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  1. you dont need to win over Toronto fans, in order to have a good following in Canada. Toronto is a crappy football city imo, the last Argos game had like 10K at BMO field (which is a nice cozy stadium, easy to get to etc)...yeah the Argos suck this year but still There's a LOT of football fans in the rest of southern Ontario and Quebec
  2. Doral country club seems like it has space all of a sudden 😎
  3. not sure expecting a guy like him who sees a clear path to the ez to not take it after doing the calculus in real time is realistic...but eitherway it was a hilite reel play and damn I'm happy he's a bill
  4. the amazing part is that Hyde HAD to do the twirl because if he hadnt the ball would have not made it the necessary 10 yds...so he twirled to leave his arms at 10yds plus .5 foot while his body was forward of the line, landed the double axel and ran full stride to the ez. Not sure expecting him to stop at the 2 after that amazing move is realistic 😁
  5. played in Canadian university level and got invited to a pre-camp tryout for the Ottawa RoughRiders, along with 200 other guys...I was nowhere near fast enough
  6. Burleson with the pretend it's actually close vote
  7. they have a choice. the drilling he put on the cincy corner too
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