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  1. I imagine experience in an intermural flag football league in college doesn't counts?
  2. I'm very encouraged as the team should be contenders for the next several years. Should be fun. Reminds me a lot of '88 to 94, except I hope they don't have a Ronnie Harmon drop in the playoffs next year and then lose 4 SB's!
  3. As in Mighty Taco Stadium? That would be cool.....they could rotate names like Might Taco - Al Pastor Stadium or Mighty Taco - Carne Asada Stadium....
  4. I stumbled across the 1968 Bills highlights film on YT last week and it was a pretty sad year, but one of the highlights was a Marty Schottenheimer pick 6. Made me wonder what happened to him and sad to hear about this. It seems to me that I've heard about several "old timers" who have either died from or have been diagnosed with Alzheimer and I can't help but wonder if its somehow related to blows to the head?
  5. What if they got a reasonably big check? Not SB losing size, but enough to get them interested? I actually think injuries are a bigger issue, but just wondering.
  6. He seems to be a real competitor which I like and will endear him to Bills fans.
  7. That's right, it was 30 years ago tonight that I was curled up on the kitchen floor silently crying.....with my wife, the non-sports fan saying.....but its just one game.....
  8. I was born while Eisenhower was president (just barely)....for you younger fans, he was the GOAT in WW II.... Brady wasn't around then as far as I know.....
  9. I have to agree with this. I actually feel pretty good this morning thinking that the Bills should be more than competitive the next few seasons but then that damn free agency concept gets into my brain and I forget that teams can lose just as quickly as they gained....hopefully the front office can keep the key players together....
  10. To your point, Stratton's hit on Keith Lincoln turned the game for the Bills and allowed them to win their first world championship. It has to be top 3, given that none of the other plays resulted in a world championship. Regarding Bailey's interception - I was at that game and it certainly came at a critical moment in an otherwise very tight game and lead to the AFC championship so I think that's top 3 as well.
  11. That's a great list. I'm surprised that I have no recollection of the Simpson interception at the end of the Jets playoff game. I recall the game, but not the play...weird.....
  12. OJ's run for "five yards, maybe six" to break 2000 certainly has to be in the top 5 positive plays for the Bills all time. Despite what happened later.....
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