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  1. The underutilization of Singletary is confusing and concerning. I hope that changes today.
  2. He has improved in most areas, especially on shorter routes and in the middle of the field. His long ball accuracy has gone into a black hole.
  3. Our Front 4 creates plenty of pressure without the blitzing so I think we will make life unpleasant for Mariota. I know he hasn't been intercepted but think that will change this Sunday.
  4. He has shown great heart and has orchestrated a number of come from behind victories. My concern is that he makes the same mistakes over and over again. He seems to forget the hard work he has put into his footwork, especially when rolling to the right. If it’s not there just throw it away. That is a real problem for him.
  5. We had several that managed one or two posts on the BBMB and were immediately gone. They kept coming back like a very bad penny.
  6. I was at The Who concert so I didn’t.
  7. I immediately thought of Boomer and his sound effects ala Mike Alstott.
  8. I love the way we are moving the ball. It feels like we should test them deep pretty soon.
  9. Yeah, but there’s a Bills Game. You should have planned the timing better...3 years ago. Good luck with the new office.
  10. You need to have a stern talk with the person who does your scheduling. Totally unacceptable.
  11. Yup. We live in Odessa just north of Tampa. Indeed
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