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  1. Because everyone (in this magnificent country) has had the opportunity to exercise their free will. We’re so deep into the show that that fat mama is currently taking her off-stage-smoke-break while the crowd yells and chants for the encore.
  2. Give me the percentage of guaranteed survival one needs when you walking out of the door in the morning? It ain’t ever gonna be 100% - that’s the way it is and the way it’s always been. And obsessing over unhealthy life-forms dying from a disease and obsessing over the lamentable need to control other free-life-forms will put you in a grave much sooner than Covid will. Thats a stone cold lock.
  3. The reality is that non-immunized ppl don’t GAFF that they are “at higher risk.” Quit making victims out of ppl that aren’t.
  4. It’s not apples to apples comparison. You’re talking about vaccines that have been around decades vs this rigged up thing. Ppl aren’t going to follow the nanny state protocols whenever and wherever they can, so buckle up.
  5. I would prefer that players can get vaccinated or not get vaccinated. And I would prefer that no player’s activities were impinged whatsoever. Ppl who want the vaccine have it. People who don’t, don’t. That’s it. Ball game over. Fat Lady is singing.
  6. So the rest of your life, even though you have a vaccine that works… you are going to be a worry-wort and make ppl that aren’t scared relinquish their right to the pursuit of happiness because of your obsessive compulsive approach to a disease that’s survival rate is in the 98th percentile. Sounds like a waste of energy and a surplus of stress.
  7. You do realize, of course, that it’s his job. He’s the one that actually plays the game of football and has to live the punitive NFL Covid protocols. So he’s speaking out about something he disagrees that effects his day to day… he’s confronting his Union representation and the NFL in a public way. Again - that is his Union, his employer, his day-to-day. If he wants to call them out for their helicopter mom protocols then he can and should. That’s what good and honest ppl, that care about the truth, do. And exactly who are the church-dance-level restrictions protecting? Teammates and coaches and organizational staff that wanted the vaccine have it. If the medicine works, then it works for the person it is injected to. Teammates and coaches and organizational staff that haven’t been vaccinated have chosen not to be vaccinated. It’s time to live and let live and let go of your imaginary control over what other homosapiens do. If. your. medicine. works. then. it. works. I implore you to let go!
  8. My assumption (based in common sense) is that most ppl who haven’t been vaccinated (in our magnificent USA) probably aren’t going to get it. Ever. So, I’m saying, either pin ‘em down and jab em. Or quit projecting your (not you in particular)….. but the overly-emotional-vaccine-fanboys need to quit projecting their fears onto others and live and let live. Either your medics works for you or it doesn’t.
  9. Do you want the govt to corral ppl to the town square, strap them down, and inject them? If not, then it’s best for the upset ppl to just let it go bc all the consternation and resentment only effects the individual suffering from those emotions.
  10. Because it’s not your life. Why resent them. If the medicine you injected in your body works, then it works. Relax. You gonna be strapping ppl down in the town square and injecting them unwillingly? Cuz that’s what it’s gonna take. Save your energy.
  11. Ppl that don’t want the vaccine don’t have to get it. Their choice doesn’t make your medicine work. If what you injected in your body works then you’re good. Why do you care so much what others do? Do you want them corralled to the town square, strapped down, and injected? If someone uses their free will to make a choice that you disagree with. It still doesn’t change the efficacy of your medicine. You wanted it, you got it - Toyota! Go live your life. Let others live theirs. And don’t resent them for their choice in a God-guaranteed-world of free will. That’s back to normal. And you’ll feel a lot better.
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