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  1. KC making this look really easy. The middle of the field is wide open. Clearly life goes on without Tyreek. They just seem to have playmakers.. guys that excel with the ball in their hands. Was hoping James Cook would bring that x-factor to our offense. Really would like next week to be his coming out party!
  2. I just can’t root for the chiefs. Go Bucs!
  3. Thought so.. maybe not though? Didnt really see a good replay.
  4. Believe he was in bounds. Amazing play by Lamar and WR’s.
  5. Ha! Just can’t see Baker being ok with being anyone’s backup.. ever.
  6. I’d be ok if Beane threw him a half mil right now, or something like that… you know, just for being awesome.
  7. I haven’t followed GB. Is their run D that bad, or are the Pats just really good at running the football?
  8. That’s why stats are partly BS, especially if looked at as a small sample size.
  9. Dude. You need to stop talking about this. It’s absolutely ridiculous. You’re talking like this was absolutely the reason they won. Again, for the 100th time, calls are subjective. Maybe this was soft, but get over it (can’t believe I’m saying that to a Bills fan(?)). The Bills get screwed plenty. Calls go both ways. It’s done. The Bills mounted a great comeback and deserved that win. For someone who’s ‘elated’ that the Bills won, it’s blowing my mind that you’ve made 20+ posts about a ‘bad’ call that was made against the Ravens. Kind of pathetic.
  10. Who are you man? Almost seems like you’re upset the Bills won. Every single game refs miss calls. Today was no exception. Sometimes it goes in your favor. Sometimes it doesn’t. It tends to even out in the end.
  11. Pllllease. There were missed or poor calls all game (on both sides.. and the Ravens had their share of no-calls). And while that RTP call HELPED, it was also not the reason the Bills won. It’s not like a bad PI in the end zone on the last play of the game (or something like that). The Ravens have a million more things to be upset about before a questionable RTP call!
  12. 100%. Allen certainly didn’t have a great game by his standards, but he is the reason we won, as usual. Stats don’t tell the whole story. Seems half of Josh’s games are in crap weather… and today I couldn’t even count the number of WR drops on two hands. When the dude needed to make a play, he made it. That’s what MVP’s do.
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