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  1. Exactly. I figured Wrecks was back, and had lost count again.
  2. Billie Lawless got some bits and pieces of 'Green Lightning' laying around that he can cobble together? 😁
  3. True. I would rather do with my 🖐 than with a 🔨.
  4. Called into an office to receive a commendation. Left with a written warning. Tell you anything? 😁
  5. Reggie Roby was an amazing punter, began his career with Miami. Had a short approach and an incredible extension of his kicking leg.
  6. Oh yeah? You come down here and chum the water, Yolo can go 'slow ahead'. 😁
  7. Weren't they the two gay characters from 'Men on Film' on 'In Living Color'? 🤔
  8. $2 each for apples, $3 each for oranges?! Never mind Wonderlic, you better get Greenspan! Hyperinflation!
  9. Has Sherlock Holmes taken that online / matchbook cover course on 'massage therapist' yet? I saw the news re: McCaffery and figured SH would have booked a plane to Charlotte.
  10. They forgot H-E-A-D-S after 'Block'.
  11. Now don't go stepping on my backhanded slap at Gronk's cheapshot...😁
  12. "No soup for you!" On so many levels. 😁
  13. Yes, but some of those teams would have been penalized...🤔
  14. I think the way Baker decided to run from the police struck a chord in that reprobate Haslam's heart. 🤔 * 😁
  15. Maybe find one of those New Englander fishermen or fisherwomen, now with Sundays free since TAW-mee moved on. * 😁
  16. We prefer the title 'trash panda'.
  17. Bledsoe got to 400 because it's hard to topple a statue, unless it's chained to a good sized backhoe or tractor. 🚜
  18. Send the agent some Bills sweatshirts and can coozies. Maybe that will appease him.
  19. Foster would have achieved total separation and have been filling his nails in a back corner of the end zone, unnoticed by the Miami defense. * 😁
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