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  1. BuffalothruMyVeins

    Who hates the 10 minute OT?

    I say, make it untimed, so there's no "running out the clock" element, and guarantee each team 2 posessions. At the end of those 2 possessions, if there is STILL a tie, put the ball at the 50 and you have 4 downs to score somehow, and whoever outscores the other guy after each round wins.
  2. BuffalothruMyVeins

    Josh Allen nails the post-wheel concept

    While I am excited by what happened on Sunday, I refuse to fully get my hopes up until it is repeated. I won't fall for another Fitz-matic, Trentative, EJ-vs-Carolina moment. Show me his skills are there past the league adjusting to him, and I will start believing we're looking at someone long-term, here.
  3. I will try to avoid getting caught up in this being the biggest win since 1999... the win vs the Pats in... I think... 2011... was bigger. The win vs Atlanta last year was way bigger than people remember. They were coming off the super bowl the previous season.
  4. BuffalothruMyVeins

    Yeah I would worry now about the $5K

    I came on here just now to find out this very thing... I feel bad for that guy, he knew he was out $5,000 for the last 2 1/2 hours... haha
  5. BuffalothruMyVeins

    Bills vs. Vikings 1st Half Game Day Thread

    Stupid play for 1st down, the ball is still alive after he gets a 1st down, but if it crosses the endzone, it's dead, doesn't matter of its knocked loose. Great play.
  6. BuffalothruMyVeins

    Does rain make this a winnable game?

    QB arm strength is at a premium in the elements. I know Peterman has improved in this metric this offseason, but still to a level of just barely passable by NFL standards. However, on a slick ball, accuracy actually is pretty vital, too, to out it exactly where the receiver can bring it in, instead of having to make a circus catch, which they won't bring in, with the wet ball. I feel Peterman is more accurate than Flacco, but obviously has worse arm strength. I think Flacco wins out.
  7. BuffalothruMyVeins

    Advice on Game Tickets

    I'm not really that worried about the weather honestly, except for maybe a cold rain storm for 3+ hours in early December. Everything else I'm fine with. Thanks for the recommendation. So you prefer the 300s to the 200s? Do you recommend the 300s to the 200s? How do you get into the club's? I think the section I'm really interested in, the Pepsi Club, has ZERO tickets available for this game... which I just find hard to believe. Probably like 7,000 seats there, if I had to guess. Does availability for vacancy open up in these club areas open up at later date, closer to the game? I imagine the Jets game would be able to be grabbed up as both teams could stink in early December.
  8. BuffalothruMyVeins

    Advice on Game Tickets

    Hey guys- I have been a Bills fan since I was about 8 years old, as soon as Don Beebe swatted that ball out of Leon Lett's showboating hands, even though the were getting their heads kicked in in that game... but I've lived relatively out of the area for my whole life (about 4-5 hours away). Well, I think I will finally be making my first trip to a Bills game. It will be December 9th, vs the Jets. We will be going to a Sabres game vs. the Flyers (his team) on Saturday the 8th, and then both coming to see the Bills on the 9th, both of our first games. We've been coming to training camp for the last 6 years in SJF, and we got into New Era Field for the first time last year, for the training camp practice, which was cool. When we were there, we got into the seats up in the 200's, and watched practice from up around 211. These seemed like the best seats to take a game in, as I have heard the lower bowl is an issue with constantly standing, and the back half of the 200's up there also has a roof, for any lousy weather situations. I'm a 33 year old guy and so is my friend, so it's not like we will have kids so will NEED to avoid the real raucous areas, but I think I would still prefer to avoid it, if possible. I imagine those being down on the 1st levels in the endzones... and maybe whatever seat that drunk guy who slid down the railing in the 300s and fell on the guy in the 200s was a couple years ago... haha. I am checking the Bills ticket website, and it looks like nothing at all is available up in the 200's where I want (basically straight from 207-215). Must be everyone else thinks these are great seats, too. Are there any other areas of the stadium that you guys who attend frequently would recommend for a first time attendant? I think I would like something along a sideline, but is there a compelling case to be made for an endzone seat instead? I thought I remember thinking that the tunnel endzone maybe being a good seat, too, maybe near 217-219 Endzone Club area, is that true? Sorry for the length of the post, guys, just wanted to explain what I'm looking for in seats, and wanted to run it by you guys who know a lot more about it than I would. Thanks for taking the time to read, and hopefully, comment.
  9. BuffalothruMyVeins

    How different would football be, if...

    Sorry, I know it's weird to see a thread that isn't 17 versions of "Josh Allen is amazing/terrible", "our offense will suck this year", and "let's pick up this cut player" over and over, instead offering an interesting thought exercise. If you're not interested, than don't comment.
  10. BuffalothruMyVeins

    How different would football be, if...

    Every once in awhile j like to imagine scenarios where an extremely drastic rules change has happened in the NFL, and how different the league would look if it happened. Today, I was thinking... what if there were "no such thing" as an incomplete pass? What I mean is, any incomplete pass is still a live ball, until it is recovered by the offense or defense, and advanced or ruled down by contact, or the ball goes out of bounds. The TE going up the seam is overthrown, and the ball lands in front of him. The FS now scoops up this pass and returns it 35 yards. Passing games would wildly emphasize accuracy, even more than they currently do. Would running games be completely bottled up, because the defense would assume the offense would only want to pass it, or would offenses take this into account and still pass? What would be the run-pass ratio? Obviously if you're winning, you never run it again, to avoid the risk of a turnover, but what if you alter that by saying that the clock stops after a running play, so that way if you really want to run out the clock, there would be an emphasis on passing (dangerously). Or maybe after a running play, you only have a 25 second play clock for the next play, vs say a 45 or 50 second play clock after a pass? Most "safe" passes would be to out on the sidelines, where an errant pass would go out of bounds... perhaps leaving the middle of the field open for exploitation by an aggressive offense... What else could you guys picture this game emphasizing differently than the current NFL game does?