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  1. I don’t know why he is so butt hurt. He must realize that his performance is not good enough. If not, that is a whole different problem.
  2. There is no reason to obsess over the running yards. The Ravens will get running yards. They are averaging over 200 per game. If the Bills hold them between 150 and 200 they will be doing fine. That will not win the game. Controlling Jackson’s passing, especially to the middle of the field, will decide the game on defense for the Bills.
  3. Must be the case but I have not checked. I generally enjoy watching the games at the BB bar, but for this one I think I would rather be holed up in my bunker. Could get emotional.
  4. Lucky me, I live in the Tampa home market thus will be treated to Indy and Tampa. We will be watching the Bills with the local Bills Backers.
  5. He needed to go through waivers first. The Colts claimed him and their priority position was better than the Bills, who also claimed him.
  6. The Ravens are good. What they have achieved so far this year is very impressive. That said, they are not invincible. They have been beat, and can be beat again. This is certainly the toughest game remaining on the Bills schedule, but it is at home, off extra rest, and is certainly winnable. What SF did today was actually encouraging.
  7. Well, he was an understudy for Hugh Jackson, so he’s got that going for him. What really happens was that Myles Garrett tried to bash an opposing player in the head with a helmet. Everything that happened prior to that is immaterial. Not hard for most people to understand.
  8. Well, at least Dallas got to keep their league leading offensive yards gained statistic intact. For whatever that is worth. What scary talent they have.
  9. Heavy formation. Yuch. I get it but how about putting them away.
  10. QB alert: Dak will throw for over 300 yards today, but he is going to lose.
  11. Very effective drive. Would have loved to see a TD, but a 19 point lead this late with this defense is money.
  12. The Bills are a far better team than these chumps. There needs to be some serious crow eaten around here, not to mention the national media.
  13. I wonder if the Bears are questioning the king’s ransom they paid for Mack about now?
  14. It’s not about having the Bills going 16/0. The question is do the Bills have the talent to beat the Cowboys? The answer to that is yes. It does not mean they will obviously. The Cowboys, with all their scary talent, have proven to be not much of a team this year. (Again) They are hardly unbeatable, and the Bills are a far better team than many around here give them credit for. They are clearly better coached.
  15. Just curious - is this the same logic that led to your prediction of a Miami win a couple of weeks ago? This team is definitely one that is developing but this superior talent argument you are making is bogus in my opinion. They had a bad game against Philly no doubt. It happens. To say they did not “hang” with Cleveland and the Pats is simply incorrect. The Bills have the defense to contain Dallas to a reasonable number. Are Allen and Daboll up to the challenge of scoring enough points? I believe so. The Bills strengths actually match up well against Dallas D. 26-23 Bills
  16. I am not a fan of the red pajamas, but, whatever. I doubt it makes a difference in how they play.
  17. I want to dump on the Jets as much as the next guy, but I am having a hard time figuring out what the problem with this story is. He went out with his teammates to a bar to celebrate, had a few drinks, maybe too many, flirted with some girls, and went home at 12:30. Oh, the horror! What am I missing?
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