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  1. I always love the narrative that, "(insert top tier running back name)wouldn't be good behind this line." Yeah they still would be, great running backs make s%$t happen regardless. Need to get a beast back there.
  2. Absolutely , he wasn't a trash returner. Just seemed like in between his good returns he'd always just have one's where you'd be saying to your self, "oh sh%t, take a touchback." On a side note, F@#$ing love Lil Dirty
  3. Yeah, Roberts was always trying to make something out of nothing on returns that obviously weren't there.
  4. It speaks volumes that smoke hasn't caught on anywhere else. Just shows you how Josh makes guys better.
  5. Those two catches from Davis were so badass. You could argue this drive won the Bills the game.
  6. NSFW language wise idk if that's against board rules sorry if it is. Watch From 2:18-3:24 and you'll see what I think happened. Was probably her friend that did it to her in a last ditch effort to F Shady out of all he's worth. Probably how the other female ended up with minor injuries too, the retaliation shot.
  7. Pretty sure he meant rooting for KC to fail as miserably as possible so that first rounder next year is in the top 10. That's what I'm hoping for, although top 5 would be better! LETS GO BUFFALO!!!
  8. How McD is going to handle him?? If I were Dareus I wouldn't be worried about Sean McD....Go to youtube and check out our new D-line coach Mike Waufle. That's who I would fear if I were him. Dareus better get his s**t together! LETS GO BUFFALO!!!
  9. Who the f**k is Doug McDermott? S**t i knew it! Deep down I always assumed Sean McD had a twin brother who was a defensive genius that he was going to bring in to run the d! LETS GO BUFFALO!!!
  10. I definitely expected this to be a loss after we shut them out. At this point I am way more pissed about the loss to the fish last week. If you want to be a real deal team and be a serious contender you have to beat the teams your suppose to beat. If we had won last week, like we should have, nobody would be as pissed off about yesterday as we all are. Sure we all knew it was going to happen, it just wouldn't have been as much of a kick in the face as it was if we had taken care of business last week.
  11. I ballsed it up and took them when we beat the *pats, if I hadn't I'd have definitely been thinking about it this week for sure.
  12. Albany area CBS switched the Boys vs. Bengals game to the Bills game thank Christ!! I live about 45 mins north of Albany and they always try to pull that s*** when it comes to Bills games. It's a lot cheaper to watch the game at home then in the bar. Cheers Boys!! LETS GO BUFFALO!!!
  13. http://www.cagesideseats.com/wwe/2016/1/7/10731836/buffalo-bills-fans-pro-wrestling-tommy-dreamer-critique-katie-nolan-garbage-time ECW legend and going through table enthusiast Tommy F'N Dreamer weighs in on the matter. LETS GO BUFFALO!!!
  14. Wow... Have been a lurker on this site for about 10 years, Bills fan for 24, and decided to finally sign up this year but haven't really posted anything. Never would I have ever thought Buffalo Bills fans would be rooting for the f@$#&%g jets to go to and win a super bowl.... really??? God@$&n boys I know it's a real deal long shot/not a reality driven chance but for f@#$s sake, root for the Buffalo Bills until they are eliminated. If we take care of our own s#&t the rest just might work itself out. Jesus save the crying until it's actually over. Im sure I'll get kicked off for that but LETS GO BUFFALO!!!!
  15. They usually choose the jesters over B-LO on Cbs Over Here. Week 10 they had jets vs. Steelees on over Bills vs. Chiefs.
  16. When they say "Buffalo and NY markets" does that literally mean Buffalo and NYC only? I live 45 mins north of Albany does that fall in the market"?
  17. EJ probably couldn't pass a drink from his hand to his mouth without over or under throwing it. LETS GO KO!! LETS GO BUFFALO!!!!
  18. As Much As I Like What I've Seen From The The Limited Touches Both Brown And Boobie Have Recieved (Need To See A Little More Then Two Preseason Games Before Saying They're A Better Option Then FJ), I Don't Really See Any Scenario Where The Bills O Gets Better By Taking Away Carries From Freddy.
  19. Absolutely Every Word Needs Emphasis!! Don't Have Any Concerns My Friend, Have Been Coming To TSW For A Good 8 Years Now, Love Everything You Guys Do! Decided To Finally Join In. As For The Avatar Its Just Jim Layhe From Trailer Park Boys, If Its That Bad Could Always Change It, LETS GO BUFFALO!!!!!!
  20. The Worst Part About This Is The season Is About To Start And This Whole F***ing Ordeal Is Hanging On Our Shoulders Like A Vulture.... It Would Be Great To Just Watch The Offseason And Evaulate All The Talent We Have Without This Looming, Hope This Comes To An End Sooner Than Later, (Im Def On The El Pegual Train Fo Sho), Just My Bulls*** thoughts, But Im Sure We All Feel The Same! LETS GO BUFFALO!!!
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