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  1. I would like to see jefferson taken with our second round pick. That guy was a beast when it counted 14 of 18 rec 227 yds 4 tds vs Oklahoma in the Peach Bowl 9 rec 116 yds vs Clemson in the National Championship
  2. If i was on something i wouldn't have stated that its a very unlikely scenario that we have a chance to take over the AFC East this year. Man I can't say the unicorn is a unicorn.
  3. Hahahaha I was smart enough to not be bludgeoned by the ruthless dreamkillers on this board by prefacing it with the not bloody likely comment.
  4. An unlikely scenario but IF the next 4 weeks play out 1-3 for the pats (CINCY w, Texans L, Cowboys L, Chiefs L) , and BILLS 3-1 (Baltimore L, Broncos w, Cowboys w, Steelers w) our records going into Gillette would be the battle to win the AFC East. Not bloody likely but what a scenario it would be. This game and the following (Us vs Jets and Pats vs Dolphins) would also then be a nail biter. The Pats are winning without Bradys Arm right now so it's not out of the question that the defense has a few bad games against some very decent teams besides Cincy. We win the AFC EAST , Brady and Bill quit and we reign supreme over the AFC East for the next decade or so and pink elephants will fly out of my arse i know i know.
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