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  1. The bad news is he took another couple of suplexes tonight too. With no flags. I dont get why the refs just let Digs get interfered with and mugged up and down the field, and then when he does make a catch the defense can just slam him around how ever they want. It's maddening.
  2. No he isnt done, and no our OL isnt horrible all of a sudden. Newsflash for anyone who hasnt been following the NFL: THE CHIEFS, especially their defense, ARE A REALLY GOOD TEAM everyone R-E-L-A-X
  3. It's so beautiful that it happened against the Bills so Mahomes is juxtaposed with Josh. Josh has been taking a TON of heat from fans online. They claim he's a big whiny baby, and is always crying to the refs for a call (and sometimes that is very true). But now, after seeing this, the online tide has turned and folks are realizing Mahomes is the biggest baby, he just usually gets the calls and doesnt have to cry. Yeah, if you think about it as $14M spread across both Knox and Kincaid, it isnt too bad.
  4. It costs us more to cut Knox than to keep him next year. Kincaid should be moved to #1 TE, but Knox should be kept in case of injuries. At least next year. 2025 is a different story.
  5. Guess who is the main player opposing defenses focus on taking away at all costs? And then make it a top ranked Defense with great corners. He'll be fine.
  6. Kelce has been doing this for a while and has been getting a ton of press over it this year. It's like his thing. Even more so in big games and/or when the game is on the line. In the 1st quarter I turned to my wife and said "We better have guys trailing Kelce because he will try to lateral it at some point." Apparently I had my players better prepared.
  7. As someone tangent to the industry, I blame this on CBS.
  8. He's definitely projecting when all his anger really should be directed at the Chiefs WR room.
  9. Live clip of Chiefs postgame presser:
  10. Enjoy it all you want. Participate in the surrounding discussions accordingly.
  11. We were "lucky" Toney is such a dummy. And apparently, to hear it from Mahomes about the warnings they usually get, we were lucky the refs actually called it correctly. Floyd is all player execution. He's a real one.
  12. KC was out of time outs, so McD could kneel it down and go to OT there. Like I said, good for McD and the boys. They needed this psychologically. Even if McD isnt back next year, this would be an even deeper mental hole for Josh and Co. to dig out of next year.
  13. Who was resilient exactly? Benford as he got beat by Kelce? Rapp after taking a horrible angle and missing the tackle on Kelce? Or Cam Lewis who left Toney open just to watch the pitch sail by him as he collapsed into a pile on himself? I dont mean to call out individual players when it's accurate to just say "McD's weak-minded team was about to let another one slip away in classic fashion but the other team screwed up worse"
  14. Apparently it's also a rare call because, according to Mahomes, the refs warn the Chiefs about it and give them multiple chances before they throw the flag. I guess Patty is upset they didnt get that usual royal treatment.
  15. How is KC getting called for offensive Offside being resilient? Lucky is watching the game be won on a crazy play no one was ready for even tho Kelce is infamous for his weird laterals, just to have it cancelled out because a WR lined up a foot to far. Nothing the Bills did there won the game for us. The defense didnt get the stop. They watched them score and win the game. KC beat themselves.
  16. That KC DL is very good, with a Hall of Famer in the middle. Both OLs struggled today. It was that type of game. We still have a good OL. Just sometimes the DLs show up to play too.
  17. As a McD detractor who doesnt want him as our HC, I say "Good for McD tonight". He may be a bad communicator, and socially awkward, and lacking skills to be successful in situational football, but he doesnt deserve to be the butt of a national joke, or considered a terrorist sympathizer. That said, he's lucky that Toney is such a ***** up because this was a CLASSIC MCD game: jump out to a lead with a hot O. Get conservative. Let them back in. "Keep it close". Then lose it on the last possession.
  18. I've been a fan of Schefter, but I'm done with that dude. Just such over the top pearl clutching about what is really the smallest part of the overall story. Bruschi did ok, identifying it more as McD's issue landing speeches sometimes. He referenced the woman in the river speech as well. Made it more about the overall coaching job than one bad speech. I think Sam did as well.
  19. Well youre wrong about one of the greatest cinematic masterpieces of all time, so I guess youre probably wrong about Dunne's article!
  20. This. The insecurity from McD is palpable. I think there are plenty of other coaches who are far more comfortable in their own skin (Belichick, Carroll, Rex, McDaniel, McVay, etc) who if a story such as this 9/11 speech leaked would meet the press and laugh it off like "Yeah, hey, us coaches have to make a LOT of speeches and they can't all be winners. I used a horrible analogy in my 2nd training camp as a still-new coach, and sure learned a lesson there, haha. We still laugh about it around the office to this day." OWNING mistakes is how you get people to move past them. A bit of self-deprecation can actually get people on your side. All this apologizing and explaining and excusing and re-explaining, and making up stuff about losing loved ones in the attack... just keeps the fire alive and digs a deeper hole. But he isnt secure enough to do that. And it shows in this situation, and on the field, and with the players.
  21. Scroll up and read my prior post that pulled ALL the quotes from the article. He wasnt the only offensive player quoted. Torrence and Murray are in there too. They all confirm there was another meeting to address the comments, but not a single comment about backing McD. Just weird that not a single player outside of Hyde has anything positive or supportive to say. Even in the least bit.
  22. Right. So why is the only thing the players are talking about that dumb 9/11 speech? If I was a player, and I loved/liked/respected McD, and a mic was put in front of my face yesterday, I would have given my guy a vote of confidence and called out the article as BS. Or at least given my own opposing anecdote. No one did except Micah Hyde. Not a single other player, let alone a team leader like Josh, has come out and said the perception of McD stated in that article is wrong and that they love and support their guy. I wouldnt call Sherfield's quote sticking up for McD. He just stated they had a meeting about the old speech and no one cares. No duh. It would be different if Sherfield said something like "The way they are trying to portray Coach in the media doesnt represent what I've seen at all." Or anything close to that.
  23. If that article is the best example of players supporting McD, then McD is sunk. And all this article talks about is McD again addressing his 9/11 speech with the team. Ok, so Hyde, which we already knew. Let's see what the Offensive players have to say in pouring out support and love for their coach... Nothing major from Sherfield there other than stating the obvious. We know McD doesnt support terrorism. How about from the rook... Hmm, how about from the vet Latavius Murray... Ok, so a whole lot of talking about McD again addressing the speech from 2019. But not a single quote about how wrong the article is, and nothing about it misrepresenting McD or how the players feel. Maybe they just weren't asked the right question. But I've had great bosses/leaders and if something like this came out about them, I would be front and center to whoever would listen railing against the BS. Reid Ferguson had the most supportive quote
  24. He's under contract for another 4 seasons! We can get out of it in 2 tho. But we shouldn't. Dude should be allowed to play out that contract and finish his career here. All the more reason to draft our next WR1 this year. Get two WR1s for the price of one for the next 4 years!
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