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  1. Fields clearly showed he would throw it past the line of scrimmage.
  2. Nice play by Levi Wallace pushing Chase out of bounds before he could get a TD.
  3. Not sure if you mean this as a dunk on Polian, but 25 years without a team that could even come close to what he put together is practically forever in football terms.
  4. I've been trying to wrap my head around this, and it seems like it means that NFL head coaches are women?
  5. Fair point about Henry and Smith for sure. Thanks for the link to the TE salaries, they're kind of all over the place right now and I'm not even sure what will be considered the "going rate" as the cap goes up. I hope the Bills don't overpay to the extent that Cleveland did, but it would be nice if they can make it work.
  6. Also, between this contract and what the Patriots handed out to two TEs last offseason, if you want a credible receiving threat you're going to have to pay a fair amount regardless. I don't think the Bills should go bargain hunting for a starting TE, so finding a way to keep Knox around will be important. Also it will help maintain good relations with Allen, not that that should be the overriding concern.
  7. My hot take is OT should actually be eliminated for regular season games. Win in regulation or accept the tie. Then in the playoffs, OT is just an extra quarter, and you keep going if still tied. I think I'm on an island on this one though, nobody wants ties. I just think it could lead to some interesting decisions at the end of games - go for 2 and the win, or take a tie?
  8. Getting rid of that fourth rounder already paying dividends, they could just focus on this one
  9. Those are good picks, but then I think you also have to account for the fact that both the Chiefs and Packers had to fill holes they created by trading away #1 receivers. Both teams could be said to have better drafts but more ground to make up.
  10. Trade up 20+ spots just to try to keep one particular player away from the Jets?
  11. This really doesn't make sense from the Texans' perspective, for the reasons everyone already said. Anyone have any idea why they would make a trade like this right now (other than incompetence)?
  12. That is a rough list. I'm not even sure I see 3, even if you think they've listed up to a first round slot production wise, how many of them ended up shipped up for low draft picks after being overpaid on a second contract? To me that's the deciding factor.
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