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  1. Isn’t that the script for ‘Raising Cain’? 🤔
  2. ...in a Miami uniform. At least his clearance rack has jerseys that are replicas of teams he actually played for. 😁
  3. www.playoffstatus.com No fancy graphics, just percentages of every team’s current chances.
  4. Meh. I think YoloinOhio has more LinkedIn connections than Grant Gordon.
  5. Here’s a thought — call into Shtupp and the Bulldog this afternoon, and see what they and their audience think.
  6. Is this a Match Game question? 🤔 * 😁
  7. Have you got one of those Living Rooms where the sofa is under a plastic cover, and absolutely no life forms are allowed in there? I have a few relatives with homes like that. Your Man Cave Basement seems to be the good karma place for the Bills’ fortunes. Stay there. 😁
  8. The only way you could possibly improve on that would be for the ball carrier to be tackled, and fumble the ball upward off the camera. 😁
  9. After the O’Leary - Nicklaus - Nicholson follies, I suppose it’s only fitting that I wasted ten minutes of my life trying to verify or debunk this. 🙁 * Oh, the rest of you can just figure it out for yourselves. 😠
  10. If AB is, I fully expect Roger Goodell to sing ‘Over the Rainbow’ dressed only in his underwear, on the front steps of league headquarters.
  11. “Playing more, but enjoying it less? Try new ‘Short Quarters’! Yes, ‘Short Quarters’, less time for those pesky zebras to make another bungle. Ask for them today!”
  12. No, I’m Seals. Leon Seals. (cue ‘James Bond Theme’) 😁
  13. Don’t make us ask Miami about Nicholson’s nephew!!!
  14. He may never pass this way again.
  15. No, who’s on first, I don’t know’s on third.
  16. GoFundMe?! Call my friend’s Uncle Giovanni, and it’s a lot cheaper, and no worries about any ‘comebacks’!
  17. I need to get my eyes checked...I read that quickly and saw ‘retrained’.
  18. ALL the Combos are weird. Little pretzel nubs need to stand on their own, none of these gastro nouveau mishmashes. Let’s not forget the parent corporation...Mars. Oh yeah, I’m sure that’s just a coincidence. 🤨
  19. Judging how the Miami front office is handling matters, beer vendor probably didn’t appeal to Mr. Gore.
  20. The toy they tossed onto the field a few years back?...😄
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