “former Bills first round picks currently playing on their third team?” Isn’t Shaq Lawson the obvious answer here?
  11. Fitz couldn’t cover his own torso on a 5-degree night in Orchard Park, so I can’t count on him to cover Kelce.
  12. Bojo didn’t cost them the game. That’s just the fantasy of vindictive Bills fans. They lost this game in all three phases, as a team. It’s Jimmy F’ing Garropolo. Sure, the 49ers have a defense, but if you can’t outscore a guy who should have never been more than a backup QB, you deserve to lose.
  13. I love this stat: Bills scoring differential vs. AFC East this year: 213-90
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