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  1. Barry reached his final straw…what is the point of this? He was hardly Speeding
  2. OP is not qualified to be making suggestions of medical conditions. Empathy? commissioner is fine unless we hear from an actual source otherwise. We don’t care.
  3. Dude is judging then gossiping without knowing what the deal is. This isn’t a medical board. We don’t care.
  4. Who cares OP? This isn’t TMZ or some gossip magazine.
  5. I agree. No more excuses. Super Bowl or move one from Beane and McD.
  6. If he was smart he’d retire. But he’s not, he likes abuse.
  7. Edmunds was a major liability. We will improve just by having him gone. Mr. Whitewash constantly in the wrong position and slow, mentally and physically. .
  8. Nah man your squeaked by reasoning is the scapegoat. It’s hard to win in the nfl, we were able to close out close games, that’s a special skill. We were trending up and #1 in the afc until Hamlin shorted out. He was the primary reason for the season derailing so late in the year.
  9. This is the year. Super Bowl or rebuild front office. We are at a crossroads and McD knows it. We have to reach our potential.
  10. Diggs is a diva. He gets upset when he doesn’t get the ball or win games. Only way to keep a primadonna happy is to win. Dudes not getting any younger.
  11. We were on a 6 game winning streak and won the final regular game. Bengals game was “canceled” on the third possession, practically the beginning of the game. There were no indications of a blowout, we drove our first drive with ease and should’ve scored a TD but settled for 3. It was a typical Bills game that we usually win. Damlin screwed us and he directly costs us a Super Bowl.
  12. We were leading the AFC with two games remaining in the season. The Bengals game was canceled due to injury and we were moved to 2nd in AFC with a completely different and much more difficult path to the superbowl. Hamlins injury derailed the season. To put ourselves in that position again is idiotic insanity, best of luck Hamlin but never again.
  13. Ifs and buts. Bills had no control over his condition. To put yourself in the same position again is idiotic insanity. Our season was derailed because of Hamlin, no other excuses.
  14. Chances were much better. 1st round bye and much easier path to Super Bowl. Yea, his injury completely derailed our season. Yes all players should have that stipulation. A better course would be Any player with a “pre-existing condition” should be banned from the NFL.
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