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  1. eSJayDee

    Interesting And Sad Coaching Tidbit

    I was made aware awhile ago, that the Steelers have only had 3 coaches since before I was aware what football was (Not quite since I was born; Noll started in like '69). That's like 50 yrs!
  2. eSJayDee

    RG John Miller - stay or go?

    As I recall, he wasn't that good as a rookie, but showed promise. His 2nd yr he was pretty good. He regressed once Castillo came & they changed schemes. I think the new OL coach should have a strong say as to whether or not he's worth trying to salvage for the $.
  3. eSJayDee

    New Coaches Hired - QB, WR

  4. eSJayDee

    12 Days of Christmas Bills Version (1980)

    I still sometimes sing it (sorta to myself). I've got it on a cassette somewhere (recorded off the radio).
  5. eSJayDee

    NRC on the “non-call” (Update: FINED!)

    I was wondering if he wasn't going to get fined for "criticizing" the official. As I understand it, you're not supposed to publicly criticize their performance & him admitting that he got there early implies he's stating they made the wrong/lack of call.
  6. It has been explained in the past. He takes all the teams rankings in numerous categories (1-32; obviously 1-x back when there were <32 teams) & adds them up. Team w/ the lowest cumulative points is the best, the most worst, etc. Actually, if you read the article you linked, there's a better description there:
  7. eSJayDee

    Was Mark Kelso the Best FS in Bills History?

    Steve Freeman maybe? I think he was free rather than strong.
  8. What might make sense is an "intern" type position during training camp. During the season, coaching is probably like a 100 hr/wk job. Not something you take on when you wanna be w/ your family. An intern position would only be for a few weeks & likely wouldn't require as much of a commitment during that time.
  9. eSJayDee

    Andre Reed Criticizes Personnel Decisions

    In hindsight, our handling of the WR certainly was ass-backward. Having Woods on our team now would certainly bolster our WR corp and would've been a bargain relative to what we paid for the production we got from his replacement(s). I never could understand how we let Robey-Coleman get away.
  10. He's been top-10 10 of the last 18 yrs. Never worse than 22 except his 1st yr. 20+ yrs ago.
  11. Actually, did you know that much of The Natural was filmed at the old War Memorial. Apparently, at the time, it was one of the few stadiums still around that retained that era's appearance.
  12. So he's got to throw the thing 110' up & do so at a considerable distance away? Don't think it can be done. 110' is the apex of a good punt; he might be able to do that (though I'm skeptical), but I doubt he could achieve that hgt at a significant distance. I've (obviously) never been down on the field & it's been a number of years since my last time at the stadium, but I'm roughly guessing maybe 50 yds plus?
  13. eSJayDee

    Crossman and Castillo? Who stays and who goes?

    I think it's an imperative that Crossman be let go. Just too much inexcusable poor performance on ST. As for Castillo, I'd like to see him go, but I think the decision should be based on Daboll's opinion. He inherited Castillo & maybe he likes the guy & thinks he's a good fit. Yes, our offense performed poorly, and in his tenure some players have declined (Groy & Miller). We lacked talent on the Oline & perhaps the thought is that w/ better (& proper "fit") we can get good performance from that unit.
  14. You've got to remember, Fox (read NFC promoting) has no allegiance to an AFC team. From their perspective, (not that of a Bills fan), they have a choice of a few games of little appeal. GB sucks (this yr), Dallas has more appeal than Detroit. The other games have no interest.
  15. eSJayDee

    Josh Allen's TO at beginning of second half

    You bring up a valid point & in the past have often thought that way. Basically, it comes down to maybe 1/2 the time, that TO is basically worthless & the other 1/2 the time, it's potentially VERY valuable. The earlier you take it, the less uncertain those percentages are. I don't recall the exact situation, but I was quite perturbed they took it at that time, primarily cuz at that time, the need to is largely attributed to incompetence.