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  1. My daughter's getting married next June and my son and I are desperately trying to convince her how cool this would be....the 70,000 drunks, the beautiful fall weather, probably TV coverage, likely less expensive than a real venue and reception at Hammer's ....so far she's not going for it....
  2. A one year work stoppage in the NFL (and I don't believe it will come to that) will have the same effect on me that the multiple MLB strikes and the NHL strike had on me - the NFL will then be dead to me. Couldn't tell you the last time I watched an NHL or MLB game. I stopped watching the NBA when the Braves left Buffalo. I'm basically down to following the NFL, college football and basketball and golf...
  3. I really enjoyed listening to Kelso's take on things. I also liked the fact that he stayed in WNY after playing (at least I think so - didn't he coach a HS team somewhere in WNY?). I always appreciate the guys who stay after they play for the Bills. Will be interesting to see how Woods meshes with Murphy.
  4. I was cleaning my parent's house out last fall and found a picture of the Congress from 1971 signed by Kemp and dedicated to my sister and me. We set it aside in the "don't sell" pile but somehow it ended up being sold at the estate sale. Literally this week, my sister got a call from one of my parent's old neighbors who said they had bought the picture but decided that we should have it back! What most impressed me about Kemp (and a couple of other Bills from the old AFL like Paul Maguire) is that they chose to stay in WNY after their playing careers. Really said alot to me about them and what they thought of WNY.
  5. good call - you forgot to mention the snow at the very bottom of your picture...that would have been some effort to put on winter clothes and sneak in snow to the stadium in Miami....if you did that then wow, just wow! :>)
  6. I agree, Nucci - and actually I care less about the record and more about making the playoffs - to me the team can "grow" and "progress" and Allen can show "development" but at the end of the day none of that matters if the team doesn't at least get into the dance. And once the team makes the playoffs it needs to be able to contend on a consistent basis. The only precedent I have is the teams of the mid-'80s through mid-'90s. Kelly joins the team, through drafts and some trades a core of great players comes together, the team finally makes the playoffs in spectacular fashion in '88 and the rest is history. The draft is very encouraging. Its a step in the very positive direction. At some point though the team has to put up or shut up...
  7. Not embarrassed at all - in fact when I do wear Bills (or Sabre's) stuff I usually run into someone from WNY which I always enjoy. What I have learned over the years is that it's very rare that the person isn't from WNY. And when they're not from WNY its usually someone who a) grew up during the glory years or b) had a relative/father/mother from WNY....
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