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  1. 'Fess Up, Wise Guys: which of you have been posting on The Twitters? https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nfl/fans-are-already-blaming-hailee-steinfeld-for-distracting-josh-allen/ar-AA1c0aj6 Which of you Wise Guys posted that? But once again, I can't keep up. This article is claiming that So all you people who heard rumors of a bartender?...or maybe it was a college soccer player? Who was it? No one? Bartender? Soccer player? Actress? Then again: What I wanna know is who's the dude with Greer Gustavon?
  2. Someone had already called 911 The lifeguard was performing chest compressions initially, later a doctor took over the chest compressions. Under those circumstances, running off to look for the AED was the exact appropriate thing to do
  3. Is that what's meant by "Gay Conversion Therapy"?
  4. "Far removed from my 30s" -> you're 17 and live with your mom, amiright?
  5. I agree with you that his odds are poor and he faces an uphill fight, especially with the current trend being to hire offensive coordinators and assistants. My point was that he has faced poor odds and an uphill fight at many previous stages of his life, and nevertheless he's prevailed. I think the HC interview process depends a lot on salesmanship: how good of a plan the coach has put together and how tailored it is to the specifics of the interviewing team. So I can see where time to self-reflect and spend analyzing one's plans and maybe taking a fresh approach to them might be helpful, along with not trying to divide responsibilities between defensive game planning and interview prep.
  6. Having a different or unpopular opinion doesn't make someone a troll Making a certain style of post repetitively does though. Wait, I can't keep up. Weren't you worried that Brittany Williams was basically Amber Frey?
  7. It's his specialty. He's already critiqued JA for "dressing like he's in HS" and looking like a bum, as well as admitted he knows that cosmetics make a huge difference to a woman's appearance in photographs. And that's not even getting into his posts in other threads where he was opining that because athletes get asked about their hobbies and movies and favorite eats, it's appropriate to ask them about every detail of every aspect of their personal lives. 🙄 He may at some point have something useful or interesting to say about football At present he's behaving like a troll-y troll and would be better left alone under his bridge.
  8. https://www.perseus.tufts.edu/hopper/text?doc=Perseus:text:1999.02.0002
  9. I imagine one could probably find some errant passes at the Bills practice did the press choose to show them. We know Baker can complete 60% of his passes at the NFL level.
  10. This is so cool. Morris had a checklist in his head, thanks to his training, someone called 911 (check), someone doing chest compressions (check), Morris knew about AEDs and went to get it. It's awesome that he got the training and applied it successfully, vs. learning that 911 had been called and someone being there to do chest compressions and just standing about.
  11. Spill the Tea then mate This ain't the tea you promised. Tell us about those "lot" of big name former WR1 cut around age 30-32 who didn't do much for the next team or were done. Hopkins was due $19M and change with a big $$ next contract. He's coming off a season where he was suspended 6 games for PED, following a season ending injury the previous season. He hasn't been available as a FA, Arizona wanted to trade him. His contract severely limited his trade market.
  12. I was pretty interested in what Parrino said about Dezmon Patmon: We quietly picked Patmon up off the Colts practice squad after the season. He's 6'4", 225 lbs, and ran a 4.48s 40 in the 2020 combine. It's interesting to wonder if he was the Colts version of Isaiah Hodgins (only faster) and if he can blossom given a chance. The bad news is that it doesn't seem as though he's ever played STs. As we know, that's expected for the WR who are further down the depth chart with the Bills.
  13. Allen would be justly criticized if he weren't there. The QB is the engine that makes the offense run. There are a lot of new players and new-to-us players, and Josh needs to work with them and get them accustomed to how he wants them to run routes, and to catching his passes. Diggs is an individual contributor. Diggs not being there doesn't keep other guys from using their time to best advantage and is, in some ways, a benefit to the team. It gives Kincaid and Shakir and Shorter and Cook more pass-catching reps. As long as he and Allen get together enough to be on the same page (whether it's with the team or individually), it works
  14. The man was born in a town of 25,000 people nicknamed "Possum City". He didn't know his father. His grandmother raised him while his mother struggled with substance abuse. "I'm going to college" Probably someone told him, "You're delusional" Went to a HBCU in Mississippi. "I'm going to play in the NFL" Probably someone told him, "You're delusional" Especially after he tore his hammy his Jr year then skipped his Sr season and declared for the draft. Wasn't drafted - it woulda been long odds with the injury and from a small school. Signed as an UDFA with the Bears. "I'm going to be a starter" Probably someone told him, "You're delusional" Became a starter. Played in the Superbowl on what may have been one of the greatest defenses ever. Injured during the Superbowl, couldn't come back from it. "I'm going to be a football coach". Probably someone told him "You're delusional". First HC for Trinity College, built the program from the ground up. Jumped to an assistant position in a big college program 1 year, then to the NFL. Rest is easily discoverable. I can't tell you if Frazier will be given the chance to become a HC in the NFL, but I can tell you for sure he's overcome pretty steep odds to his previous achievements. I think he probably looked methodically at what he thought he needed to do to get the HC gig he wanted, and that he wasn't going to be able to do that while giving his full attention as DC of the Bills. Personally, I wouldn't bet against him. Wouldn't bet on him, either of course - there are only a few of those gigs up for grabs each year.
