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  1. What about Isaiah Hodgins in the slot... wasn't he supposed to be very quick cutting with sudden movements, and getting separation? I thought I heard that his short area shuttles were very fast. Wouldn't hurt to have a 6'3" WR in the slot on certain downs.
  2. It does, the hotel reserved the rights to keep the toof and not let it leave the premises
  3. Where is your China Joe research?! LMFAO!!! can you be a bigger joke?! probably not
  4. So quick question... has it been going bankrupt, and/or un sustainable?
  5. You tell me, considering that the Dems LOVE China in everything they do
  6. Where's your meme of the kids who died with heart failure due to the vaccine? I bet it's hilarious!
  7. If only our new Space Jam had a person of ample love for his country
  8. The denial is strong in this one! - Yoda - but his gifs are plentiful
  9. With Biden in power, if we try to help, it will be another Bay of Pigs
  10. So... this Biden thing kinda sucks? who could have seen that coming?
  11. So why is it not racist or suppression to require an ID to buy alcohol, tobacco, guns, prescriptions... or sign up for insurance, buy a car/house/boat/ATV, or own land, but when it comes to voting, thats where they draw the line... unless they are trying to steal elections. The only other option would be that people on the left think minorities are too dumb or ignorant to find a way to get an ID and find a voting place. They obviously think they have the ability to find all the other things listed above... just how racist are the democrats still?! The party of slavery, the party of the KKK, th
  12. What a symbol of hate and racism... just kidding, the left is a bunch of fricken dolts! I am glad Cuba is starting to stand up and trying to turn back time on the evils of socialism and communism! We are headed to the poverty of Venezuela if we stay on our track as a country.
  13. I actually don't know how to do that... I clicked on a few things, and nothing let me edit them... but in reality, they are Joe's paintings that his son is doing for him
  14. They should actually watch his painting sessions, and make sure that he is actually painting these extortion pieces himself. Maybe they are like Geogia O'Keefe paintings, but instead of hidden lady parts, they have dollar amounts
  15. But let's not let Trump living in the minds of all these wackos diverge this topic.... please any of you lefties, what do you think of the half million dollar paintings by a crack head, to anonymous donors? BEST COMICS EVER!!!!!!!
  16. And the far left DOJ, FBI, now Prez, and over the top extortions can't bring him in?! what's wrong? you might just have to accept that it was all make believe.
  17. Could there be a more BS statement and back track?! LMFAO! back to mom's basement
  18. yup, with the first letter looking like a C and the second an O, the rest unrecognizable, and Covid being front and center in everyone's daily lives, it seemed like the obvious assumption... so, yah, I am ok, how are you comrad?
  19. agreed, but when something becomes over the top blatant ridiculousness, it has to be called out. Remember Trump's press conferences, CNN, MSNBC, and the lesser BS organizations made it absolute hell for him. Now they all are speechless, and serve up soft balls in every single press meeting. Where did their journalistic integrity go? Why are they so docile now? Boy, Shill is the best word I can think of Wait, WHAT?!?! your last sentence could be the most delusional thing I have ever read... do you actually believe that there is no correlation? China Joe........... LMFAO, You are
  20. and the funny (and terrifying) thing is, they can't see their ridiculousness! It is literally a mental disorder
  21. Now that I look closer with my screen up to my face, I think it says Goya? so the brand that didn't want to take a hard left stand... ok? so a company that wants to keep traditional American values is bad... is that what you are saying? Or are you siding with the extreme left organizations who tried to black list Goya for not denouncing Trump as President?
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