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  1. It is interesting that picks are signing so quickly. I wonder if the uncertainty around sports this year is prompting them to get a guaranteed salary in case things get worse.
  2. Those are all solid names. I could certainly be wrong but think it will be Kyle.
  3. Welcome to Buffalo AJ. The Bills Mafia is going to welcome you with open arms...as soon as we are able to. He is one of the guys I was hoping against hope would still be there at 54.
  4. Welcome to Buffalo, Zach. You are going to love your new team and the Bills Mafia.
  5. Tough crowd here. First round talent at #54 in an area of need. I am good with the pick.
  6. It is a nice break and a glimpse of life to come.
  7. That would be pretty awesome but he probably won’t last that long.
  8. I just need to keep thinking Diggs is our first round pick.
  9. I asked the same thing. We should probably have a thread by round.
  10. I took Jimmy Arias to the 12 and Under National Championship in Charlotte. He was 10 at the time and lost in the finals to a much bigger 12 year old named Jim Pugh.
  11. There will definitely NOT be a vaccine by this season, but possibly next year. It is possible, however, that there will be reliable testing and/or therapeutics by this Fall. Those will be the determining factors for when life can get back to relative normalcy to include football.
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