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  1. Would it be crazy to maybe see if Smith is available to come in and compete for backup QB with Barkley? I know he had that bad injury, and I believe he has a big contract number with Washington, but in the chance that they cut him... If we were to bring him in and he were the backup, I think we should get a 3rd QB, bia the draft or whatever, as I'm not thinking Smith would be a great option to actually play more than a few quarters, he would be more of a guy to help Josh Monday-Saturday.
  2. I would say that Dalton's TD to Boyd was definitely our play of the decade, and out game of the decade, not that anybody asked, is definitely that NE comeback in 2011 that someone posted a link to earlier. Here's to being the winningest team of the 20's!! We have a chance to get the first NFL win of the 20's on Saturday!
  3. Excellent point. If we want all of these reps for our 3rd, 4th, 5th WRs, it will mean taking our TEs and/or RB off the field. Our OL isn't strong enough yet to not have a TE on the field potentially helping block, and our passing game is not efficient enough to take our RB off the field, making it obvious we will be passing.
  4. I don't know how you get through a day with such terrible inference skills, as to have no idea what team I'm referring to.
  5. They could bring in Tyrod... how maddening would it make us to have Belicheck and Tyrod win the Super Bowl in Feb. 2021 together??
  6. I have been thinking that there's a chance that Brady plays in 2020, but that his time is up in NE. IF that is so, where does he play in 2020? Basically, what team is a QB away from really making a run? I'm thinking the following teams are options: Indianapolis Tennessee? Oakland?? Pittsburgh (is Ben DONE or will he be back next year?) Chicago New Orleans Carolina?? Could he take Jimmy G's spot on his childhood team, the 49ers, and play his final year on the team he grew up rooting for? Probably not, but might be interesting. What do you guys think? I think the teams I listed have varying levels of likelihood of happening, is there anyone I missed?
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