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  1. Or get a Roku. One thing good about Roku is they seem to pride themselves on having just about every TV app known to mankind.
  2. I think Beane tends to draft based on potential, often taking younger players that will need more time to develop. Some players develop faster others longer and some never or at least not to the level they were drafted at. Think that's the one downside of drafting based on potential, a bigger risk that they don't develop. Players like Allen, Edmunds, Epenesa, Knox, Brown to name a handful all fit that bill and took some time and have become good to decent players. Of all them Allen was the one who developed much faster and better than anyone ever expected.
  3. Recall a long time ago, back in early 80's Giants were a complete mess and at the owners request, brought in a retired ex GM front office person to help them figure things out. From that they turned things around and became a dominant team over the next 15 to 20 years. Can't recall the name who was brought in??
  4. Didn't the rules change a couple years back that you can interview other teams coaches between week 17 and 18, the final week? If so I'd consider making the change then to take advantage. That's assuming we are out of the playoffs. If that rule isn't true then I'd wait till the end of the season.
  5. Well I kind of hate the entire big 10 or should I say Big 15 or so. Was it McNabb or Vick, I was also thinking it was in Philly
  6. All true, but even "better owners" haven't had much better success either. Certainly having Allen on the roster makes things easier for a new coach coming in. Question to is what is better to hire an up and coming coordinator who has never been a HC, or a college HC as he at least has head coaching experience. Maybe the ideal would be a coordinator who at one time was a HC or a college HC who use to be an NFL coordinator. But even then have to ask why isn't he still a HC?
  7. I hate both Ohio St and Michigan, so Saturday in the game was thinking a tie would have been nice as would tend to screw them both. Then I remembered they changed the rules in college, no more ties. Can't recall anymore who it was but do remember the one NFL player, think it was QB was shocked that games could end up in a tie.
  8. Yeah but look at what happened in the Denver game. Watched another game over the weekend, (may have been a college game) team lined up for FG just before ball was snapped, TO called, still snapped the ball kicker kicked it and made FG for practice. Now kicks the 2nd one for real and misses so never know. Granted in this case TO was called way prior.
  9. If you're talking about he FG at the end, believe the clock was already stopped. While I'm not absolving McD of all the issues, posts like this are comical in that people who call themselves fans and post all these facts, didn't even know the clock was stopped. Do wonder about all the holding calls on both offense and defense. Some of them by all players not just the Bills are so obvious, why are they doing it. Is it that the players all know, officials allow holding, but just never sure how far they will allow it. And varies so much from crew to crew and even play to play as to what the allowed level is at the moment.
  10. Certainly having a QB of Allen's capability, makes the range of error much larger in who you might choose, though that's kind of what we have now too. McD has made the playoffs and had a significant winning record in 5 of the 6 (maybe 7) years he's been here Certainly would go for an offensive minded coach, person may be great with the X's and O's but doesn't always translate to being a good HC. So there is still a risk. The other question then is who's going to do the interviewing. Assuming Pegula keeps Beane, likely would fall on him. In fairness to him, he's never hired a HC before, likely never even interviewed one. Maybe he participated in the process when the Panthers fired Rivera and hired the next guy?? If you also axed Beane, makes it even tougher. Makes it tricky and a crap shoot to some level on who you hire. I suppose Pegula could talk to his good buddy JJ for advise. Also have to wonder a bit if Pegula's major focus these days is taking care of his wife and may not want to deal with any of this and keep McD around for another year with promises from him of major staff and roster changes.
  11. Good news is they are mostly all young except Morse so should/could be around for awhile. Not sure too if replacing Morse with Bates would be much of a drop either if Morse were to retire or they made big changes in off season and let Morse go for cap reasons.
  12. Yeah I'd agree too, it's not been a season long thing,. more just past few games. Agree too don't understand why they took him out. Admittedly I didn't see what he did on the play prior, maybe he just ran 50 yards downfield??
  13. Did Bass struggle last season? don't recall it? Was thinking could it be the holder?
  14. This is the exact reason why I wouldn't fire McD now. Too often when teams make an in-season fire and bring in an interim guy, the change helps and the team wins. But rarely is that guy ever the real answer. But now you're caught up by the fact this guy did win a few games and team looked better and you hire him, most often ends up being a mistake. For that reason if you're going to fire him, I'd wait till year end to do so, then you have a choice of anyone you want. And as you said it is a desirable spot. At this point too, team needs to do more than get a new HC, need to replace a number of players, both safeties, a CB, sign Jones or another run stopping DT, WR#2 and maybe #3? maybe a center. If you hire Brady, likely much of the coaching staff will stay intact too and less likely to make larger changes that are needed for the long term..
  15. Really not in any way an indictment on Pegula. 75% of the coaches that are hired never make it beyond their 1st contract. So Pegula would just join a long list of other owners that are not able to predict the future and hire the wrong guy. So yes a likely better than 50/50 he hires the wrong guy, but that's just normal in the NFL
  16. Have to wonder if Torrence sticking his arm up right before the snap is causing Brown to be real close to jumping early. IMO there's been a few plays where was borderline whether they could have called Brown for jumping.
  17. Wonder is that on Brady or is that a McD choice? I'm sure they both talked, but which one initially had the idea?
  18. Agree! The difference being from everything I read, Elam's injury was relatively minor compared to some of these others. White, Doyle, and Hines, all season ending. Milano, Jones, and Harris has a likely small chance of coming back this year.
  19. Can recall when I was a little kid my father talking about someday you'll have to pay to watch TV and the coin slot is kind of what I thought he meant. I'm not sure if at the time he was actually talking about cable or something else, but certainly have gone to a pay model.
  20. Did he recover a fumble no, the rest, I don't know did he? Could argue that he was more instrumental in that they won. And he has a bigger name too. With him having 2 Int's it's hard to claim it's a rigged election is my point when viewing it.
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