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  1. Just gently narrating as he is watching Josh Allen in the wild, blown away by the spectacular specimen. "Here we have a Josh Allen in his natural habitat. Known to have the largest genitalia of his North American species, we see him toss aside challengers to his territory like they were mere adolescents." I would pay for that series.
  2. I dont disagree there. I think the Bills were ready to move on based on production/health/age/cost, and Bease did his classic "You cant fire me, I quit!" routine, just like he did in Dallas, and just like he did in Tampa when their WRs came back. His ego can't handle getting cut/released/traded, so he makes up his own reasons on his way out and he and his agent send it out before the team gets a chance to simply cut him like any other player transaction.
  3. The dumbass who ran onto the field is truly a... well... dumbass. But Wagner also needs to know better. Let Security do their job and dont open yourself up to this liability. While I agree it's unlikely this tool gets anything from Wagner, there is a reason why most retailers tell their employees, and even their loss prevention staff, to never physically stop a shoplifter. It isnt worth it. Especially to a retail-level employee who doesnt even have health insurance. The billion-dollar big box corporation is well insured for inventory loss. Just let insurance do their job. Same for Wagner and Security. That said, I do love watching field jumpers get taken out by players. Always entertaining.
  4. I'll give credit where due. Big Edmunds detractor here but he is doing everything I'd hoped to see from him this year (just wish it started a year or two ago). This video is awesome. (Still dont think we'll be able to afford him)
  5. Dont look at the report on Wednesdays. It is the day of rest and when anyone with even the slightest boo-boo will be listed. Picked a scab? Straight to the Wednesday list Burnt the roof of your mouth on a hot pocket? You're on the Wednesday list Didn't sleep well last night? Here's a pillow, Wednesday list Hangnail? That's the Wednesday list Forgot to brush your teeth? You're on the Wednesday list Brushed your teeth too hard? Believe it or not, also Wednesday list
  6. Yeah, first game was after Tom hit him on 3rd and 7 and he went down at 5 yards. The next week was after a miscue along the lines of Bease broke right and Tom threw left. I think these were before the Chiefs game. Packers and Saints. I dont really think it was the reason he left. I'm sure it had more to do with Bucs getting guys back, and they were going to release him anyways. But it was entertaining to see two angry douches arguing while it lasted.
  7. He got chewed out by Brady two weeks in a row. Cant wait to hear the Brady diss track.
  8. Yolo was talking about Will Fuller, a 6 year vet with $34M in career earnings, not wanting to play in the cold. You can make those choices when you are already sitting on generational wealth.
  9. It's the Gisele Bundchen of throws. Old, haggard, and no one on TBD would ever bang her.
  10. The only nit I'd pick here is setting the list as: Guard/Center Safety RB Our tackles are decent. Morse is good but he isnt balanced enough to help create a run game when we need that short yardage.
  11. Milano is a very humble and centered minimalist who now has generational wealth (and will likely get a third contract in his career as well). He's good.
  12. Anyone we're looking to pay close to $20M/yr should be able to stand out and be a star on his own. If he is only producing at a good-to-great level with a stable of pricey DL in front of him who we also have to pay big bucks, then he isnt worth that money.
  13. I agree with most of your post except the Franchise Tag part. LB tag number is $18M. No way. If Beane was willing to pay that, he'd be re-signed already.
  14. Milano was good before the new DL tho. If Edmunds had been playing at the same level Milano has the last 4 years, he'd already be re-signed.
  15. Ehh... Dominate in a different way. He's playing the same position in the same scheme as Kuechly who was famous for making big plays in the passing game. Edmunds has finally started to do that this year. Is it because it is finally starting to click for him? Or because of the revamped DL? Or is it the same thing folks have said about many players, like Shaq and others, and he's motivated to make bigger plays by his looming free agency? I doubt it's the last one, but either way, I'm not looking to pay him what his fair market value will be. And I don't expect or want players to leave money on the table.
  16. Absolute credit where it is due, he has been playing great this year. Great to finally see. Caveat: Behind the new, revamped DL. And that caveat makes me wonder if he is even more replaceable now. If he is playing so much better due to the DL, why couldn't someone else who isnt demanding $15M/yr play that spot atan equal level, or even just down to his level last year (but for $1M/yr, looking at you Terrel Bernard)
  17. I'm absolutely fine with that take, because I see no lies.
  18. I'm fine with resting as many guys as possible who are dinged up and need time to get ready for KC. No need to rush Oliver back this week. Maybe give Davis some time to heal. Not trying to overlook Pittsburgh, but we can beat them with some depth guys in.
  19. Man, dont make me rehash rumors and crap from 2 seasons ago. But McK's antics are no secret.
  20. Well only since you asked... His handling of his vaccination, and not following protocols, and getting fined, and then saying he was vaccinated the whole time, but then announcing when he was finally vaccinated a couple weeks later. I dont even care about the vaccination stuff, but act right and get your story straight, dude. His behavior after getting pulled/benched from the game after his bad fumble, and his reactions on social media, and it was no secret he was an annoying malcontent in the locker room for a bit. The decision making on that play and others that has been head-scratching at times, making him a liability on returns. There's a reason we don't see him fielding punts anymore, and only kickoffs where the majority go for touch backs. His "too jokey" demeanor when others are locked in and focused. I don't have anything personally against him, and hope he does well. But his dumbassery is no secret. I know they brought him back with a new contract, but it seemed that was due to lack of other options more than "we MUST get THIS GUY back".
  21. It's not that dramatic. The changes will likely be in the initial screenings and preventing guys from going back into games that are in process. Some guys may end up being held out longer than previously, but it wont be anything too crazy. I expect McK back next week. I think McD and our staff already have a track record of erring on the side of caution. And props to them for that. Given that, I think McD fully trusts our training staff and if they clear a player, McD will play them. That said, Pittsburgh STINKS, so if there is a game to hold guys out and let them heal completely to get ready for KC, this would be it. Side note: I agree that this entire Tua fiasco has shown how completely in-over-his-head McDaniel is when it comes to being a complete HC. It goes way farther than just scheming and calling plays. It is setting the tone and culture for every department in the organization. And McDaniel looked FOOLISH this week every time he opened his mouth.
  22. I dont think he plays in a game until after the Bye. Just my WAG based on the feeling in my plums.
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