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  1. What a terrific gesture by Josh. This will impact many, many lives. Down here in Fla, former Bucs RB Warrick Dunn partners with Habitat for Humanity and completely furnishes new homes for single moms for his "Homes for the Holidays" program. He also gives out scholarships and other charitable activities. I love seeing players like Josh and Warrick giving back to their communities so generously.
  2. 41-10 Bills. Allen, Diggs, Miller and Davis wearing baseball caps for the 4th Quarter.
  3. Sanders said that Josh was the most likely MVP this year but Kyle did not agree. Both felt that the Bills were a better team this year but Kyle argued that Josh would not have to put up gaudy MVP numbers because of the improvement. Sensible argument.
  4. What an unsurprisingly racist thing to say.
  5. I get it. The previous week, the only positive note was the Bills' destruction of the Patriots. That Friday, we had to put our dog to sleep and on game day we had to euthanize our cat. An absolutely brutal weekend.
  6. No, but I scared the hell out of the cat.
  7. we shall fight in the field and trenches, we shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength in the air, we shall defend our end zone, whatever the cost may be, we shall score in the red zone, we shall fight for contested balls, we shall triumph on the field, we shall fight on third downs; we shall never surrender,
  8. Good analogy. We will be storming the beaches of Kansas City on Sunday evening!
  9. Well, getting your ass kicked in Prime Time can be unpleasant and he's a curmudgeon.
  10. There was definitely a paucity of yellow flags last night. The refs must not have gotten the memo about the Pats and Billy Boy.
  11. Losman...and my 2nd was Manuel. Yikes! I feel a lot better now that I have Allen and Jackson.
  12. It was to return to the US. I am glad it wasn’t a PCR which is slower and more expensive. Our trip from the US to Iceland also accepted the Rapid Antigen Test. Each country had its own regs, of course.
  13. We recently returned from Iceland and a Rapid Antigen Test was accepted. We were tested and had our results before we got back to our hotel.
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