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  1. OK so that was the year they lost to Washington. Recall Washington kind of came out of no where that year. Meanwhile Bills just lost to Giants in SB and probably were the better team.
  2. Wow, this is scary being the favorite!! Trying to recall during the early 90's were the Bills the overall pre-season SB favorite any of those years?
  3. Yeah just so they can out all the bad parts! Well actually Netflix isn't under the same rules are they??
  4. Is it any different or worse than west coast viewership when the games start at 8:20 eastern time. People in LA are just getting out of work. Even now if working the next day I (and many others) may turn off the TV by 10:30 unless it's a game/team I really want to see I'm guessing they will try to have west coast teams in the late game and east coast teams the early game
  5. So I took your list and edited slightly, hope you don't mind. I went through all the positions and below the names in black added a number in Red that IMO will be the number of total players on the roster in each position group based off numbers they had in prior years and whats typical. Taking your original 33 I added 20 more to bring the total up to the 53 man roster. Likely some combination of the names in red and blue will be chosen. In the case of RB I put 2 or 3, WR I put 3 or 4 ? and TE 1? I'm thinking will be a total of 6 additional players in those three position groups, how that exactly shakes out TBD. Wouldn't be shocked to see one less DL and one more LB too.
  6. Agree with the development part, though it is much easier to let guys like Milano and Phillips develop and take some lumps early on as generally the results aren't as catastrophic as a bad hold. And also get a decent $$ saving going from Haack to Araiza too. Having said all that do agree 95% likely Araiza will be the holder. I do wonder though if Barkley is on the PS how much will he be paid? Will he get the required minimum or will he be paid more as there's just a minimum amount required, teams can pay more. Would they keep him at the same level he just signed for??
  7. I don't disagree with you at all. I think he will be the holder. My point was if somehow he was absolutely terrible like Lucy from Charlie Brown level bad, think there's be a better chance they'd keep Haack than bother training Barkley as either way it's an extra roster slot for a holder only. In that case may as well use the guy who you know is very good at it. Also agree with Barkley being on PS and yes with new rules could easily call him up. But that still means using an extra roster slot on Sundays for a "Holder". Which goes back to my point, may as well use Haack then just to hold. But highly doubt it will come down to that. Very likely Araiza will be holding come September. Araiza also has too much hype to ever sneak onto PS so he will make the roster. Does bring up one question, has the NFL announced are the PS rules the same again for this coming season?
  8. No way are they keeping 3 QB's for this on the active roster. If it really came down to Araiza is terrible at holding, better chance they'd keep Haack for holding rather than start training someone else, or use someone else who's a core ST player.
  9. Hmmmm.... So when I posted, didn't go through the numbers that closely, just based it on the concept of well if you're replacing someone below the 51 line with someone above the 51 who's salary is higher, there has to be a savings. Going through the numbers more closely, agree can't argue with what you said. But still just doesn't make sense as to why. Either way, not all that worried about it as there certainly are 3 or 4 that can be extended or restructured.
  10. Wow kind of amazing that 6 D-line FA not re-sgned plus Star was cut for total of 7. I think they kind of rebuilt the line!! WRT cap and currently only count top 51, there's a large number of players below the top 51 cutoff that highly likely most will be on the final roster so the only way that happens is if an equal number of players above the cutoff line are gone. These are the players below the top 51 line who I think very likely will be on the team come September. Maybe not everyone I list, but most will be there: Doyle, Gilliam, Dodson, Jackson, Stevenson, Hamlin, Shakir, Araiza, Also a good chance last CB will come down to either C Lewis who right now is the last guy above the cutoff line of C Benford. Likely may also come down to choice between Dodson and B Spector who's salary is lower. Looking at the roster players likely to be gone would save around $4.2 mil and that doesn't include Ford or Matakevich Granted you do still need to add practice squad in which will cost something.
  11. OK so he either needs to come off of PUP before final cut down and placed on 53 or he can stay on PUP for 6 weeks, then they have 5 more weeks to decide whether to let him start practicing and then have up to 21 days to activate him. Considering his injury and how long recovery often takes, that doesn't sound like such a bad thing timing wise. So he could return anywhere between around 7 weeks up to 14 weeks from beginning of season. Assuming Ford sticks around they have 9 lineman likely to make the 53, Boettger would make 10 which they often don't need barring injury. He could be a fall back if someone gets hurt or if they decide Ford isn't the answer. Could be the new line coach feels he can salvage him. This would give him some time to see if it worked.
