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  1. Injuries, 100 degree heat, missing half the defense... We lost by 2 points to the Dolphins. Yeah, lets blame it on McD.
  2. Some Qb's talent can help make WR's look better. Some WR's talent can help make QB's look better. Guess who is who...
  3. You, me and a couple other people on this board are probably the only ones that knew that letting shaq go, and keeping Phillips was the best idea. Kudos to us for actually using our eyes and common sense.
  4. I'm surprised no one mentioned it, but I believe the heat had something to do with the low snap count also. The TV announcers mentioned the heat and the way the bills were rotating players.
  5. I want to say it was one of the DT's but Idk... True that. At that time most people on this board didn't want him resigned, saying that his 9.5 sacks were "coverage sacks" so they don't count. AND he was asking too much... but yet, most people also thought that paying Lawson $13M+/ year was acceptable. Which is what Miami ended up paying him for his 1 year of service. Lawson - 13M/year - 4 sacks in Miami Phillips - 10M/year - 2 sacks in Arizona Butler - 13M/ 2 years - 0 sacks, and he was horrible for us. Yeah, it 100% would have been better to keep Phillips for that price. I'll take 10M/year for his 9.5 "coverage sacks"
  6. Oh man.... that made my day. 🤣 That dude is hilarious.
  7. With a username of Joe Ferguson I'd think you'd be 65+, but your comment makes you sound like you're 12.
  8. I didn't have to go deep at all to think of a game Barkley played well for us in. We had Trubisky as our back up last year and Barkley the 3 years prior. He must be a pretty good back up if we kept him for 3 years and now we brought him back again....
  9. I think people forgot about how horrible Keenum played 2 weeks ago, and how good Barkley played in our 56-26 romp of the Dolphins week 16 of the 2020-2021 season. But yeah, I guess a QB on his 8th team in 10 years is reasonable for most people on this board.
  10. I agree with all of your choices except I'd cut Keenum instead of Barkley.
  11. I don't know about 40.... If we average 8 possessions per game, 8x7= 56. So 56.
  12. Mika is it dress but in the corner by the peloton bikes as he is Roger Saffold and 62. WTF did this guy just say?? lol
  13. Who's worried about the jets? I'm certainly not, and I'm pretty sure the Bills aren't either.
  14. I'm agreeing with you. and yes, that is what I'm saying. Either that or kick them off the property. But I'd like to think that the Bills might be embracing what Cover1 does, since they have neither given them credentials, or kicked them off the property.
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