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  1. MClem06

    2018 bills =2017 sabres

    Sabres last year had a lot of young pieces in place had money to spend in the offseason what they were one puddle jump away from being a playoff caliber team. I think the bills are going to follow same offseason path get key players that can get us to the next level which is contending every year. Very happy to see what Josh did today and also our very talented middle linebacker. Zay is also proving why they took him which is unexpected. Drop clay, 13 , and shady. Wyatt teller was awful, we give him a a line and let him throw without having to run for his life it will all develop. Just think. Next year we could possibly have two pro sports teams in buffalo in serious contention. Thank you pegulas... Now fix our o-line and give josh some tools just like you did for eichel and the sabres by adding skinner and dahlin.
  2. MClem06

    Anyone else nervously excited about tomorrow's game?

    More excited to watch the sabres tonight!!!! Skinner is on a roll along with the rest of the team. Go Bills, GO Sabeys!
  3. MClem06

    Playoffs at 8-8 this year

    IDK about indy but the playoff machine can't be wrong... LOL
  4. MClem06

    Playoffs at 8-8 this year

    God forbid we have two professional sports teams in a playoff race at once. Orange groves are just what Allen needs to find in order to win the last 5 of 6, I don't know what you mean...
  5. MClem06

    Playoffs at 8-8 this year

    I don't think 5-1 in the last stretch is completely out of the question if our QB of the future can find a grove.
  6. MClem06

    Playoffs at 8-8 this year

    1)Figured we lose to NE as the only loss and find a way to win 5 2) We can tie with Miami at 8-8 and Tennessee at 8-8 and still make it. 3) Far fetched but hey it's fun to mess with that playoff machine 4) GO BILLS, Josh - You can do it!
  7. MClem06

    Why we beat GB in GB

    I just had a long conversation with two die hard GB fans that know the team very well and they pointed out some severe deficiency issues that the packers are going into next weeks game with: 1) Rodgers hobbled not 100% with the leg injury 2) Their O-Line is letting people through. 3) Mack had his way with their LT in week 2 so Hughes if he plays with the same intensity as last week should as well. 4) Their RT Bulaga is hurt they don't know if he'll go or be 100% at game time. 5) Their Secondary is suspect, the free safety has let up some big crucial plays under and over. They said he's the weakest spot on the field in the secondary. 6) Receivers are dropping balls left and right. They missed at least 3 first downs with drops last week. 7) If there is a time to beat GB it's right now since the team is not playing well as a whole together. They are not happy with the coaching decisions and fans are wanting change in the secondary level because they keep letting crucial plays up for first downs. Go Bills! Let's hope we can keep the momentum. 2-2 would be better than most saw out of the first 4 games.