  12. Agree overall. Just curious, who are the other five we know of. At this point, the only ones I recall are Beasley, Star, and G Davis. Dawkins missed time for Covid, but believe he was actually vaxxed. Was another AJ Klein?? As far as Beasley goes in bringing him back, we have 2 slot guys plus the rookie Shakir who they've stated they want to have play all three positions. But if either Crowder or McKenzie got hurt, I'm sure Shakir would mostly play in the slot. IMO I'd rather have Sanders back or someone else who can play outside. There's another thread about "we should have signed B Edwards" But isn't he more a slot guy too? Bring in an outside vet!! Not sure who that is though that's available.
  13. Just reading a story on very early 53 man roster projection. It mentioned Boettger starting out on 53 then placed on IR so he;'d be eligible to return. Is starting him on PUP an option or is that only for players who got hurt not in an NFL sanctioned activity, i.e. practice, game? Thought if he's on PUP wouldn't count at all towards 53 and could still be brought back?
  14. May be one of these things as strong as Bills look, no other AFC contenders would be willing to trade with them. Maybe the Bills would need to offer like $3 on the dollar to get them to agree. Teams feel it will be tough enough to compete with them, and not going to make it any harder. An NFC team have a chance??
  15. Don't particularly like the early season schedule though of at LA, Balt, KC and Miami when still very warm. But after that things get much easier. Overall looks good though WRT rest. I do wonder about this below. States last year the Bills faced the easiest schedule, is that determined at seasons end based on records, or was that stated last year at this same time? Where as now we have the 22nd toughest schedule based purely on projections? The Bills will face the 17th toughest schedule in 2022. Last year, the Bills played the easiest schedule in the NFL, according to many metrics, including the Sharp Football analytics.
  16. Wow articles are really spot on when they talk about how the Bills tend to work in stealth mode more than most teams i.e. the Von Miller deal I actually was going to post a comment today that I was bit worried about Elam signing as he doesn't have an agent, was using father and uncle. Sometimes in those situations they may have acted like the diva and think they know more than an agent would since they played the game and would have made things difficult Or also could have gone very quickly as not as knowledgeable and got taken to the cleaners be Beane. I would assume they did use an attorney.
  17. So the reason I just simply said "No" was because Rags I assumed you were being sarcastic. I figured someone who posted as much as you do and seem to know what's going on knew that rule was long gone (You're probably going to catch alot of flack for this ) Below is a link to an article "5 Reasons QB's don't hold" One time I had found another link think it was like "the 10 reasons....." That article added that way back likely prior to the Emergency QB Rule in 1991 rosters were larger and teams routinely dressed 3 QB's so then they did hold much more. Maybe Frank Reich started as a 3rd string QB and that's how he got into holding even though he was he 2nd string QB in Buffalo? Also was stated elsewhere that punters generally last more seasons on a roster than the 3rd string or even 2nd string QB. Couple articles I've read state Barkley will likely be cut, then moved to PS so why invest time in a guy who at best may not last more than one season. https://howtheyplay.com/team-sports/Reasons-Punters-Hold-for-Field-Goals Emergency QB Rule (1991 to 2010) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Third_quarterback_rule
  18. Yeah but of the 1:00 games that would be the likely ones to be moved, really only Baltimore for certain would be considered a top game. Possible Miami, Cleveland, and Pitt may be good ones but Miami and Pitt are both too early to tell how good they'll actually be. Cleveland could be flexed, though I'd imagine the Bills would lobby hard against that considering they are then playing 4 days later on Thanksgiving.
  19. I predict Titans at home week 2, wouldn't shock me to see it even played on Monday night! I consider the 4:25 games as a prime time game. The fact that 3 of the 4 teams plays their normal home games in the 4:00 hour makes it easy for them to have more exposure. Some can still end up the regional 4:05 start, but does give them a leg up on the 4:25 start times.
  20. Interesting. I do like the non hard cider. See they're a small NC chain. Will look into it. Thanks!
  21. May be why it took this long, but can only wait so long!
  22. He'll be a guest broadcaster on alternative PGA broadcast May 19th to 22nd (Behind a pay wall) https://theathletic.com/news/joe-buck-espn-pga-championship/T8IcwPPAPFaS/ Peyton Manning's Omaha Productions will produce the telecast along with ESPN. Peyton and Eli Manning — along with Troy Aikman, Josh Allen, Charles Barkley, Fred Couples, Jon Hamm and Doris Burke — will be among the celebrity guests scheduled to appear during the four-day long show.
  23. I fixed it for you!! Think that's the difference around here
  24. Based on the number of Brady jerseys you see around, hard to believe anywhere near 75% hatred if you exclude the fan base of other AFC East teams. I think alot of the NE hatred is due to them winning so much and more due to BB but then becomes projected on Brady. Yes he's had a few bad looks, but nothing off the field. Read an article awhile back and talked about how you don't see Brady doing a bunch of commercials, movies and other off the field things. All he's focused on is winning and keeping his body in tip top shape.
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