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  1. Do we still have that promising rookie on the PS, or did someone grab him?
  2. Too lazy to add them up, but I'd be curious if that's ALL the defensive snaps taken. Only 5 DBs & w/ the top 4 missing a few plays each, that means that we didn't play nickel often.
  3. I'm not much of a twit, but can't you just tag him in a tweet, then he'll see it?
  4. didn't the Pats* also give up 2 TDs on offense? I think their defense has only yielded 2 TDs.
  5. I'll give him credit that he certainly was booing them. And consistently. However, he was out-kicked by their guy, like 49 to 43 net. Also, although a 64 yard touchback is acceptable, you'd certainly like better net results in that situation. As I recall, the other TB was like 55, which IMO is about the ideal situation to yield a great punt; a net of 35 in that situation is sub-par.
  6. The contrasting jersey is worn by a player referred to as a "libero". Briefly, they're a defensive specialist (good at passing) & special rules apply to them. The contrasting jersey allows them to be better identified by the refs.
  7. The link on Bb_dot_com looks to be about the same length & no one asks about the blocked punt. Clearly an instance of being out-coached that was the difference in the game between 2 very good defenses.
  8. Basically, you have a smart ST play taking advantage of a stupid one. Left footed punter, they had 2 guys coming in able to block the punt on the left. Demarco took out the inside one (the one w/ the shorter path in); the outside one still made it. Ideally, a punter sees he's about to get blocked & does something (shuffle punt, abort & run). The low snap may have inhibited his ability to do so (but again, is he smart/experienced enough to decide whether or not to kick it). I haven't seen the replay, but was our gunner uncovered? If so, that's a major FUBAR mistake. He should either be thrown to or come into block.
  9. Two possible scenarios as to why she would cooperate w/ the NFL. 1) The claims have minimal merit & she's just doing it to "spite" AB. 2) The claims are legit & she is then using the NFL and it's considerable resources to substantiate her claims gratis.
  10. For battery powered, I have several Milwaukee M18 tools. Very happy w/ them. I've used them side by side against Dewalt & think they're superior. For corded, I have a mix. I have a few Makita tools that are still going strong after over 30 yrs.
  11. I think you need to judge kickers on a sliding scale as kicking has improved TREMENDOUSLY over time. Although not strong legged, Norwood was among the best historical kickers of his era for several yrs. Christie was also good though I don't know if up to that measurement. Although it was before my time, & he was only w/ the Bills for a short time, Googalak was for a short time, at a level beyond any of his peers.
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