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  1. I agree that Knox might take it. I guess I've just seen WRs have such short careers here, and productive ones aren't around for very long, so that makes me skeptical to think that Diggs will be here for all 4 years of his contract, or a rookie (this time Davis, but countless others in the past) popping up in camp and looking promising only to not contribute all that much. Knox feels like he can chug along at 45-55 catches through the next 6 or 7 years or so, so he might be the guy. BTW, the 5th year option is only available to 1st round picks. Knox was a 3rd rounder, so there is no option for him. If his next 2 years pay off any of the promise he has shown so far last year, they surely try to give him a new contract before his 4th year starts. We can't afford a franchise tag on a TE, as that market has blown up this offseason.
  2. 1. Shanahan was the OC, Murphy is a DE, I doubt there is any familiarity between the two beyond facial recognition. 2. Shanahan left Washington after the 2013 season, and Murphy was drafted that next spring, so there is even more unfamiliarity. 3. Additionally, Shanahan is the 49ers head coach, not working in Jacksonville. Soooooo
  3. I never noticed his shoulder pads slid up around his helmet, making it look like his head turtled into his shell after that hit haha
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