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  1. All those far flung places, and you won’t ante up to read a Buffalo News article. Interesting. 🤔
  2. Sitting next to Murphy for a fair part of your week counts for sumpin!
  3. I still think it’s the monthly $25 gas card, and free coffees anytime at any Flying J.
  4. Instead of a ‘Pittsburgh Started It’ t-shirt, Stefanski would have a ‘Talk to the Team Attorneys’ t-shirt. 😁
  5. What if it’s the seductive siren of fast food calling for the career reassessment? 🤔
  6. “Yo, brah, let’s go tour Allentown and the Darwin Martin House while we be here!” isn’t heard all that often when the visitors’ charter flight lands. Probably wouldn’t be allowed by the coaching staff anyways.
  7. Hasn’t been the same since they took the cocaine out of it. 🤔
  8. A globalist plot so that soccer will be able to correctly claim the name ‘football’. Pass me that roll of tinfoil.
  9. So, periodic applications, and I won’t have to cut the lawn. 😁
  10. To paraphrase the priest counseling Elaine and Puddy, “Oh...well then it’s simple. You’re both going to Hell.”
  11. Including grass seed? 🤔
  12. Your motives might be pure, but that just sounds creepy. 😁
  13. With Eli’s retirement, Gettleman is hoping to be able to afford another ‘computer folk’.
  14. No, but he can punctuate. Oy vey! * I’m sure the Buffalo News will be reminding us at some point that no matter if a Saturday or Sunday, it’s the busiest day of the year for pizza joints.
  15. Grandma found them in ‘The Ladies’ Home Journal’ and the ‘Buffalo Evening News’. They were then referred to as ‘Heloise Hints’. ‘Life Hacks’ my a$$.
  16. Agreed. When something goes well, be in front of the cameras sharing credit for the event (deserved or not). When something goes wrong, send out a lackey to face the media. 😁
  17. Joseph Wambaugh wrote fiction based upon his time as an LAPD officer. ‘The Choirboys’ novel (ignore the sanitized version the movie presented) could have you laughing at what the patrol officers encountered, and two pages later sickened by what their next call brought.
  18. So, with what we saw from some of the Buffalo WRs, Jackson ‘no go in Buffalo’! 😁
  19. Probably checking with the Saints to see how Williams ran the ‘bounty’ program. “So...how did your organization’s ‘bounty’ program work? If we send some people to an accuser’s home, we pay those people to ‘rough up’ the alleged victim?”
  20. How else are you going to run the ‘hide the midget’ play?! Wait, can I say that? 😳
  21. Dear God, the thread title just dovetailed with the subject matter. Well played.
  22. A question: Wrecks’ Ryan > Andy Reid, since Ryan has a ring? Can’t remember if he got it as third assistant defensive line coach, or maybe because he found it in a pawn shop. 🤔
  23. If you had discussions with your father regarding this eventuality, I would go with those guidelines. As for the advocate, who appoints that person? The facility in consultation with the client and the family? If your father had end of life directives in place, there might not be a need for your presence now. Legal matters and memorial observations could always come later. My condolences on your father’s passing.
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