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  1. chaccof

    A Question for Bills fans?

    Nope, have always equated the Green Bay/Milwaukee area as being similar fans, a similar type of hard-working, people as in WNY and so I actually find myself semi-interested in how GB does (except when playing Buffalo). For me, I have a much greater dislike for the NFC East teams mostly because three of four won SB's against the Bills and my wife's from Philly and have had to listen to her crap about the Eagles since last year.
  2. chaccof

    Who Are You Rooting for the Rest of the Way?

    I went to NC State so would be happy to see Philip Rivers get to a Super Bowl and also would be happy if Frank Reich got back and won a SB with the Colts. But at the end of the day, so long as the Patriots* don't win it I'm fine.
  3. chaccof

    Team Identity when they move

    Geez, and I thought this was another attempt to get the board fired up about the Bills moving.....Doh.....but I digress.....all I know is it was the Houston Oilers who collapsed against the Bills in 1993 and I'm thankful for that.
  4. chaccof

    Should the Train Horn Stay? Or Go?

    As a former WNYer I was thinking the collective scream that many WNYer's used to do at the first snowflake of the season....some were screams of happiness and some were not.....that would inspire any defence to make the stop...
  5. chaccof

    Should the Train Horn Stay? Or Go?

    +1 and on top of that, you hear the same horn at just about every other stadium/sport it seems.....maybe they can come up with something unique to Buffalo.....
  6. No, I mean three seasons from now - figure next year both teams show promise, maybe one of them makes the playoffs but bow out before the championship game, next year they both make playoffs, neither advances to the championship, year three (2021) they face each other in the AFC championship....but look, if it can happen next year so much the better.
  7. Can anyone else envision the AFC Championship game in Orchard Park in late January, 2022 with Allen and Mayfield as the featured QB's? Or could it be sooner than that?
  8. chaccof

    Kyle Williams: Officially Retires

    Besides being a long time Bill and generally playing at a very high level, I love that he and his family seemed to have fallen in love with Buffalo. I'll be interested to see if he stays in WNY. Thanks for the memories Kyle.
  9. chaccof

    the Edelman TD

    It was a heads up play on Edelman's part because he's been coached well and plays to the whistle as someone else mentioned. And it was a bone head play on the Bills part not to play to the whistle. That's basic Pop Warner football stuff right there.
  10. chaccof

    Running out of patience with this organization

    Who's tapped out? Pegula? I don't think they'll be selling any time soon. I also don't think there will be a significant improvement next year either.
  11. Will be in the Big Apple this weekend - Where's the best place to watch the Bills when in Manhattan?
  12. I knew his wife was from Buffalo but didn't realize she met him at OSU before he ends up getting drafted by the Bills....that's amazing to me....
  13. chaccof

    Stadium Food Health Safety Report

    Who can afford to buy food at a major league sports venue when you have to save all your dough for $9 beers? And by the way, bugs are mostly protein.
  14. chaccof

    Are the Lions sort of the Bills of the NFC?

    Except the Redskins have won the SB three out of five times.....
  15. chaccof

    Raiders Fire GM Reggie McKenzie

    Great Pictures Nanker and I always thought that was a perfect nickname for Gruden.....Looks just like him. Wonder if the model maker for Chucky was a Gruden fan?