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  1. Some vendors are required to collect Sales Tax for NYS. Our tax rate on most things is 8% (depending on County), lower on clothes, etc & nothing on some things, like food. I've bought some things online from vendors that have charged a full 8% even when less or nothing should be collected. (I'm constantly peeved that I get charged tax on my "free" bag of dog food from a local brick & mortar vendor - I believe the rebate actually comes from the manufacturer. Buy 12, get 1 free.) I suspect the 1st case is just bad bookkeeping/software & the $ probably gets fwded to NYS; the latter, I'm not so sure about.
  2. Does gaining almost 20 lbs count? I'm retired, but still my life has been altered & I am working off a list of things. Don't know if I would've accomplished them w/o quarantine or not, but I probably wouldn't have had the list.
  3. I don't hate the Jets, in fact at one time they might've been my 2nd favorite team. I still hate the Dolphins due to the whole 0 for the 70s thing. The hatred for the Pats* likewise is (partly) due to their recent dominance. That & the whole cheating & being so easy to hate & all. The Jets, much like the Bills have most of the time sucked, so there's little satisfaction in kicking a dog when it's down.
  4. Probably an unpopular opinion, though I saw someone else shares it, but Michael Scott on The Office. Haven't been able to watch the show as I find him too annoying.
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