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  1. I watch Bills tape while banging. True fan.
  2. Where can I return this Kirksey jersey?
  3. So no FBI involvement at all it seems. Coach just quit 2 weeks in. At least it wasnt at halftime of a real game.
  4. Feds usually dont leak like the locals do. If the FBI is truly involved here, it's going to be quiet, but then go 0-100 real quick.
  5. Real question: Coaches on the sideline celebrate and fist pump and jump around, and also yell and throw headsets and slam their playcards, and no one says anything and it all looks perfectly normal. How much does being trapped and contained in that small booth, with a camera right in his face, make this look "worse" than it truly is? Sideline coaches react big all the time. No one calls them not emotionally controlled enough to be a coach. I put "worse" in quotes because none of this is a big deal IMO, nor is he even getting any criticism for it outside of this board, and the players like it.
  6. Good! After 20+ years of complete irrelevancy, there is a big part of me that gets warmth and satisfaction from having our small market team in such the spotlight. As an out-of-towner it's great seeing so much of the team. Josh, Stef, or Bills Mafia is featured in practically every-other national commercial. People not only know who our coaches are, but are following them for their quirky reactions, turning them into popular gifs. I turn on the Spittin Chiclets hockey podcast yesterday to hear about the Mike Babcock controversy, and the former NHLers spend the first 5-10 minutes talking BILLS and BUFFALO. BILLS BILLS BILLS EVERYWHERE (now we just need that championship, but it's nice to at least be relevant again)
  7. It's not a big deal. Everything becomes a gif these days so folks can use them in text messaging as reactions. Nothing inherently "good" or "bad" about it. No one is criticizing Dorsey, nor celebrating him for that manner.
  8. Isnt that Fame? It isnt the Hall of Stats, or the Hall of Wins. It's the Hall of FAME. It's just another marketing tool of a sports entertainment business. It isnt a real institution. That said... I cant believe no one is on the Randall Cunningham train. Dude was phenomenal as a player and athlete, and trail blazer. (also, only 3 more years until Ryan Fitzpatrick is eligible!
  9. I've always thought heart attack given his size/age and the fact he was only punched once. Doesnt matter since this whole thing caused it either way. But I guess it might mean a difference in the amount of jail time for the Miami fan? That entire idea is in really bad taste. Trying really hard to be anything like the Bills Mafia, no surprise Miami cant come close. This isnt someone getting sick or injured. This is a crime and a tragedy. And WTF is $10,000 going to do? Dumb idea.
  10. Yeah, ESPN+ coverage of the NHL has been amazing. I think I caught almost every Sabres game last year, or could have if I wanted to. Looking forward to this season as well.
  11. We played the WFT 2 years ago, pretty much same weekend, at home. We were 1-1 coming off a dumb opening loss, and then a week 2 blowout win. Final Score: Bills 43 WFT 21 I dont see that much has changed with them since then. I expect the score to be similar.
  12. yes in the looks department. My post was mostly joking, but if you want to get into it, Hailee aint all that. Frankly, BWill was cuter.
  13. Taylor Swift >>> Hailee Steinfeld Really shows the difference between the two franchises. Josh still aiming way lower than he should.
  14. I like the line of thought that the Bears can get out of that contract after the 2024 season, and likely will. And he'll end up back on the Bills at a far more affordable number, and at only 27.
  15. Watson the scumbag out there playing like a scumbag. Pulled 2 huge penalties for throwing guys down by their facemasks. And somehow avoided getting ejected even though he pushed a ref. And then went on to of course blame the victims, in classic Watson fashion... https://steelersdepot.com/2023/09/deshaun-watson-suggests-steelers-defenders-share-blame-for-facemask-penalties/ $250M fully guaranteed for a guy who just whines, plays dirty, and isnt even that good anymore. Classic Haslam.
  16. We never got a real explanation, but I know DPI isnt reviewable so it's the only possibility. And the NFL will absolutely not try to second guess refs on PI calls. We already saw that play out.
  17. Hall the obvious, but even Ken Walker II looks pretty decent in comparison.
  18. I believe the "call from NY" part was confirming the WR was out of bounds and wasnt a catch. Picking up the flag was just on the refs. And was greatly appreciated.
  19. haha, I'm not worried about GMFB not showing the Bills enough love. We're practically the official team of the show. Blowouts dont ever get much love on the highlight shows. No real interesting story. It's why I love blowouts. It's boring and relaxing.
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