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  1. Klaista2k

    Fire Brandon Beane and McDermott

    This is exactly why I think Beane and McDermott should be fired. This organization knew for at least 2 years they were gonna draft a franchise QB in 2018. You mean to tell me after all that time to scout and research these prospects they still can't get it right?
  2. Klaista2k

    FIRE Daboll ASAP

    You must be one of those fans that are perfectly fine with having the worst offense in the league. The Bills could go 7-9 every year and you'd still be content.
  3. Doesn't even matter with how bad the offense is.
  4. Klaista2k

    Allen not showing progress

    To be fair he did makes a couple of good throws right before the injury.
  5. Klaista2k

    Fire Brandon Beane and McDermott

    We have the most pathetic offense is NFL history. I guess that's not enough "substance" for you?
  6. Klaista2k

    Is Nate Peteman the worst QB in NFL history?

    Yes. And McDermott awarded him the starting job. LOL Just tells you how clueless the guy is.
  7. Klaista2k

    FIRE Daboll ASAP

    If Daboll goes McDermott should go too. How many cracks at finding the right OC should he get? It's time to hire an offensive minded head coach IMO.
  8. Klaista2k

    Fire Brandon Beane and McDermott

    And everyone is telling me to shut up? Ha
  9. Klaista2k

    Draft another qb next year

    None worth taking next year.
  10. Klaista2k

    Fire Brandon Beane and McDermott

    Maybe. But if we fire two OC's in 2 season's that very concerning. Show's that McDermott doesn't know how to find a good coordinator.
  11. Klaista2k

    Fire Brandon Beane and McDermott

    It was McDermott's decision to hire Beane.
  12. Klaista2k

    Fire Brandon Beane and McDermott

    The scary this about this regime is how pathetic the offense looks. 29 passing yards at half time. Are you kidding me? We need to get a more offensive minded coach in Buffalo.
  13. Klaista2k

    Fire Brandon Beane and McDermott

    Okay they signed 85 year old Derek Anderson in week 6 so that makes things ok. Go away please.
  14. Klaista2k

    Fire Brandon Beane and McDermott

    Why should they get that long? These idiots are destroying the team. Peterman DOES NOT belong in the NFL. The fact they are stupid enough to have Peterman as the backup just cost us this game.
  15. Why is Peterman still on this roster? He sucks and doesn't belong in the NFL. Yet these guys think he's good enough to be our backup? These guys DO NOT know how to put a competent offense on the field. It's time to fire these guys and get a real coach and GM in Buffalo.