  15. Time will tell. McDaniel has done better than I thought. But there's a long way to go from taken a 2021 9-8 team to......2022 9-8 and a playoff loss ....vs sustained 10, 13, 11, 13 win seasons. The last time the Dolphins went to the playoffs, they were 10-6 in Adam Gase first season, shortly followed by 6-10 and 7-9 seasons. That's my primary beef with Ross Tucker and his list. It's one thing for a coach to have a winning record for a year, even take the team to a WC playoff appearance. It's another thing for a coach to build a consistent winning team and sustain success.
  16. McDermott won a playoff game in his first year, with no better talent and arguably worse in some regards. That's the paradox of that list - it's obviously looking at the coach's entire career (Carroll, Harbaugh, Tomlin etc) which is fair - but then which inexplicably doesn't apply to McDermott. It's supposed to be about what the coach has achieved, not what's NFL trendy. That's why IMO it's very hard to argue it's a fair or reasonable list.
  17. He doesn't. I guess the theory is that Daboll "overachieved" with the Giants roster, but then, McDermott overachieved with the Bills 2017 roster. The Giants played the #29 SOS last year, the Bills #12. Moreover, Daboll lost close games to the Commanders and the Vikings where coaching was arguably a factor. There are a bunch of coaches, as others have pointed out, who it's rather inexplicable to place higher, either based on the "what have they done yet?" metric or the "don't the same criticisms applied to McDermott, apply to them -but more?" metric
  18. I dunno about Davis running the route like he wasn't getting the football, but I agree that both Dorsey and Josh had become too predictable. McKenzie at the R pylon would have been a better option on that play - he had his defender "boxed out" and Josh could have placed the ball where it was McKenzie's or no ones.
  19. I think it's notable that when folks here talk about #2 WR, they always bring up the Bengals. Second in frequency, the Dolphins. Yes, the Bengals have a far far better WR core and are better at #2 and #3 than the Bills. They've put more resources into it. The Dolphins have a better 1-2 punch at WR than the Bills The Eagles do. But there are 29 other teams in the league. Not measuring up to arguably the two best WR corps in the league, really doesn't make Davis "not a legitimate #2" overall. He's literally #34 in Y/G with only the #2 receivers of those 3 teams above him. I think one really has to look at the Bills offense as a whole in evaluating Davis. One point of view is that the real problems weren't that Davis didn't step up, it's that we had no consistent and legitimate threat to fill the role that Beasley had over the middle. And, when we did have short options with good potential for YAC, Josh usually rejected them in favor of trying the lower percentage "kill shot" to a well-covered Davis. Sometimes that worked spectacularly, other times it killed drives or resulted in turnovers. I think the fact that the Bills invested in Kincaid (a potential over the middle option) and only went for a potential deep threat WR in the 5th round speaks that perhaps they see it the same way, as well.
  20. I'm not saying this is you, but one of the "tells" that someone is more interested in crafting a narrative than discussing something based upon facts, is when they are sloppy with facts. Hodgins was not traded. He was waived, and claimed by a team that was decimated by WR injuries and gave him a chance to start. That's a fact. Now, a bit more granularity: There's this Legend that's grown up around Wyatt Teller that he was traded and instantly became an all pro. The fact is, he was traded and was not even an instant starter for his new team. He sat on the bench of his new team for 6 games before playing the end of a game as an injury replacement and starting 9 games. He then had rather a spotty 3rd season before locking down RG his 4th season (2nd season under a different coach) and Getting Paid for quality play - on a team with a very different blocking scheme and a run-first offensive philosophy. And we'll see now, how that OL does for Watson, who has a very different style of QB play. So yes, in hindsight, trading him looks like a mistake, but it took at least two season with his new team to look that way. In hindsight, would it have been better to have kept Teller than Spencer Long? Than Ike Boettger or Bates? Probably, and once we learned Feliciano was actually a capable NFL center, I'm sure Beane would agree. But the Bills went into Allen's 2nd year determined to upgrade on OL, and in particular from Russell Bodine at C. Their big FA add, Mitch Morse, went into the season with a concussion that knocked him out of pre-season. Teller was not going to start over Feliciano (Bobby Johnson's "guy") or Quinton Spain, so as backups, it only made sense to keep the guy (Long) who had actually started 13 games at C. The point is, fans fixate on a couple of GM decisions that look bad in hindsight. But it's only in hindsight. When you look at them in the context of the entire roster at the time they were made, they make logical sense. (the same is true when you look at the injuries and the roster composition at the point where Beane waived Hodgins - he had a roster crunch at DB with Tre White needing to be activated but unable to play, other DBs were injured, it made sense to waive Hodgins over the WR who was also a ST ace. This is not to give Beane a "hall pass", there are certainly puzzling player personnel decisions and some draft day whiffs that are worthy of critique, but it's strange that fans fixate on those 2. One also must ask - how many "above average players" or "impact players" do you think other GMs drafts regularly produce, especially when they're drafting late? And for that matter, how do you define "above average players"
  21. OK. But then what do you say about the playoff blunders of, say, Pete Carroll? Or the recent playoff records of Vrabel and Harbaugh?
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