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  1. Lucky number seven! Too bad he will be robbed from a Pro Bowl selection, with us playing in the Super Bowl and making him ineligible.
  2. I see Sanders commented on his Instagram post, here, a month before he was even a Bills player. Cool that they had a relationship before they even were on the same team.
  3. I'm prepared to make a rather significant wager on this. I say he gets between 70-80 catches, might clear 1,000 yards but I'm not that willing to put that much money on the yardage part. I'm thinking like "Peak Stevie Johnson".
  4. I sure hope we end up signing Diggs. I think he might develop chemistry with Josh very quickly, and could probably even have the best receiving year in Bills franchise history! This guy would be a legitimate #1 in the right offense. I mean, he could carry us to the AFC Championship Game! (I think they still might not be able to get past KC, though.)
  5. I didn't see, what type of cancer did he have? How long ago was he diagnosed?
  6. Wow, is he? I mean, the organization surely looks bad to draft him and continue to support him after she has proven to be such a lousy person, but this makes the other 52 guys on the roster look really bad, too, that Tyreek was the best candidate that they could muster. Gross. Dont use the Walter Peyton MotY award to try to rehabilitate your scumbag player's reputations, just because you are willing to compromise your organization's morals in pursuit of a win.
  7. Yes. And Ray's (Kevin Costner) brother-in-law who wants him to sell his farm to the bank, in Field of Dreams.
  8. I wanted to write a post here for people to express what the Bills current streak has meant to them. Maybe you are having a hard time with things, and they have given you a bright spot on gamedays in an otherwise difficult time. On October 18th, my mother, who was otherwise very healthy and just turned 57 four days earlier wasn't feeling well, so she went to the doctor, and they found 2 masses on her brain. They did surgery 2 days later, and she has lost a lot of her cognition, is often confused, sleepy, and has been bedridden since. Pathology came back as stage 4 brain cancer. She
  9. You're right. I deserve to be blocked haha. However, is "Go Miami" really better? For any fan of the 70's - 90's Bills, it isn't.
  10. I hope NE wins, so we get to eliminate NE from playoff contention next week.
  11. Wow, that's great, I just tried it and it worked! I wonder how the chromebook option works, as I would think that would be running off of WiFi, and would be subject to the same blocking that my phone would have on WiFi signal.
  12. Oh ok. So, I do have Verizon, I'm lucky enough to have pretty good cell service where I live, and and an unlimited data package... sounds like this might work for me, as long as I turn off my WiFi, am I reading this right?
  13. I guess I just don't know enough about it... I have the app, will there be an option to stream video and/or audio of the game, when it gets closer? Regardless of being "out of market"?
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