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  1. After the water skiing pic, I take back my 👍!
  2. If I’m Travis, they better be coming to see me, as opposed to my going to see them...
  3. ‘The most confusing day of the year in (insert municipality name here)’.
  4. Hey! Fred Jackson is only $55! I would take 10 calls from him instead of that smarmy a****** host from ‘The Bachelor’, who’s getting $550 a call. That’s $50 more than Bret Favre! 🤯
  5. Kraft: “So, Cal, where does a businessman go in Houston to ‘relieve the pressure’?”
  6. Sounds like a pitch for a Judy Garland / Mickey Rooney ‘Andy Hardy’ movie. 😁
  7. I always thought 1. was called ‘Monotony’.
  8. CBC Toronto was channel 6 from 1956-1972. In 1972, broadcasting was moved to channel 5. This from Wikipedia, the reason for the shift I did not notice. I vaguely recall something about channel interference, perhaps with the fledgling Global network, which did broadcast on channel 6 in some parts of Ontario.
  9. I take it that it’s expressed in ‘airplane bottles’?
  10. That’s got to be code for something...🤔 Eine Audi für das Autobahn? He will be bringing schnitzelgrubens to the home game tailgating.
  11. Having seen Simpson’s note that Robert Kardashian read in 1994, this tidbit ought to make every contributor at these forums seem like Rhodes Scholars.
  12. In the past, most western teams seemed to have shown a consistency regarding uniform design from year to year. In the east, it seems many teams liked blowing everything up every couple of years and throwing something new out there. The Argos come to mind for that.
  13. ‘Deane’ must have sounded too much like ‘Beane’. Too many potential errors for talk show mavens and twitterverse experts to differentiate.
  14. Please tell us ‘teach her a lesson’ isn’t some code phrase relating to the ‘horizontal mambo’. 😳
  15. Aha. You put the ‘cheech’ on the player by buying their jersey. * Still debating a draft day hat, if I can find it cheap. 😁
  16. They can get motorhomes, ala Tyrod and Baker at the Browns’ camp last year. 🙄
  17. Each apologist will probably say why their choice is backed up by the data, and how the others are merely pretenders.
  18. ‘Figures lie, and liars figure’ goes the old adage. The first part of the saying holds true for the raw data, the second part for the apologists advocating their QB as the best.
  19. I won’t say I fixed it for you, just added information...😁
  20. Goebels...they named a war criminal after that beer...🙄
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