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  1. If anyone is thinking of a PSL as a true investment, then Ive got some homemade bitcoins to sell them. Half off current market value even. Best case scenario with a PSL is you get your money back if/when you find someone to buy your tickets instead of turning them back in.
  2. I'm cheering for Darnold's success this entire year, except for our game against the Panthers. He's Josh's buddy. Everyone loves a redemption story. And most importantly, it solidifies what a dumpster fire the Jets are as an organization. Love to see it.
  3. Anyone who would be willing to lose the team rather than have tax payers in Albany, Syracuse and NYC have to throw in a few bucks, should have their fan card REVOKED!
  4. Correct, but it's even beyond the NFL. PSLs have been a part of almost all pro sports. Even auto racing.
  5. Not that I know of, but I feel the Pegulas took a much lower profile on all their research. And rightfully so with what a "small town" Buffalo is, and how difficult enough it is to control leaks and rumors. Whereas everyone knew the Rams were looking to build a new stadium.
  6. Yeah, see my edit on the lower cost. It makes their discount even higher. I'd say this is right in line with the way rich people operate. They'll milk any penny they can, no matter how trivial it seems, in order to hang onto their own pennies. If it's $120M, then so be it. They'll take it.
  7. If people want your business's products and services so badly that there is a waiting list to simply buy it from you, and you can charge a premium for the privilege of doing business... that's just good ol American capitalism, my man.
  8. If they're going to pony up roughly $1B, then that's at least a nice 10% discount. If it's a 50/50 split of $1.2B, then that's a 20% discount off their $600M. Not bad.
  9. Is anyone surprised by this? At least it's only a one-time charge and transferable.
  10. If Gilbert was commentating a game, like The Mannings, it would be my go-to broadcast. Might even pay to hear it.
  11. The funny part is, she isnt even the worst part of that crew.
  12. The only team I truly "hate" is the Pats. It wasnt a rivalry the last 20 years. The hammer doesnt consider the nail a rival. We have so much making up to do on that one. We need to stomp them for the next decade before I'll feel better about it. Plus they're a bunch of dirty cheaters which makes it even more infuriating. The rivalry with the Dolphins is up there, but it is more of a fun rivalry. I love beating them, I get a good laugh at their failings, I hate losing to them, but there isnt anyone I sincerely (and irrationally) wish ill will on. Heck, even in the old days, as much as I routed against Marino and loved watching him turn red with anger after being sacked, my family had a run in with him in 1984ish and he was such a nice guy to us little kids that I could never truly "hate" him. Brady on the other hand... The Jets, I dont even think about. lol. They're just such a joke.
  13. Let's be clear here. It isn't just "the locals" paying for the stadium. The money comes from the entire state. Including Albany, Syracuse, NYC and the downstate suburbs. Don't make it sound like poor little Buffalo would be on the hook for this. NYS is the 3rd richest state in the Union. The money is there. Friggin Minnesota made it work.
  14. Brady wasnt trying to hit that deep ball like Josh tho (minus the Moss year).
  15. Kinky, and I'm flattered you'd like to have us there, but no thank you.
  16. You say this like "submitting a plan" (to whom, btw?) makes it some sort of concrete law. It is simply what they currently think they might do, based on the funding they think they can secure. That can all change during talks and negotiations with the state and local governments. First thing he did was look into what it would take to have the stadium downtown. Their own study showed it would probably cost the State more than what PSE assumed the State would be willing to pay. The State is running their own study to make sure that is true. You know, due diligence.
  17. We could both go on and on about financial mismanagement for just about every city and town in the country. And while that is an issue, it really isn't the point. Plus it gets us more towards a PPP post, which I certainly don't want to do. So to keep this on track about Stadium Funding and the possibilities... The money is there, even if it is being mismanaged. Funny yall talk about "bringing the rest of the state down with it", when NYS has one of the largest economies in the country (only behind CA and TX), mostly due to NYC. And NYS pays $26B more in Federal taxes than it receives in Federal aid. Whereas most other states receive more than they pay. So I'm still not buying that money isn't there, or can't be found. Heck, NYS could hold back a couple Billion of that and still contribute $24B to the US, and totally fund the stadium build. The money is there. Don't be fooled.
  18. If yall really believe that the largest city and home to the financial markets in one of the worlds wealthiest countries has no money to be found, then I have a bridge to sell you.
  19. Don't be fooled, Wall Street says different. The S&P500 returned almost 17% in 2020, with COVID. Plenty of money around if youre willing to find it.
  20. 7 bad passes doesnt sound like much, until you see his stat line of 17/33 for 179yds. (I wont 7 bad passes is over 20% of all attempts. It's one thing to do it against a crappy Miami team where we can make up for it on the ground and rely on our Defense. But that won't hold up against the other top teams in the league. Josh is in a slump. There is no denying it. His mechanics and footwork have regressed for seemingly no reason (he isnt under any more pressure this year than he was last year). He is not seeing open guys, or back to locking into his primary target before the snap even happens. I fully believe he will play his way out of it and get it right. And probably pretty soon. But it is a real thing, and worth discussing. Even if we did win the last game 35-0.
  21. No. He's simply a rookie game manager with a good defense. I worry more about the Pats defense, with the returning opt-out players, than their rookie QB.
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