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  1. Had to be nearly every play from the 1984 and 1985 seasons, right?
  2. And by the way, thanks for your service.....
  3. I picture a layer of money 2 feet deep filling the lower bowl of Highmark stadium and Josh laying in the middle of it slowly beginning the count.....much like McDonalds it will be millions and millions.....
  4. Hard to believe a Bill Belicheat team won't be better. Too much money and influence in NE to think otherwise....Hoping the Bills can start where they left off last season...
  5. It should be a fun season and hopefully a fun 4 or 5 years.
  6. Show off! Anyone could have read the article.....😄
  7. Wonder how many NFL HoFer's are also in the CFL HoF? Could be a good trivia question (no Google allowed).
  8. Has the team said how many fans will be allowed for home games this coming season? I swear, I searched the site to the best of my technical ability and didn't see it so apologize in advance if this has already been covered. Asking because I have to be in WNY this fall and would like to try to get to a game.
  9. This to me is the ultimate sign of dedication! Having been born the same year as the Bills and grew up with pretty bad teams (I don't count 64/65 because I barely remember them) mostly and have hung in there as a fan even though I've been away from Buffalo way longer than I lived there (41 years v. 19 years). Like many on this board I've driven from hours away to see a game, turned around and drove home, or flown in depending on where I lived and my then economic situation. But mostly, the dedication comes from pride in my home town, pride in the Bills and the "root for the underdog" I have
  10. Maybe the first one. The rest look like bad high school helmets IMHO....of course I still like the standing red buffalo on a white helmet....pure magic...
  11. Condolences. My mom passed away a year ago this week - another big Bills fan. In fact she and my dad were at the '64 Championship game and ran on the field, which knowing my parents, blows me away. One way we can honor our moms is to stay true to the Bills!
  12. How can you forget the guy who made "they're killing me Whitey, they're killing me" famous (albeit while he was with the Bronco's)?
  13. The three Edmund brothers were here in Richmond, VA at a high school football game to see their cousin play two Friday's ago. Friend of mine got a picture of them standing together - when you see them standing next to "normal" sized folks you get a sense of how big they are.....
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