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  1. Outside the stadium during the game... Am i right?? lol
  2. I'll agree that his deep throws were horrible last season. He couldn't connect worth crap. But, he's not over throwing his receivers by a mile like some QB's. Most of his overthrows were quite literally within 1-2 feet of his mark, some within inches but the receivers just couldn't bring them in.
  3. Personally, I wouldn't say say this is a make or break year for Allen. The playoff game? A 23 year old coming from a small college, in a small town to the NFL playoffs in his 2nd year. He was nervous. He looked just as nervous as he did the first half of his rookie season. No big deal. He's a smart dude, He'll get over the nerves either this season or the next one. Accuracy- Well jeez, he could be like every other QB out there and dump the ball off 10+ times a game instead of scrambling for 10+ yards.(but c'mon, we all really enjoy watching Allen run) Deep Pass- He can throw deep. It's a threat every time he's on the field. Defenses know that. Gone are the days of Defenses stacking 9 players at the line. He's the best QB we've had in YEARS. Personally, he's the most enjoyable QB to watch since pre concussion Edwards.
  4. Holy cow, you're right!! The massive hole in our roster that could totally ruin our season is the backup QB position. What do you suggest we do JetsFan20!?!?
  5. This makes about as much sense as the patriots becoming a dynasty after 9/11. Or the Cubs winning the world series because Obama was the president. Ya know what, I like how you think.
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