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  1. That was a heave with less then a minute to go to trying to make a play totally forgiveable A running game they don’t have one... like at all they are Josh Allen and if he’s not John Elway out there they don’t have any other ways on offense to beat you
  2. It’s actually posted a couple places but is the fact the defense really can’t stop anyone starting to psychologically get in the heads of this offense that they know if they aren’t scoring 30 they may not win the game?
  3. The third down pass on the first drive hit John Brown in the helmet Josh wasn’t great but neither where his receivers
  4. Cough JP Losman, Aaron Maybin, Ej Manuel, there is a ton of worse draft picks then Eddie
  5. Of course the Bills played a classic cover 2 and wouldn’t give up deep shots the thing is Andy adjusted and ran it..their online beat the Bills Dline...Bills need to have some kind of running game to control the line a scrimmage since they really don’t have one
  6. Oh I agree if that Chiefs fumble goes differently we maybe having a different conversation but man we need a running game
  7. When the weather is like this and Josh was up and down you run the ball ...KC did..we didn’t...no running game kills you in games like this
  8. The Bills have Josh Allen who is light years ahead of Tua
  9. If defenses are at the point now where they respect Josh not to play us man...and are going to run basically a cover 2 shell and force us to nickel and dime the way down the field...we need a running game more then ever...love Motor but he’s ideally a no2 hopefully Moss or Yeldon get more touches
  10. NFL receivers make that catch Roberts isn’t an NFL receiver
  11. B- the second int was his fault... the first was the fact Roberts isn’t an NFL receiver...he got the ball once in the 4th quarter that’s on the other guys
  12. The defense is trash Josh doesn’t play on that side of the ball
  13. Josh is trying to do it himself again settle down and hit Beasley and man this defense is hot trash no reason this game should be more then 14-10 right now
  14. Last I checked wiseass Derek Carr just beat the Chiefs didn’t he
  15. It was actually after they drafted him and they had minicamp Shady McCoy never a guy to be shy to give his opinion said with a smile you can tell he’s special ... after that I thought let’s see then the leap against the Vikings and I said that’s it this kid is for real
  16. Like I said find a more meaningful player whose lived up to the hype they traded for since Bennett they have acquired I can’t think of one
  17. We know what Cornelius meant to those Bills teams and really was the final piece to the puzzle...but going through my brain I can’t remember a more meaningful player whose lived up to the hype that the Bills have traded for in 30 years...thank you Minnesota! simply amazing
  18. The Cowboys ain’t a bad bunch Lamb looks like a future star they’d be the only ones
  19. The pass Josh made to John Brown there maybe are 3 or 4 guys on this planet that can make that throw be thankful you have one of them
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