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  1. O 4 the 7D's That was then - Bills back on track The Fish are fileted
  2. Which people? A SB win is a SB win is a SB and in fact, winning as a Wild Card would be a great accomplishment....IMHO
  3. I completely agree with you. Better to get the stinker out early.....Go Bills....
  4. Gonna be a long drive back to Virginia tomorrow....uggg
  5. Ha - me too....though following the Sabers has been pretty pathetic....This current version of the Bills should be contenders for several years. These guys have no sense of being part of bad teams with year after year coaching changes and systems changes and yada yada yada so maybe just maybe we can feel comfortable in thinking the team may get one....
  6. 1 prime if available please. If not - general is great. Thx,
  7. Will be staying in Hamburg for the home opener (coming up from VA). So where are the best wings in the Hamburg area? Is it a safe assumption that places in that area will be mob scenes on Friday night the 10th?
  8. This makes me wonder about some of the starters who haven't played in a pre-season game yet - specifically Josh Allen. If he doesn't play in preseason then that means his first real game like hit will come in the season opener? I'm sure no one is hitting him in practice. That worries me a little TBH....
  9. What I've been telling people when they see my Bills hat/T Shirt is that as Bills fans we should be in for a really solid four or five year stretch, similar to the late 80's/early 90's. As someone else already pointed out though, this team has to get to at least one SB before any talk of comparison to the 90's SB teams. Back then the Bills WERE the team to beat in the AFC and honestly, there wasn't that much . The current Bills are not the team to beat in the AFC. The Chiefs are until proven otherwise. The AFC has a several real contenders. If the Bills make the SB, and I think they will in the next three seasons, then we'll have something to compare IMHO.
  10. Because you're a Bills fan and as a Bills fan, good news is always viewed with a skeptical, nervous eye....until the team wins a SB, its a perfectly natural reaction....particularly if you're a long time Bills fan.....
  11. Thanks for the history link - I had no idea doctors were doing hip replacements in the 1890's! I had my knee replaced at age 54 and it was the best decision I ever made. Jimbo's proven he's tough and I have no doubt he'll be able to lead the parade downtown next February....
  12. Had to be nearly every play from the 1984 and 1985 seasons, right?
  13. And by the way, thanks for your service.....
  14. I picture a layer of money 2 feet deep filling the lower bowl of Highmark stadium and Josh laying in the middle of it slowly beginning the count.....much like McDonalds it will be millions and millions.....
  15. Hard to believe a Bill Belicheat team won't be better. Too much money and influence in NE to think otherwise....Hoping the Bills can start where they left off last season...
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