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  1. I will be driving down from Portland to Santa Barbara on the 5th, I have 5 seats available DM me if you want to hitch a ride. I can pick you up anywhere on I5. the 5 seats I am talking about are in my vehicle not at the game, sorry if there was confusion. There will be a scheduled stop in sacramento then onto santa barbara. I can drop you off in LA or anywhere close. No need for gas money or anything, just trying to hook people up with a free ride on the west coast.
  2. hahaha, my other monitor is open scheduling a team check in before my boss comes to our briefing. So I'm meeting with my guys to tell them to not say anything stupid at the meeting, a pre meeting meeting.
  3. Matt Haacks therapist is about to have a good year
  4. Josh is such a good leader, taking the rook out night one.
  5. The best news about this is he's 20 years old! and we will get to talk about how young he is for the next 4-5 years!!
  6. Wife is out of town, I took the night off and I'm going to enjoy some of the devil's lettuce and enjoy my west coast draft evening.
  7. Can we talk about Tremaine Edmunds?? Happy draft day everyone!
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