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  1. I believe once defenders have control of the ball-carrier (so that he can't advance?), the play is whistled dead. So I believe Singletary could theoretically lift his feet off the ground (w/ no self imposed forward momentum) & the play should end. As I'm not sure about the specifics of the rule & given the interpretation (& necessary prompt whistle), I'm not optimistic that it would work & therefore isn't a prudent strategy.
  2. At the time, it certainly looked like it warranted a challenge. Doubtful that it'd be overturned, but looks like he had that 2nd foot down w/ ball in possession. In hindsight, and considering the probability that it actually would be overturned, that extra timeout allowed us to potentially win the game; moreso, IMO, than a 2nd(?) down play near the goal line when we had 2(?) more to score).
  3. I saw a tweet in another thread that said McManus made like 49 of 51 inside 50 w/ Martin holding, so I think that bodes well.
  4. A couple of things I can think of - 1) It was a "reward" to Barkley. As people had mentioned, it's a practice game, so it doesn't really matter. 2) Perhaps Bass can't reliably catch a snap. Trust me, having someone throw a ball to you underhand, as hard as an average person is capable of throwing, w/ your hands away from your body, is a LOT more challenging than you think. And, of course as people have mentioned, there's the injury risk. Replacing a 3rd string practice squad QB is easier than an elite kicker. (For that matter, Barkley's value to the team is not based on his physical capabilities.)
  5. Is that really winning? I'd say winning is having decisively better hang time & slightly better yardage. Failing that to have even a slight edge, you've gotta be better in both metrics.
  6. Well, whoever was the coach the last 2 yrs managed to win the division & make playoffs. So his threshold is that. Anything less would likely be sub standard. Further, the team is possibly the SB favorite going into the season. There's 32 coaches & his odds are 30-1. Seems about in line.
  7. I saw OJ play. He was definitely the best RB at the time, but he wasn't head over shoulders better than a few others. Jim Brown was before my time, but from what I understand, he was like a man amongst boys. Just dominant. Statistically at least, there was a receiver before the proliferation of the forward pass who far exceeded the output of any others. I think it was Don Hudson of GB, but again, that was before my time. I'll add Walter Payton was IMO the best player of his era. He might not have exceeded others excessively statistically speaking, but he was great at everything - running, catching, blocking, punting. Anything.
  8. Imagine this as a competition to see who is the more accurate: Both QBs throw the ball as far as they can. Mahomes throws it like 80 yds & is maybe 10' off target. Tua throws it like 45 & is only 5' off target. See, Tua is more accurate!
  9. Ya know, I'm really not that comfortable w/ our back QB position. Why don't we swing a trade for Mahomes? :DOH:
  10. Hasn't it been around longer than that? Maybe in it's current iteration/location it's been 20 yrs. I would've thought it's been around since the late 90s.
  11. I used to cater commercial airplanes (albeit like 40 yrs ago). I thought in order to deploy those shutes, the door had to be blown off. (We almost had one deploy on us once when the flight attendants failed to disconnect it.)
  12. I don't think he was any more open. Hyde was able to close & make the INT cuz he was moving (much) faster than the ball. Sanders (still) had no one near him cuz the ball got there so quickly. More outside might/probably would've done it but throwing the ball w/ more velocity & less arc definitely would've made it impossible to make a defensive play on it.
  13. YES! That's the one. THANK YOU.
  14. I thought this was going to be another play. A fumble return (I think he scored), where he made moves & avoided tackles that would've made Barry Sanders envious.
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