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  1. Most dominant player I saw was Lawrence Taylor
  2. Zach Wilson legitimately looks like a child. My wife saw him at the draft and said "he's so cute, is he someone's little brother" and then I told her he's a QB who's going to get drafted and she's been worried for him ever since
  3. I might be in the minority and haven't read all the responses but I'm good with him playing this year and going our separate ways. He's been a stud but I don't want to get into the habit of paying top$ to 30+ safeties. Love his game and what he brings
  4. And I'm here stuck in jury duty on this historic day!
  5. When I was in the military we were bored on post and played something called the "Trust Game" where you have to TRUST that someone cleared their weapon properly while they dry fire at you. REALLY REALLY REALLY STUPID, I'm almost 40 now and I still get chills thinking about how dumb I was. Still close friends with the guy i played the game with, he is flying out for my wedding next month. Oh no
  6. Try unplugging it and plugging it back in
  7. There's not a chance in hell Tom is a 5 handicap like he says.
  8. The only thing I will say about Bienemy is during his playing days Chris Berman gave him a great nickname, Eric Sleeping with the Bienemy.
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