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  1. If Singletary really is hurt much worse than we think... I’m all in for going after Melvin Gordon right now. We will need a strong run game, and one injury to Gore or Yeldon puts us in a tough position if we’re without Singletary.
  2. We’re finding ways to win games... which is a huge step forward from past years where we’d find ways to lose games.. however we need to start dominating and winning convincingly before we’ll belong in that upper echelon.
  3. Now I hope Beane gets rid of him quickly (hopefully he can get something for him). This must be pretty tough for him, and I cant imagine Zay’s attitude is going to be so great... if he is potentially going to be a cancer now, gotta get him out of the locker room. Eating crow. Posted the above before I saw how Zay handled the news... good for Zay. Hope he keeps his head up.
  4. In all seriousness, wondering what the damage could be... Knocked out? Broken back/neck? Watching in slow mo makes it look even worse.
  5. Would love for Beane to bring in some extra ammo on O.
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