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  1. Was just scrolling through the 160 photos from Day 1 Mini camp on the buffalobills.com website, and noticed that in every photo where #55 appears, they have it captioned as "Jerry Hughes". I'm pretty sure Jerry isn't participating in the Bills camp this year, and it looks like it might actually be Boogie ... but I'd not heard that he changed his number when Hughes left? Jerry Hughes (55) During Day One of Buffalo Bills Mandatory Mini Camp, on June 14, 2022 Scroll to picture # 81 in the set ... 🤔
  2. I've never quite understood why teams switched from using the backup QB as the holder? Seems like that would give them much better options for "fake FGs", and/or if something goes horribly wrong with the snap, etc. What is the advantage of using the punter for that task instead? Especially if it means cutting the punter with the strongest leg because he's not an experienced FG holder?
  3. I'll also vote for Dick Enberg. I enjoyed Curt Gowdy in his earlier years, but towards the end, he sounded like he was confused a lot of the time, calling players by the wrong names, forgetting the game situation (what down, etc), and sometimes even getting the teams mixed up ... and even the cities! But in his prime, he was great.
  4. Forgive me if I missed it, but I couldn't find any discussion of this play. I simply could not believe that they picked up that flag when Hughes put his hands on Mac out of bounds. He clearly wasn't trying to hit him (looked like he was actually trying to hold him up), but the fact that the refs picked up that flag, especially since it was against Hughes who many think is on some sort of NFL "blacklist", was amazing to me ... and in Gillette Stadium no less! When asked after the game if the refs gave him an explanation for that, Belicheat just referred them to the officials. Curious if anyone heard the explanation?
  5. ... or if you have or want to subscribe to SIRIUSXM satellite radio, you can stream either the home or away team's radio broadcast for any/all games. I already have siriusxm for the radio in my car, so the service to stream the Internet radio feeds is available at no extra charge (roughly $20/month for me). I don't know what the cost would be for "Internet streaming only". I don't know if I would do that JUST for the Bills game feeds, but I really enjoy lots of other satellite radio stations for music and sports as well, and it's nice having access to them both while traveling or at home.
  6. Someone from my old high school (Clarence Central) posted this aerial view on FaceBook of War Memorial Stadium circa 1963. I recall our high school marching band doing several halftime shows there while I was in school. We always seemed to get one of the games late in December. The Bills were never in contention by then, and it was always freezing cold. I remember one game in particular, I think in December 1970, against the Baltimore Colts. Freezing temperatures, and by halftime, the field was pretty much a mud pit, making it difficult to walk, let alone march! Putting your mouth on a brass instrument mouthpiece, such as the sousaphone I used to play, was akin to putting your tongue on a frozen pump handle - you might not be able to pry it off later! Also, the stands along the sidelines were so close to the field that fans were able to pelt us with any number of "foreign objects" - cans, bottles, half-eaten hot dogs .... In the winter months, it of course was mostly snowballs. The open bell of my sousaphone was an all-too-inviting target ... I remember dumping about a gallon of water out of it after that halftime show that year from melted snowballs. The only "upside" was that we were able to get a bunch of the players to sign our programs for us while they were waiting to go back out on the field after halftime. I still have a copy of mine with names like Marlin Briscoe, Butch Byrd, Edgar Chandler, and Dennis Shaw, among others. OJ and Al Cowlings were both on the team that year, but neither of them signed .... 😉
  7. I remember hearing an interview with one of the players after they got back to Buffalo after that game (may have been Thurman Thomas), who said that if Norwood had missed that last kick in OT, they would have dropped him out of the plane over the Grand Canyon on the way home! 😉
  8. Yikes! Talk about a "self-inflicted" wound. Reich must be livid about this .... he put his neck on the line to bring this guy in to try and resurrect his career, then waited all summer just to see if his QB could make it back from a non-contact foot injury, and now this. Even if it's just due to "close contact", and not an actual positive result, having to be away from practice for 5 days really hurts, especially at this point. I actually feel sorry for Reich, and the Indy fans. Wonder if they've called about Mitch's availability?
  9. https://apnews.com/article/sports-football-health-coronavirus-pandemic-nfl-28b509f34f24a919750dc6c20b787c79
  10. Not much going on, so thought I'd post this YouTube video of an epic matchup in 1983 - Bills/Dolphins. Dan Marino making his first start vs. Joe Ferguson in his prime. Great game decided in overtime. Bills/Jets - 1983, Week 6
  11. Was watching Wolf Blitzer interview Andrew Yang (former Democratic Presidential candidate, and now running for New York City mayor) on CNN. At the end of the interview, Andrew Yang shouted "Go Bills". Wolf Blitzer said "Yes, go Bills! Only 2 more games to go - hopefully!" 😄
  12. Bad challenge call, then had to call one on offense because the clock was about to expire
  13. last time Jackson went into the locker room during a game, he came out and single handedly won it for them at Cleveland just a few weeks ago .....
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