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  1. He is nowhere near worth this much money but that’s the NFL qb market these days
  2. Josh seems happy with his contract his endorsements probably make up whatever difference in contract money there is heck he’s the new face of Gatorade now. Id say 2025 is a good year to extend him and pretty much allow him to QB the Bills till his mid 30s
  3. The Nathan Peterman award for best pretend quarterback in minicamp and preseason goes to…
  4. Think of that as one all yourself or are you just checking out dolphins fans twitter feeds
  5. Hey Daniel Wise can play don’t be surprised at all if he isn’t a spot starter on an NFL roster in a few months
  6. Maybe the greatest olineman to ever play the game.
  7. Having watched Nico in the Big Ten and watching Keon the better comp is Mike Williams. Nico is not the athlete Keon is despite the fact Nico was one of the top receivers in the country out of high school. Although I will say Nico is probably a tad better route runner
  8. I know he’s just getting used to the NFL but I always thought this talk of Caleb being this once in 5 year kinda talent was little off. Everytime I saw him go against a defense with a pulse in college he struggled. Hopefully that isn’t the case for the Bears sake.
  9. I have to chuckle at Austin Rivers cause I think Josh’s odds of coming off the bench in the nba are better then someone from the nba throwing 60 yard ropes as bills qb
  10. I’m more Allen fan than a bills fan lately. Ive never particularly been a fan of McDermott or Beane so since they’ll be here for a long time I’ll probably just quietly go watch my wife’s team.
  11. Like Jeremy White said I’ll just probably quit watching the Bills or football in general after Josh retires. Dude is just one of the most down to earth class guys in any sport.
  12. Brock Purdy going to Buffalo not at all. I saw what Joe Burrow, Mahomes, Goff, and Love did to the vaunted niners defense. Allen will do the same
  13. Beginning is ok…middle is rough…Love that schedule after the chiefs game other then Detroit no other team even makes me sweat in December
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