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  1. Brissett is the best QB on that team. They looked better without Tua yesterday Not saying much I know
  2. I can’t believe we had to wait until Saturday night for “The Hot Take of the Week”. Worth waiting for. Well done!
  3. No, not just you. This place is largely unreadable and prone to hysteria after a “disappointing win”, much less a loss. Usually begin getting back into the swing by Friday.
  4. Handing it off to Dorsey may be a bit of a bridge too far at this point, but it is hard to argue that The Bills last three offensive games have not been putrid. That at least has to be partially Daboll’s fault, no? Shaking things up somehow seems to be in order.
  5. I love Marv, but that could be the worst song ever written.
  6. What a blowhard. Actually NE ran a 4/7 at times against the Bills last year in the first game. Others probably have as well. I doubt we see seven DBs on the field the same time, but go for it. That is not their strength.
  7. Cam Newton was cut because he is a nitwit, and he no longer has the skills to make putting up with his nonsense worthwhile.
  8. Even as trolls go, this one is pretty unentertaining.
  9. Hey, Pennsyltucky Boy, your understanding of football seems on a par with your command of the English language. Here are the facts for you: Big Ben is a shadow of his former self. He looks like he is heaving a shot put to get the ball 20 yards downfield. Your secondary is second rate. Your offensive line is third rate. Your best player has his head so far up his own arse that he will get beaten like a drum by the Bills right tackle, just like he did last time. Take your terrible towel and use it to wipe up the stains in your underwear after the Bills embarrass your sad assed excuse for a has been team.
  10. San Fran. The “genius” Saleh went on about stopping Josh Allen from running, making him pay for running the ball, etc as the key to containing him. He went off on them through the air. I am much more concerned about Sanders playing at this point.
  11. I agree. He does not typically throw it up for grabs. He also typically plays only half the field and and really does not demonstrate knowledge of where the open receiver is or should be. Very Tyrod Taylor like in that regard.
  12. Good for him I guess. There is no way he or any other than player at that position is worth that. We will see how many games he wins for them over the next few years while they are paying their post Ben QB the veteran minimum.
  13. This is what washed up looks like. They will not be able to hide this deficiency all year long. Maybe not eVen through the first game.
  14. Screw the Ravens. You reap what you sow.
  15. Damn shame. He was very good. I hate to lose a young talented local journalist to the dark side.
  16. Excellent point. Unlike other teams, like Pittsburgh and New England, that will try to play that short, quick passing game, Buffalo possesses two “cheat codes” in the slot in Beasley and Sanders, and they also posses a QB who has the skill set to burn you down field at any time. Buffalos’ mid to long passing game was outstanding last year, but at times Josh was impatient as you point out. I expect there to be some shift in the O Thisbe year and that will be a major improvement area for Allen.
  17. The combination of those two on this team will be dynamic. They can move Sanders around outside or inside and he can beat both man and zone. The operation of both those guys from the slot, on the same or different sides, is going to be fun to watch. Pittsburgh, for example, simply does not have the personnel to match up to this, especially with Diggs and Davis ready to burn you outside.
  18. Well if were a fan of the Fish, I would be worried that my QB is not interested in being a leader, but I guess that is just me. Flores has a good deal of the Bill Belichick arrogance coaching tree in him. This is not going to end well. Troll on.
  19. It really is not that deep down. Their actions with Fitz last year showed that, as did their flirtation with Watson this year.
  20. That’s awfully mature and levelheaded of you. Are you sure you are in the right place?
  21. Many people seem to be projecting qualities on the Steelers that they have not possessed for some time now. Many people also like to underestimated the capabilities of the Bills defense. This game may be close for a while (1 quarter) but will not be close after that. The Bills have the better QB, better personnel overall, and at this point are better coached. Bills 34 - 16
  22. The third paragraph quotes Goodel and it is clearly a threat. It is about as direct as he can be at this point but I think most, certainly the government officials and business people understand what he is saying. He said very much the same thing at the time of the sale and every other time the issue comes up. A new stadium is necessary in order for the Bills to remain viable long term in Buffalo. That is “as much” to me. Sorry if you disagree. I am really not looking for an argument, just expressing my opinion, so you can save the snarky replies.
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