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  1. Hope Gruden has the $100k to cover his fine.
  2. Agree with it being an issue, but no idea why. They have often been ahead at the half, last season with their weak offense, it made sense to some level to be conservative and protect the lead, but the problem then often was the lead wasn't that large to not often allow the other team back into the game. This season based on two games not a need for them to be conservative and can't say they have been. Yesterday as pointed out they only ran was it 8 plays, two drives ended on a incomplete passes, one I think was the ball Diggs juggled about 5 times before dropping, admittedly not a perfectly thrown pass. It's not like last year where they'd run Gore into the center of the line 3 times and say gee why didn't that work. Those same type of plays always seem to work in the other 3 quarters, so why not then? Maybe the issue is on JA loses concentration just a bit and the passes are just slightly off compared to earlier and that makes the difference. Defensively they seem to be somewhat in a bend but don't break mode, if so could blame that on coaching. But hard to blame coaches if offensively they are running the same types of plays, but they just don't work then.
  3. A big part of the issue with Knox is he has all the physical traits needed to be an outstanding TE, the issue is he is still very raw WRT to having the actual ball in his hands. In College, he was hardly thrown too as how too many outstanding WR's around him, so he is still in the learning mode.
  4. And the reason he would have been all alone was due to the downfield blocking of Duke to spring him free.
  5. If I were more talented on this site, as to the issue going on, I'd have posted the infamous picture of Peter Pan!
  6. Hard to believe too that Russ W (5 TD's) wouldn't have been higher, at least 2nd maybe behind only Rodgers? So definitely does make you wonder how they come up with their ratings?
  7. Personally I thought it was the complaints from TBD that stopped the run calls!
  8. I'm surprised someone your age is allowed to stay up that late to watch halftime! Are you sure you're not just your kid?
  9. 1st off they can't afford him without cutting others and cutting even more next season. 2nd, the Bills are keeping Knox on the field, so how many times are they going to go with two TE's. And at the expense of sitting which of the three wide outs. Maybe we'll sit Diggs. 3rd, with the 3 main WR's and even throw in Davis as a 4th, how many targets will the TE even get in this offense. 4th to be able to afford the 3 top WR's the team has, you have to have cheap rookie contracts at other spots. San Fran has Kittle, but the WR group isn't anything that special. KC does have a pretty good group and Kerse, but likely are saving in other places. So having Knox there, and Gillian, and Sweeney is a good thing. I'm sure you can show statistically how this will work out great based on simulations in Madden, but when you actually have to pay guys, not so much.
  10. Yes they've all had short lived success, maybe a case of being at the right place at the right time, but lately excluding Shanahan not as much. Wouldn't be shocked to see Pederson fired by year end unless things turn around. Can also argue Pederson got the team there with Nick Foles who may have just been the right guy for that team and not enough tape to know how to stop him. Once other teams figured him out, both Pederson and Foles went down hill. McVay had one great year with his QB, since then done OK, nothing spectacular. Right now Shanahan's star is shining, lets see if it lasts.
  11. I was nervous about this one too as it seems whenever Fitz has a bad game and people start to say he's washed up, the next week he comes out and lights things up. And the next week game was us. Throw in the injuries to the defense and seemed like a bad thing coming. Funny haven't seen any threads since cut down day whining about how we cut such a talent in Duke and what a mistake it was. Think Oliver will soon be the star of the D line. Funny too how overall young the line has got between Oliver, EJ, and Phillips. Even V Butler is only 26. I recall seeing Shaq exit the game injured, guess he did come back, I say "guess" as don't recall hearing his name much at all! Agree about the officiating call, I was kind of thinking the same. Wallace did make things worry some today, seemed like a step back from last season for his play. Allen was amazing, nothing more to say. Overall great game!!
  12. He's also fun to listen to, but not stupid though like Madden tended to be. Aikman is about as exciting as twiddling your thumbs to listen to. I actually like Collinsworth too, though I know I'm clearly in the minority there.
  13. Kind of funny though, 3 or 4 years ago the rage was to hire these young offensive minds, Doug Pederson, Sean McVay, Adam Gase, Shanahan, etc. The Bills were ripped by many here for hiring another defensive guy. Seems though many of these offensive wiz's haven't exactly worked out that well as head coaches. Shannahan and McVay are still looking good, but the luster has worn off some from where it was 2 years ago or so. It might be while their creativeness bodes well as a coordinator, it just doesn't translate as well as expected to the HC role. Meanwhile McD is looking like a great hire. The other guy who also came more from the defensive side that seems to be doing a pretty impressive job IMO with little talent overall is Brain Flores. I'm sure there are some exceptions of these young guys I've forgotten who have suceeded, but overall didn't seem to work out as well as expected. Having said that I wonder if Daboll's hire as a HC will be as likely as expected, and more importantly, will it work?
  14. I posted this last week and no one agreed, but with the cap tight next year I can see either Brown agreeing to a fairly large pay cut, or he may be gone. Not certain what the savings is, thought I read around $7 mil?
  15. You are correct. What I read was: Steve Young – who is playing in place of the injured Montana – and the rest of his still very potent 49er teammates responded with an incredible 598 yards. And read that as that was Young's passing yards, missed the word "teammates". Further down just saw it states Young through for 449
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