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  1. We’ve unraveled. This is not our Buffalo Bills. We got straight up embarrassed.
  2. Game over. We got blown out. We were severely outcoached tonight. Josh made his rookie mistakes and was under pressure all night. We had no answer for Kelce. Mahomes put on a freakin clinic and I hope Josh was taking notes. And McD: you can’t win with field goals against this team. Gutless. oh well.. fun season and bright spot in a real crappy year. Hopefully we’ll be back again next season competing for the trophy.
  3. Yikes. We need points on this next drive.. or this game could start to get ugly. And yes.. I know it’s only a 5 point game now.
  4. There is just way too much speed and talent on this KC team. They can hit you everywhere, and anyone can take it to the house.
  5. Can’t make mistakes against this Chiefs team or night night. Devin has gotta catch that.. and we need to figure out how to get Josh some time.
  6. They owned us that drive. Looked way too easy. Mahomes is locked in. Josh will need to match it.
  7. Agree. And then goes on to due to further jab the Bills fan base. Weak. It should’ve been done in the same setting as Pinto Ron. Surrounded by 200 Bills fans. Oh well. Guy’s a tool.
  8. Kind of what I thought too. I just don’t see where he hit his head on anything.
  9. Somewhat to Lamar’s defense, he did throw a few very catchable balls that were dropped in our game. They could’ve been very important. That said, if I’m Lamar, I’d be on the phone with Jordan Palmer and every person that helped Josh improve his throwing. He will need to improve as a passer and be multidimensional if he wants to last in the league as a star QB.
  10. Here’s my deep thought: I think it’s part of Buffalo’s insecurity and chip on our shoulder. Always looking for respect and attention from the rest of the world... so we look outside Buffalo before we look inside.
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