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  1. He pretty much admitted it was a bonehead throw and needed to learn from it. He will always be aggressive but I do think he learned from this one. It is a pretty fine line between aggression and being boneheaded.
  2. Josh acknowledged he has to learn from this mistake. Pretty sure that will be reinforced in the film room by the coaches.
  3. Happy birthday, Astro. Thanks for your stellar work,
  4. I think it is safe to say you are biased. Not meant as an insult.
  5. Boy, does Gruden ever have a treat coming in September!
  6. It was excellent defense. I rewatched the first quarter today and the pressure up the middle was consistent. It made me think about the Patriots and how much Brady is going to enjoy that.
  7. He is the best looking WB the Colts have shown tonight. Keeping his nose clean is the main problem.
  8. That is one strange looking throwing motion that Jackson has. This is the first time I have seen him.
  9. Bills playing clean. All the flags are going against Indy. Keep it up!
  10. Thanks, Astro. I have enjoyed reading your reports from Florida (and a few days in Montreal).
  11. Yes indeed. I practically lived in Caz Park but my actual address was 48 Alsace off Abbott Rd.
  12. I went to St Thomas Aquinas in Buffalo. What is wrong with one in Rochester?
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