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  1. I did not know that, thanks; that's good to know for the FUTURE. Even assuming they still usurp this "bridge charge", come 2021, it will probably be cheaper, even w/ mimimal usage to get the EZ Pass. Guess it depends on how frequently you use it.
  2. At least when I looked into it a few yrs ago, they usurped some sort "bridge fee" monthly. So, although you saved a few pennies each time you used it, cuz of that fee, unless you used it a moderate amount, it was more expensive than just paying cash. I'll be danged if I voluntarily give NYS more $ than I already do.
  3. That's what it said on their website. You'll be charged just the toll. AND they'll be mailing you the bill. (You then pay online.)
  4. Since you've managed to get away w/ only renting one in the past, if you think your future use will be similar, I'd highly recommend you get a good, electric saw (assuming you don't consider that an oxymoron ) I have an 80v Earthworks. If you can get away w/ one battery, they're roughly equivalent of a gas powered saw of equivalent price (~$300), ie good homeowner or low end rancher's saw). My main complaint of my old gas saw was that more often than not, I spent more time & effort getting the dang thing started then it would've taken doing the task w/ a handsaw. W/ electric, you just make sure the battery is charged & voila, cutting away. The one downside is it's only good for about 11 minutes of HARD cutting. That equates to about 1 hour of work doing moderate cutting. But if you're felling & cutting up maybe a tree every yr or so, I think it's the way to go.
  5. So as some of you know, the NYS Thruway is "closed" for cash business. As such, they record your license & will bill you. I took the Thruway 2x last nite, I think 40¢ & going home $1.05. Obviously if they're billed separately, it makes no sense to pay 45¢ or whatever a stamp costs to collect 40. But either way, I'm wondering if there's a minimum charge to process a VISA transaction, like maybe 50¢? (I seem to recall someone "spamming" a charity (Westboro Baptist Church?) by giving the numerous 1¢ donations, and having it cost them $) Of course it being gov't efficiency, they'd prolly pay the 45 to collect 40 anyway.
  6. I would've been very happy retaining him for ~$8m/yr. IMO, $10m is not out of line for someone of his caliber. Somewhat surprised someone didn't offer more.
  7. For my own edification, can someone clarify something please: Is "lack of financial support" a euphemism for "cancelled due to bad ratings" or do shows like that typically buy their own radio time, like an infomercial type arrangement & then are responsible for procuring their own support?
  8. Somewhat (pleasantly) surprised. My feeling is that many times he would have been better off downing more & taking the 25. I'll also interject that the graph would be better served if the Y axis were reversed (say %age not returned). Then it would essentially be an efficient frontier thing.
  9. I am somewhat surprised, but I guess he's not favor of the week. We've had a solid/elite defense two yrs running. Daboll took a weak offense & w/ a considerable influx of talent turned them mediocre.
  10. It seems our strategy is to try & win games 17-13. I was saying in the 3rd quarter we need over 20 pts to win. Our TD on the 1st drive was largely a result of 2 plats where we had the Dee fooled. After that drive? Only FGs. You're not going to win too many games against good competition in today's NFL scoring less than 20 points.
  11. I don't think he needs to work on it at all; he does it too much already.
  12. Losers? I don't recall ever having a team pack up & leave Buffalo in the middle of the night. :LOL:
  13. We also have Croom who showed promise as a developing receiver.
  14. You pay based upon where the $ is earned, ie Bills only pay 1/2 (actually, I think it's 9/17ths) of their income as NYS income tax. Also, many States have "entertainer taxes" (I assume NYS being one of them), so although NYS is very highly taxed relative to other destinations, it's not as disadvantageous as one might think. Further, on "a few million", the extra taxes "only" amount to "a few hundred thousand"; there are other, often more important factors when considering employment situations.
  15. You may very well have an observational bias. You see when they work, and when they work, they appear to work extraordinarily well (provided the tackle doesn't drop it). You don't see how many times it's attempted & he's covered &/or the QB goes elsewhere (or gets sacked/runs).
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