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  1. BuffalothruMyVeins

    Training Camp 2018 Dates

    I don't have the exact details, just that in the past, they have been available at a couple locations in both Rochester and out in Buffalo, and Noco or Sunoco gas stations, at Wegmans, and at Verizon locations. Plus, likely in The Bills Store at 1BD.
  2. BuffalothruMyVeins

    Training Camp 2018 Dates

    Does anyone have any idea when the schedule is typically released? We're 6 or 7 weeks away from them moving facilities out to Rochester, it has to be soon, in the next week or two, right? I guess I'm not sure what you mean. The title of the thread literally is "Training Camp 2018 Dates".
  3. BuffalothruMyVeins

    Training Camp 2018 Dates

    Hey everybody- I did a search on this topic and didn't see anything come up, so I wanted to create a topic, so as to hopefully centralize info about the 2018 Training Camp dates. Has anyone heard anything about when these dates will be released, and if/when they will have a practice at New Era Field? My friend and I live about 3 hours from SJF and around this time, we start to get antsy for the dates to be released, so we can start making hotel reservations. This year, we're hoping for a weekday morning practice, followed the next day by a practice at New Era Field. Last year's practice there was the first time I have ever been in the stadium, and I really hope they have another so we can go again. On a side note, we will be sticking with our reliable Buffalo Brew Pub for wings, but also will be trying Bar Bill. We've done Duffs and Anchor in years past, too. Mod edit: actual schedule now available later in thread!!!
  4. BuffalothruMyVeins

    XFL Names Oliver Luck Commissioner and CEO

    I'm rooting for this league to take off, too. I don't think it has a chance to directly compete with the NFL, but if done right, it could be be an interesting minor league option for the NFL. Allow players to play directly out of high school, so they could have access to young talent before the NFL is even allowed to get their hands on them for 3 years. Obviously the 5 star guys will still go to USC AND Alabama, but there are plenty of 3 star kids who can't make the grades coming out of high school, who have to otherwise go JuCo for a couple years, who could just go XFL for 3 years, and then declare for NFL Draft. Get an exclusive rights broadcast contract with Hulu, Amazon Prime, or Netflix, or better yet, a semi-exclusive, where 1 "Game of the Week" is simultaniously shown on your main Hulu/Amazon/Netflix, and on a network, on Sunday nights at 7:30pm. Make drastic replay changes that the NFL doesn't have the balls to do, to speed up the game. Most people are hating replay right now because it stops all of the action, so get the game back to a faster pace.
  5. BuffalothruMyVeins

    Wouldn’t be surprised to see Bills pick up Tank Carder

    The Tank Era in Buffalo is over- time to win.
  6. BuffalothruMyVeins

    Eagles Release LB Mychal Kendricks - Signing with CLE

    Plus, if he signs a 1 year deal and then wants to walk, he would sign for likely strong money elsewhere, and that would kick us a comp pick.
  7. BuffalothruMyVeins

    anyone else notice the Bills First Round went 716?

    Check out @SalSports’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/SalSports/status/989687581666357251?s=09
  8. And then he went to San Diego, and drafted Drew Brees. If Ralph weren't so cheap, Smith and Butler wouldn't have left, and that would have been Buffalo selecting Tomlinson and Brees, right at the birth of this QB-friendly era.