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  1. Elma was quite pleased. She complained her name resulted in little attention from the males of the species.
  2. Adult admission is only $26.75. What did he do with all his money?!? 🤔
  3. Yes. He never saw a need to change his name.
  4. Agreed. Generally he brands everyone an idiot. (Think back to the Seinfeld scene when Costanza is asking Steinbrenner “Why would George steal from the Yankees?”)
  5. Possibly law enforcement, if he shoplifts any more crab legs. BBRF! (Bring Back Ryan Fitzpatrick!)
  6. He was actually trying to say “I used to be an NFL football player”, but nodded off during typing.
  7. I’m still feeding quarters in to an old ‘Pong’ I got from a bankruptcy sale...🙁
  8. NO!!! If the Bills cut Bojo, Belichick reclaims him, and probably grooms him as Brady’s replacement, in addition to being the New England punter. It’s all part of Belichick’s plan to be GOAT coach / GM / Sith lord. 😉
  9. Had to read that title again, in case the gentleman was slamming his time with the team. 🤔
  10. As a way of showing ‘good faith’ on the promoter’s part (owing to the brevity of the main event), the New England Patriots have been awarded a compensatory draft pick.
  11. If I was Cerrone, I would file for a rematch on the basis of Mayfield’s hat distracted / scared me. 😁
  12. I was picturing something along the lines of the Clampett’s flatbed truck.
  13. But they have those ‘four computer folks’!
  14. What frosts me is that since Garrett stays in the same division as his former team, the New England Patriots receive a compensatory draft pick...😉
  15. Maybe if the league attaches a couple of conditional draft picks to Rosen the Patriots will go for that trade. (Sorry, offer only valid in Massachusetts. 😁)
  16. To paraphrase Douglas Adams, send that in to the Readers’ Digest. They’ve got a page for observations like that. 😁
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