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  1. Could you imagine what it would have been like had Taron Johnson's playoff pick 6 had occurred in front of a packed house at The Ralph? We could have had a moment on the Richter scale.
  2. Further proof that the fans watching on television are more important to the NFL than the fans in the stands.
  3. So does Pitt. Imagine Penn State-Pitt as a conference game.
  4. Come on, pal. R.Rich does this every year. A lot of us look forward to this post. He brings the excitement of the anticipation for the upcoming first game in Buffalo. You'll still get to enjoy summertime. GO BILLS!!!
  5. Wow! So much for the drama of waiting to sign all of our picks. Now let's get to business!
  6. Now it feels real!! Free agency and the draft are behind us. Now let the countdown to the season begin! GO BILLS!!!
  7. We're gonna whip those puppies and put 'em in their place!
  8. The San Diego Bills Backers are already making plans for this. Check them out and you'll see what the week will be like.
  9. Then we do it all over again for Thanksgiving!
  10. I get what you mean. Still, this schedule rotation has been the best system they've had. A lot better than what it used to be.
  11. It wasn't always scheduled for the Bills to play at Arrowhead this much, it just turned out that way. Mostly because the Bills had to play an undetermined AFC West team on the road. It just turned out to be the Chiefs all this time. The next time the Chiefs travel to Orchard Park during the regular season is in 2026. Although in '24 & '25 the Bills have home games against an undetermined AFC West opponent.
  12. And it doesn't end. Bills play at Arrowhead in 2023.
  13. Then you read it wrong. Also, for some people it's more than a long weekend, they might want to stay longer for whatever reason. The NFL can release the dates earlier than this.
  14. It's more than that. Requesting time off from work and making other travel arrangements. We shouldn't have to wait this long for the schedule dates release. The NFL could have announced this news earlier.
  15. Aren't they playing each other in Week 2 as the first Amazon game?
  16. Kaepernick's problems he brought on himself. He is an attention *****. Still to this day, he has done nothing of real significance to make changes in this country with the issues that face us. As for his abilities as a QB, opposing defenses figured out his game, and he began to struggle. Then the 49'ers foolishly did not retain Jim Harbaugh as their head coach. You think that wasn't a big issue for Kaepernick? Then there were all of those farcical workouts he did. He was not interested in coming back to the NFL or to play football. Vince McMahon tried to get Kaepernick to play for the XFL, but Kaepernick would only do it if he got $20 million! Give me a break with this guy. He is not a victim.
  17. Not me! I did not like wasting our 5th round pick on him. I was never impressed with the guy. I don't begrudge his time with us, because I had no expectations from him. That being said, good for him for still staying in the league.
  18. Yeah, they do go downhill. Although Back to the Future knew how to make it fun. Hopefully, Marvel will do less and less of it. I also want to say that Elizabeth Olsen was very good in this movie too. She's been great as Wanda/Scarlet Witch. I know people get on her case with the disappearing and reappearing accent, which they made a nice joke out of in WandaVision, but I've liked her in this series.
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