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  1. Maybe the Miami hurricanes in 1 year(2001)... minus QB, but Jimbo can jump in there Ken Dorsey*JRQB184 Cmp, 318 Att, 2652 Yds, 23 TD Derrick CrudupSOQB10 Cmp, 22 Att, 100 Yds, 1 TD Clinton Portis*JRRB220 Att, 1200 Yds, 5.5 Avg Najeh Davenport*SRRB23 Att, 54 Yds, 2.3 Avg Willis McGaheeFRRB67 Att, 314 Yds, 4.7 Avg Frank GoreFRRB62 Att, 562 Yds, 9.1 Avg Jarrett PaytonSORB14 Att, 26 Yds, 1.9 Avg Kyle CobiaFRRB6 Att, 16 Yds, 2.7 Avg Andre Johnson*SOWR37 Rec, 682 Yds, 18.4 Avg Daryl Jones*SRWR19 Rec, 240 Yds, 12.6 Avg Ethenic SandsJRWR26
  2. I was gonna say Knox for Kittle... but Kelce works also
  3. If not tied... I know. Eff PFF, they still can't give credit after they made a huge blunder with their "perfected analytics"
  4. Why throw this jab in there? "The only concern with Allen’s game now is his ability to protect the football. He had the second most turnover-worthy plays (23), trailing only Carson Wentz during the regular season." They didn't do something like this for any other QB in the top 10... They can't NOT post something to slander Josh, even when complimenting him.
  5. That's more days than you can shake a raccoon skin hat at!
  6. I was convinced that AJ McCarron was going to get us into the Playoffs on a regular basis... And I was 100% certain that Derrick Henry was going to be a bust. He can't read holes, and only runs in a straight line.
  7. I was going to say that he's not big, and not fast... I was going to say that he's not big, and not fast...
  8. I stumbled upon this old Josh Allen Sports Science when he was going through the draft process. I forgot about his balls speed velocity. I told my wife that my load to release/arrival was very fast, and she just seemed disappointed... I wish sports science would make my performance seem amazing also.https://youtu.be/i-Nqjw3UVbo
  9. 1. Newsome 2. if Newsome gone, Toney 3. If both gone, Collins 4. if all 3 gone, Humphrey 5. or a RB if everyone else is trash
  10. just turn if off from your mind and bring your inner-self back into the comfort of your city.
  11. It's probably more upbringing when they are young, and their influences while maturing... rather than a college paying for education and extending their passion to play football.
  12. The conclusions are not logical and the wide array of variables do not make reliable.
  13. I would think a lot of board members do. My wife is in the field.. and most of the doctors and specialists she works with also say things are way too restrictive. can't tell if the last sentence was serious or sarcasm
  14. nothing gets by you... nice job Mcgyver! you figured out his jest... yeesh
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