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  1. I wouldn’t say it’s unbelievable or disturbing, but definitely interesting that the NFL is conveniently scheduling a game in Buffalo when Tay Tay will be nearby. Probably a smart move…
  2. Yep, nerves and dry mouth from that red wine. No doubt. Otherwise did great. Loved seeing Gronk get destroyed.
  3. I mean, I wouldn’t seek him out, but I’d grab a beer with him if I ran into him. I have nothing against him personally. He is the best football player to ever play. He completely owned our pathetic team for many years. That was his job. Glad that era is over. No hate here anymore.
  4. Shakir was NOT being double covered. I’m totally rooting for Shakir to be the WR that Beane says he’ll be…. BUT I also loved Peerless Price.. and then you realize how much Eric Moulds had an impact on Price’s stats. When Price became a WR1, he fell off pretty quickly.
  5. Weird that Beane isn’t even attempting to move up. We have so many draft picks. Aren’t there guys he covets and sees value in?
  6. People can change. I’m just giving him the benefit of the doubt. Super talented player though..
  7. We just have the chiefs their next tyreek hill. Nice.
  8. Hmm. So Beane missed his guy? Kinda sucks. I like it better when we are confident. so help me god if the Chiefs draft a future hall of famer here.
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