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  1. That’s awful. Scary that the flu can do that. My son just got over the flu and it’s a reality check to think that this could happen to anyone. RIP bud!
  2. Stay, trade up, trade back.. I agree with you... Just as long as we get the pick right and get that dominant #1 guy.
  3. I just want an absolute monster of a receiver... a clear cut game dominating #1 WR...... which then makes Smoke a #2 (which would be awesome for all) And yes, I’d be perfectly fine trading up for that WR...
  4. No way... next year’s first will be Trevor Lawrence.
  5. Congrats to the Titans! Great win.
  6. Titans just need a field goal and they should be in very good shape.
  7. This game’s not over yet. Lamar is gonna keep running chunks down the field... and I’m kind of hoping he gets laid out..
  8. I hate the Ravens and am already sick of Lamar Jackson. Go Titans!
  9. The more I watch this, the more upset I get. This is one of the most absurd things in the NFL I have ever seen.
  10. There has to be some common sense applied as well. If everything were black & white, the kick-off mishap would’ve been a Bills touchdown. Instead they apply ‘common sense’ along with intent, and the call goes in favor of Houston. That likely would’ve been the game right there. In Ford’s case, yes, he was mostly facing his end zone, however it was minimal contact, and FAR from a blindside hit. (I would feel otherwise if it truly was a defenseless player getting completely blown up... but far from the case). At that point in the game, common sense should also be applied. I also highly doubt the Texans would’ve complained about that block if it weren’t called! That should not have been a penalty, and it potentially was the game decider. And to put a fine on top of it.... just unbelievable.
  11. I have a hard time seeing Brady come back to play for another team.
  12. I see them going the opposite way. Going all in on personnel to get them one more ring... then both retire. And unfortunately I see them competing for the same players we might want (i.e. #1 WR, OL help....) The question is, if Brady has one more season, can they attract marquis players knowing that Brady and possibly BB could be gone before long? And would Kraft let them load up one more season versus planning for long term now?
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