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  1. I don't hate the Jets, in fact at one time they might've been my 2nd favorite team. I still hate the Dolphins due to the whole 0 for the 70s thing. The hatred for the Pats* likewise is (partly) due to their recent dominance. That & the whole cheating & being so easy to hate & all. The Jets, much like the Bills have most of the time sucked, so there's little satisfaction in kicking a dog when it's down.
  2. Probably an unpopular opinion, though I saw someone else shares it, but Michael Scott on The Office. Haven't been able to watch the show as I find him too annoying.
  3. I believe I saw inside the 50, he hit 93% of his FGs this yr. I'd think that's impressive for a college guy (they usually have room for development once they turn pro). Granted, he has the potential. Hard to tell w/ kickers, as much of the determination is binary. We had a good kicker here a couple yrs ago & let him go.
  4. I find that somewhat surprising. I haven't tested them on either (I don't wear them), but my electric saw shuts off when it's overloaded. What it takes to shut it down, varies w/ battery power (it shuts down much easier when the battery is almost dead as opposed to fully charged). So, the principle is the same, provide extra resistance, engine dies. Granted, it's a built-in safety feature, but I imagine they included it for this very reason instead of just conserving battery power when highly labored.
  5. It might be far less of an issue if the games are played sans fans.
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