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  1. What are sand bass? I've heard a black bass, smalley's. large mouth, striped bass, but never sand bass....
  2. If I can pull it off, I don't let my wife know there is a bye week....and I tell her bye, going to watch the game....
  3. I'm embarrassed to ask this as I have been away from WNY for many years, but what's the plus one? Hot dogs, pizza, weck or wings? Seems more like a quartet v. a Trinity +1....
  4. That's a good one - will try to see where I can use that in the future....work's out, too much HR stuff to deal with, maybe with some friends, maybe here is a couple months when people forget.
  5. I won the Jr. division of the PBA tour event in Buffalo during the summer of 1977 or 78 - think it was called the Big E open....beat a couple pros....no organized football though - too scrawny...
  6. Ah, I get it - very sneaky...and so true now, particularly with what California just enacted...can't wait for the NCAA's reaction to that.
  7. No doubt a great scheme - however, I would have expected that the OL was prepared for that based on film work and while I only listened to the game not watched it, it sure sounded like the OL was getting dominated.
  8. The what? The pass protection? What pass protection?
  9. i feel like I got caught up in the hype of being 3-0 and as long as i've been a fan I should know better....if there was ever a day to take advantage of a relatively "human" Brady today was it and the team just beat themselves. Uggg....Kudo's to the defense though. Must be tough for those guys to have to watch the offense and special teams on a day like today.
  10. NE - 31 BUF - 17 Until Brady retires or they prove otherwise, the smart money is on Brady.
  11. Unfortunately, this sums it up perfectly....until the Bills prove they can beat the Pats it will be hard for them to be favored IMHO
  12. It would certainly send a signal to the rest of the AFC that the team is for real. I mean, look, if the defense plays to the top of their game and the offense protects the ball anything's possible.
  13. Had a great time at The Local in Pacific Beach. Great to meet Uticaclub and some of the other folks there. Of course the fact that the Bills won made it that much more fun. As the members of the San Diego Bills Backers say "Win or lose, its only 50 feet to the beach...."
  14. Does anyone know if PB Ale House still the official Bills bar in San Diego? Will be out there this weekend and hoping to catch the game.
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