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  1. Heard in a film room in the Meadowlands: "I think we just found our next quarterback!" * The nice thing about the observation is that it could be used for either the Giants or the Jets.
  2. Has a resemblance to Jim Carrey.
  3. 'Now that the Bills are the “home team” for all of Wyoming what should we do to embrace these new fans?' * Reduced rate membership fees for them at TBD-TSW. (Akin to selling elevator passes to the incoming freshman class.)
  4. After this game, Johnson was always remembered for the Second Great Rule of Football: Rule 1: Laces Out! Rule 2: Laces Tied Tight! 😠
  5. Butch Coolidge. * Oh, 'Wiley', not 'Wallace'. Sorry.
  6. "Jarrrr, mateys! They won't meet our terms! Hoist anchor and set sail for DUNKIRK!" * Thus began the second golden age of the Robber Baron NFL Owners. Al Davis smiles down...er, up from Hell. 😁
  7. 'Stop Wavin' Your Bass Around'...didn't Stevie Nicks and Tom Petty sing that? 🤔
  8. My brother in law's wife regarding his penchant for the Canadian ballet: "I don't care where he works up an appetite, as long as he eats at home."
  9. 🎵 AJE, Addison, Obada, Yeah! La la how their life goes on! 🎶
  10. According to Aaron Wilson, "Nothing done yet, though, and other moving parts involved." * I thought by now Watson would learn to control those moving parts. 🤔
  11. Trade candidate?!?! Screw you, and the horse Ed rode in on! 😠 * 😉😁
  12. No Knox?! No problem! 🎶 H.R. Pufnstuf, who's your TE when things get rough? 🎵 and if you don't like that idea... Maybe 'you know who' in Arizona would like the AFC? 🤔 * 😁
  13. Help! Get me out of NYC! Well, the Meadowlands...
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