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  1. I see him contributing right away and potentially being 50/50 split with Devin. That’d be a pretty solid rookie season! Most teams are running back by committee anyway.. rooting hard for him, and Motor!
  2. Singletary & Moss! Also, Moss & fam did not seem too thrilled...
  3. Can we just trade into this spot, get Moss, and call it a night?!
  4. Wow— there goes Edwards. gonna be pretty losses if Moss goes now. id give anything to get a look at Beane’s draft board.
  5. Beaner - Please do what is needed to get Moss!
  6. Moss won’t make it to 86. Hope I’m wrong.
  7. Jesus. Baltimore gets Dobbins now?!? if Singletary goes down, who do we have?
  8. I cannot believe the Birds just took Hurts. Wonder if wentz is on way out?
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