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  1. After last game, comments like this are warranted. You never know which Josh we are going to get, he has to be smarter and more consistent. He really can’t have anymore games like the Ravens. It hurts his reputation tremendously. He has a lot to prove.
  2. He has lost a step or two. He is just slow. Take the touchback and stop showing off.
  3. Maybe if they win the division. Finishing 10-6 wouldn’t warrant consideration.
  4. He was a Vikings fan? Im sorry for your lose OP
  5. Is it just ironic that they ply the Bengals this week? No. Confidently cheating.
  6. I once wore a red tshirt in the wrong part of Compton. The locals were not happy to say the least. Territory is a funny thing.
  7. You wear the wrong colors, you suffer the consequences...
  8. All they do is follow the script. Vegas runs the NFL.
  9. More proof the league is rigged. Who do we have to pay to be good?
  10. Duke Williams is not an NFL caliber WR. He was brought up for potential and hit his ceiling. Look for him to be released this offseason.
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