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  1. BuffalothruMyVeins

    Tom Brady's Wicked Accent

    Brady must have coached that clerk on the flop he took, there.
  2. BuffalothruMyVeins

    WSJ studies announcer Romo’s play prediction %

    I'm not sure about that. Based on how popular he has become as an analyst, that style would be copied by everyone else if they were capable. They're not.
  3. BuffalothruMyVeins

    What Would Josh Allen Skeptics Need To See In Order To Buy In?

    As far as the pure math of it goes, than yes, averaging 10 yards per completion and completing 30 throws per game is a good number. However, if you're inaccurate at 20 yards downfield, which everyone is more inaccurate on a 20 yard throw vs a 5 yard throw, as I see it, it does 2 things: 1. Much higher chance of interceptions, inaccurately throwing the ball that deep into the secondary. You can have your 30 completion, 300 yard game, but if you add 3 INTs to that game, you won't win more that 30% of those games. 2. Having short-to-midrange accuracy in the passing game is incredibly effective in wearing out a defense, vs all of the shots being taken 20+ yards downfield. If you are going somewhat deep every time, eventually you will run into a defense that will be able to stop most of those passes, and you will be ending the 1st half 6-17 for 48 yards, which is what we did on offense for almost the whole 2/3 of this season. If teams know they have to defend shallow routes with the same veracity that they have to defend deep routes, than both the running game and the deep passing game open up, but most importantly, the team keeps clicking off 1st downs, and stays on the field. I don't know exactly what the league standard number is, or what Allen's current number is, but I feel like if Allen can get his completion percentage on passes 5-15 yards from the LoS to be >65%, maybe even 70%, just on those throws in particular, I know we have a keeper. All of the 4th quarter comebacks, all of the yards/game, that will all come, if he can execute at this rate, I feel.
  4. BuffalothruMyVeins

    Rams & Chiefs Offensive Lines

    The way I remember it, he wasnt really fired because he was a bad coach, or had bad players, he was fired as part of both a housecleaning after Rex, and also because of that incident where he and his son beat up some guys for trying to steal their chairs in their back yard... something like that... didn't come across as good on their part. He had good players during his time here, though- probably one of the best OLs in the last 20 years. Glenn was a good LT, Incognito and Wood were Pro Bowl level, Miller had his best year under him, and even Mills... uhm... well, the other 4 guys were good!
  5. BuffalothruMyVeins

    Rams & Chiefs Offensive Lines

    I've heard good things about that Rams OL coach... oh wait, the Bills fired him 2 years ago. Damn. Well, I believe the Chiefs and Rams both have high profile OL FAs this year, one a guard and 1 a center... if you ask me, I say we overpay and throw a combined $17M- $20M at these two guys, re-sign Mills and draft a RT with our 2nd rounder, and we still have approx $70M to spend on skill positions and 9 more draft picks to find another 5-6 starters. I wish Madden came out at the end of the super bowl, I would love to get the game right now, I would love to get a copy and build this team myself. This offseason is looking exciting.
  6. BuffalothruMyVeins

    Jets O-Line remove the wheels to Darnolds car

    Woof... I forgot about that. I'm an optimist, and even I thought that was a bad buy at the time.