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  1. Caption this...

    Thanks for that I didn't know.... yeah horrible. Good thing he already landed the hot wife.
  2. Fanrag mock...best yet

    Sign me up for that
  3. Zay Jones just impacted our draft

    Terelle Pryor? Still out there. 6 foot 4, 4.38 40 time.
  4. so glad bills weren't on the attendance list. Maybe they were too busy dealing with a LSD tripping receiver issue.
  5. Zay Jones Arrested

    Hearing rumors we're going to be calling Anquan
  6. PFF: How the Vikings Might Handle Their QB Dilemma

    Bradford would be a nice short term while the draft pick QB sits and learns. We can't assume we go into the season starting a rookie so I think if the asking price is right around 7-8 mill a season we sign him up for a short 2-3 year contract and let the rookie watch until he's ready.