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  1. i suspect if the Bills are concerned about it they would encourage their players to scale back their comments. Cover1 is doing nothing that any media organization might do if they had the expertise to break down those plays, the desire to put in the effort, and the relationships with the players to get the interviews. The Buffalo media is generally devoid of one or more aspects of that trio. Thad Brown cannot compete so he whines instead.
  2. The only way he makes it outright is if he can take a slot away from Matekevich or Smith, and for that he would need to prove himself reliable on ST. It’s a tall order, but if they think the will lose him on waivers, they may find a way.
  3. I thought that ship had already sailed. I heard there was a guy who had a buddy who overheard at a bar second hand that the Bills are done with Elam.
  4. It actually is true. The reason Hyde was able to make that play is that the ball took a long time to get there. It was a very good play be Hyde, but not freakish. The fact that the pass was accurate is immaterial. It was in the air too long, end of story.
  5. Tyrod looked every bit the bad side of mediocre QB he has always been throwing the ball, end now he doesn’t have the legs to escape pressure and make plays that way. Big trouble in NY if Jones goes down.
  6. I think we all get what he may have been trying to say, it’s just that his inability to say it is kind of funny. Maybe Opie skipped too many English classes.
  7. Agree with both your points. It would be absolute insanity for the Bills to do so in particular.
  8. https://theathletic.com/3487832/2022/08/08/bills-camp-observations-jamison-crowder/?source=user_shared_article Joe B in his report from camp today specifically praises Epenesa against Doyle. Maybe it went both ways at times. In any case, Joe B has been bullish on AJ’s performance in TC thus far and and believes he is ahead ofnBasham and Lawson in the rotation.
  9. Both he and Beasley can go F... themselves as far as I am concerned. Good riddance.
  10. All due respect to the SEC, college is not the NFL, and he was not facing polished NFL receivers, no matter how the players you mention “could wind up”. According to Elam, Allen is the best QB he has ever seen. That is most certainly true. He has not faced competition like this before. Don't get me wrong, I think Elam is a good player and will be just fine. I was just responding to concerns being expressed as to why he has not been out of the gate dominant as pointed by Joe B in the quoted article.
  11. The people awaiting off Shakir as just another slot receiver are going to be proved wrong IMO. He will be the primary backup to Diggs/Davis.
  12. Elam is drinking from a firehouse right now. He has never faced competition like this. He is going against elite NFL talent every day. It is no surprise that he struggles occasionally but the reports from camp indicate to me that he has had his moments as well. He will be one well prepared rookie by the time the season starts. welcome to the school of Josh Allen and Stephon Diggs.
  13. Kumerow is not the Bills number 3 WR. That looks to be either Crowder or McKenzie at this point. Kumerow is 6 or 7 in reality. I get the point at outside depth and the choices made in DL vs WR investment people are trying to make but the situation is not as dire as some are making it out to be. The Bills had excellent production from that number 3 spot last year and have the potential to be better there this year. If Hodgins, or Stevenson, or Shakir do not prove to be decent enough outside depth during camp then I would not be surprised at a depth signing late but that remains to be seen. If the Bills lose Diggs for an extended period it will be trouble surely, but that is the same for any team on that above list, where none of the number threes listed has a chance of adequately replacing the number one guy. The Bills have worked on making their offense more versatile this year as a priority. We will have to see how that factors into the situation as well.
  14. That is a very rational take, sir. Are you sure you belong here?
  15. He's got a ways to go before he reaches the level of career backup. His current status is training camp fodder and practice squad QB.
  16. Well, good luck to them having now committed to the “anti-leader” as their franchise QB.
  17. I am not sure how anyone has the energy to argue with trolls like this. It is like playing whack a mole with a preprogrammed robot. Einstein he is not.
  18. Your crusade has become seriously boring.
  19. You are delusional if you believe this. The Allen contract, for example, is a completely different situation. It was an extension for starters, and yes they moved money down the road. In the case of Watson, there could not have been a more flagrant overt attempt to mitigate the risk of suspension. This was Watson minimizing his downside plain and simple, foregoing salary and bonus in year one for guarantees in later years. There was nothing usual about that contract. Everyone else in the world sees this for what it is.
  20. A reference would be nice. Maybe a link? You are the only a hole here buddy.
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