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  1. Where is Tre??? Did he see Miller hurt his knee and say f#$k it, I'm done for the day?
  2. Why don't our DBs turn around ever? Would have been an easy pick.
  3. If Jackson turns his head around, that's a pick, o at the very least a pass break up. Seems to be a theme with him.
  4. Will Christian McCaffrey be featured in the foreground or the background of these renderings?
  5. I feel like if The Bills win, they win big! Smash the s#&t out of them! GO BILLS!!!
  6. Awesome bud. The announcers said it? Feel way better now...No excuse to have our team not prepared for the heat. Dorsey's reaction at the end of the game summed it up nice.
  7. Yeah, well the Bills were not in Buffalo today. How the F#$k does this coaching staff not have this team ready for the heat and cramping? Piss poor team management.
  8. Trey Lance is taking a pounding today. He is way to small to take those shots running.
  9. Always amazed with how many fashionistas there are man. Don't care what they wear, as long as they win! GO BILLS!!!
  10. Sounds like Tasker was hammering shots during the lightning delay.
  11. Reminds me of the Peterman hype around practices and training camp. Not going to lie, I bought into it. I'm sure we all did with certain guys along the way. That's what happens when your're searching for that QB. God, I don't miss those days.
  12. I definitely agree Bates would fit in well with this group! I do think its Morse though. To go along with the classy professional analogy, he is just sitting there, politely clapping and smiling with no booze in hand.
  13. The one with the beard on his left is Mitch Morse.
  14. Gabe Davis is on his right hand side and it looks like Mitch Morse on his left side. Kind of hard to tell with the quality.
  15. Seeing all of those Bucs fans just makes me wonder, how many of these people watched a single Bucs game before Brady got there?
  16. Would be great if Rodgers said ^^^^ it, I'm done.
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