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  1. I wouldn’t be shocked if Kenny Pickett isn’t a Giant and they move on from Jones before the draft
  2. This is their 3rd in five years and they ain’t passing Dallas anytime soon so that means you believe Daniel Jones is a better QB then Jalen Hurts who just went to the playoffs
  3. Since you seem to have issues understanding things at no time this year was Gabriel Davis the starting 1 or 2 receiver and let me put it to you even further the game that was just played with the Chiefs the starting offense on the first possession of the game was Diggs 1, Sanders 2, Beasley 3, and when they went empty Davis 4 is this something you can understand? That Josh Allen destroyed the Chiefs secondary with the Bills 4th most targeted receiver?
  4. Have you watched them since they won the Super Bowl last? They have been the worst team in their conference for the last 5 years
  5. You could go back to Bama and Bill OBrien who would probably jump at a chance to work with Josh But With The Raiders in flux go get Greg Olson one of the best OCs in the league and just sitting out there with no job
  6. Keep thinking that the Giants haven’t seen the playoffs in 7 years and it wasnt all Gettleman they just don’t have much talent
  7. The Giants never let Joe Judge do that a year or two of finishing 3rd in their division and Dabs will be back with Saban at Bama
  8. The Pegulas are two of the wealthiest owners in the sport if they want to keep him they will but I’ll be honest he’s never called plays before and that scares me with a super bowl contender verses a team competing for 3rd in their division since both the Cowboys and Eagles are in far better shape talent wise
  9. It honestly makes no sense for Dorsey to essentially go where Daboll is the head coach since it’s Dabolls offense but hey if they want to go together this should be rich
  10. He’s got nothing left to prove and leaves almost pulling out another one on Sunday Tom drove us crazy for years but man just had a drive that’s unheard of
  11. Not hard 1. A space eater DT 2. This offense needs another TE badly when Dawson went out we where nowhere near as good 3. Motor has really come on now need a complimentary back as Moss is just a bust 4. A Speed Receiver who can do stuff after the catch 5. Secondary Depth All things that can easily be done this offseason
  12. I’m one of them his short yardage offense was Josh Allen go get me a first down
  13. The guard position was getting him clocked once Ryan Bates was inserted in the lineup we where much better. As for Josh himself and his ability Greg Cossell even brought this up he knows what the defense wants to do to him and he now adjusts to it much faster The Jaguars game was just Murphys Law but other games where he was on the biggest stage he was the best player on the field and that’s kinda nice
  14. All I can tell you is look at Dabolls non Josh Allen track record good luck with that
  15. Anyone who can’t get the hoodie arguably the greatest defensive coach in league history to get him to punt for 8 quarters has very little to work on. I would actually like whoever takes over as OC to save Josh’s big runs for the Big games and run more 2TE sets but that’s just me
  16. Good luck Brian you are going from a QB who may just be the best player in football to arguably the worst quarterback in his division. Depends on your opinion of Tyler Heineke who honestly has better games then anything Jones has had in his career.
  17. He’s 4 on the Bills depth chart most of the season….Diggs 1…Sanders 2…Beasley 3….Davis 4… that’s not me that’s the Bills listing them that way
  18. Disagree Allen just made the number 4 receiver on the Bills look like Jerry Rice in Arrowhead when Burrow does that with any receiver not named Chase or Higgins then he’ll have an argument
  19. Well in all honesty this goes to show how great Allen is we have one of the worst YACs of any team in the league and yet a top 5 ish offense meaning every yard Josh gets they earn.
  20. What I was going to say these games need to be taken in context heck two losses where on the road and where in overtime One was a one possession game in Jacksonville
  21. Remember many of these guys “missed on Allen” as Burrow went 1 and Herbert went 5 Which makes their own failures as front offices look better. Anybody could have had Allen the Bills went from 22-7 to get him and many owners are wondering why didn’t you do that? So when a front office and execs in Chicago or Denver or the Jets or Miami say they’d take these guys over Josh is simply do to jealousy and their stupidity
  22. Mike Schoop just doesn’t like Allen he actually had a list of 10 QBS awhile back he’d take over Josh and the list was laughable. A couple years ago he literally had to be told by WGR management hey it’s ok to be critical but you’re getting ridiculous and literally attacking fans who disagree with you cut it out or your out. Dude wakes up everyday hating the team he covers so take him with a grain of salt.
  23. Health is the biggest factor The Bills lost arguably the best CB in football on Thanksgiving and didn’t skip a beat till it caught up to them against KC One thing Allen did was give a lot of these teams with mediocre QB play believe their team just needs the right people around them and that just isn’t the case. Cap Space is wonderful but it means the players you have are terrible and you need to replace them with vets who may get their payday and decide to coast Simple fact Bills will be fine but just have to stay healthy and keep adding
  24. Players talk to each other remember what The Hoodie told the Monday Night Football Crew last year that he didn’t think Josh was any good? Josh remembered
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