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  1. Sorry but the misinformation here is just wrong. Imo
  2. Ok. So you made it up. Thought so. Thank you for admitting it. This comment has been deleted.
  3. The mistake was building a clause into his contract. This was a very real negotiation chip and a smart financial move. Lets stop smearing good people.
  4. Where does it state that he posted at TBD as you claim? oh right it doesn’t, just the sheep following the narrative. Think for yourself, don’t trust the media.
  5. He’s not serious, obviously. Doug wouldn’t waste his time here. He doesn’t care of what people think of him. He’s a good coach and person. It was Ralph’s final major mistake.
  6. Doug may be a good coach but the guy is a scum bag. I realize we shouldn’t mix personal and business.
  7. Man, the alien technology has really helped us evolve the last 56 years. Are those even humans in that video?
  8. When the the most corrupt league in the world has the team that cheats the most in your division, the outcome is the three remaining teams are most miserable. Yeah, don’t buy this brain programming. should be most take advantage of team or most unfair division.
  9. Risky. If he suffers another major injury he could be out next year as well.
  10. I love the right Josh. When left Josh shows up I don’t love him. I prefer the right Josh.
  11. Jury’s still out on this. Not looking that way, though, 3rd is a better spot for JA.
  12. It’s like I’m in the twilight zone. If? Did you watch the game Saturday? They cheat 100%. What is it going to take for people to realize the entire league is rigged??
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