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  1. Wise of Beane to have traded away the loser of our punting battle in the summer of 2019 for this 1st rounder. When we have 2 Franchise punters, you deal from a position of strength, and good things happen.
  2. How do we BECOME FAVORITES going into the NE games this year? This is the question of this thread. I’m not asking if we are on the right course with our franchise, or if we have a chance vs NE this year, I believe both of those are a “yes”, but I surely wouldn’t bet on the Bills straight-up. So, would you bet on the Bills vs Pats this year, straight-up? If not, than we’re to the subject of this thread. What would you add (or subtract) from ONLY OUR ROSTER before the opener, to tip this in our favor?
  3. I don’t see a wedding ring... this must be counterfeit.
  4. After listening to the Howard Picks the Bills segment on WGR this morning, and they (completely reasonably) refuse to pick the Bills over the Pats as long as Brady is there. So, this got me thinking. What has to happen TO OUR TEAM (so no NE plane crashes) through the draft, June 1st vet cuts/trades, etc, for the Bills to conceivably PASS the Pats this year, with TB12 still there on their team? I will I’ll take a shot at it. In my eyes, using what I’ve seen as a possibility, though not probable, in doing about a dozen mock drafts over the last week on both The Draft Network and First-Pick.com, and taking advantage of guys I could see possibly falling, here are the moves that are not out of the relm of possibilities: -Either Quinnen Williams falls to us at #9 and we ***** him up, OR we trade a 4th or 5th for Gerald McCoy. -If Quinnen doesn’t fall (I won’t even say Bosa because that’s impossible he falls that far), than we get either Josh Allen, Brian Burns, or Montez Sweat at #9 -someone between Fant, Metcalf, Hock, or Harry/Brown/Butler falls to our 2nd rounder, or we trade up and grab them in the 20's of the 1st round -we pick up OT Bobby Evans-Oklahoma and one of G-Benzschawel- Wisconsin or G- Samia- Oklahoma, or possibly even Polite in that 4th round range. -somehow, whether it’s from guys I’ve already said, or someone else later like a Sternberger, Moreau, Nauta, or Warring after the 1st 2 rounds, I think we need to get out of this draft with a productive TE prospect who can step in as the definitive #2 TE, and down the road have #1 upside -Pick up a 3rd RB who could produce as a short-term starter if McCoy and Gore are either injured or ineffective, whether that’s a guy we find in the draft, a TJ Yeldon, or a vet who gets cut off of a team at some point. ***I know this sounds like a lot to fall perfectly just to beat the Pats, but that’s not what I’m getting at. I’m trying to picture a scenario where we are favorites going into a NE game THIS year, and this is what I would need to see to think that’s possible. I’m not saying the Bills CAN’T beat NE unless they do all of these things. This is just how we become favorites.***
  5. I agree that beating the Pats and watching Belicheck scowling on the sidelines and seeing Brady pouting makes it sooo much more fun, but I guarantee you that for the rest of my life, every time we beat that damn franchise, I will celebrate it as our best win of the season, unless we win the SB that same year. I don’t care if the Pats are 14-2 or 2-14, it’s a huge win. It’s not... in the video there is literally shown a line of like 5 or 6 trophies, which proves it’s a new one every year, unlike the Stanley Cup, or the WS trophy. Yup. But it could have gone very badly for him... that triangular base was angled in such a way that if he hit the ball with the base, vs the football on the top of the trophy, he would have 100% eaten that baseball on the ricochet. Over the years, I have kinda thawed on the guy and I’m able to separate him a little bit from the otherwise completely hatable Pats, but that shot on Tre, plus the lack of a real apology, have severely tarnished him. He was otherwise clean and, at least as far as Pats players go, mildly likable.
  6. Please tell me that this is a T-shirt somewhere...
  7. If you could build a team based on end-of-year rankings of both offense (rushing and passing) and defense (rushing and passing), what would your preferred team be the best at? Hypothetically, you were allocated 35 "points" for each side of the ball, each point is a league ranking, and they all had to be used. For example: OFFENSE: Passing: 5th Rushing: 30th 5+30=35 points. Same goes for defense. How do you want your team to look? I think all of us want a stronger passing game than a rushing game, but are you okay with giving yourself one of the worst rushing games in the league? On defense, do you stop the other team's passing game totally, but get run on all day? How does game situations effect this? If you're getting run on all of the time, they will control time of possession and have your offense less effective. Personally, I would go something like: Offense: Passing- 8th Rushing- 27th Defense: Passing- 12th Rushing- 23rd The offense is still able to move the ball well through the air and can convert 3rd downs on short yardage situations on the ground, and can slow down the other team's passing game well enough to keep the game from becoming a track meet. I would hope to be able to stop the run better, but they still can slow the other team down well enough.
  8. I'm intrigued by him, but also want the Bills to pick up a TE in the 2nd round, and also see mild upside in Croom... so all of these guys would give us 4 TEs, which I think might be 1 too many in today's NFL. But if it were a smaller deal, maybe 2 years, $5-7M, it might be worth the experiment. Mightbe a little more valuable in total vs Croom's receiving-only upside.
  9. In my opinion, this might not really be the case. It's football, signing a guy coming off an injury/surgery is very common (Bills just did it last year with Trent), so I'm sure the doctors have modified their physicals to a guy healing from a surgery, to take into consideration his progress healing/rehabbing, and the management would take their calculated risk of signing the guy who may be on the road to being healthy, vs leaving a guy on the market to be signed by someone else. The feeling I get by Ansah's situation is that both teams don't like the progress he is making healing from surgery, or Ansah wants "I'm healthy right now" money vs a "damaged goods" discount contract value.
  10. They touched on the Miami stuff somewhat, but didn't go into the post-career incidents. Eric is his friend, not Gayle King digging for a scoop.
  11. Ugh, I do not miss that clown move, that was so embarassing... going into a game with someone like Kroy Biermann as some sort of honorary captain.
  12. I listened to the first half of this episode but kinda lost interest. I will give more upcoming episodes a listen, but this one didn't reallydo a lot for me. Not super interested in Richie's beasting workouts and post-playing career financial investments.
  13. Right. I still think they add someone in the draft. And if someone outside of those 6 reallu impresses in camp, I think Zay might be the first one traded/cut.
  14. Guys-guys-guys, let's not fight... they can ALL be fired.
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