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  1. The Music City Miracle was harder to get over then 13 seconds Even in the heat, driving without using the A/C on in the car is preferred. Keeps the muscles looser and not as much stress on the engine Wings are okay imo. It's hardly ever a food I order on its own. Boneless can even be preferred with me at times because of using a fork and knife
  2. The 2017 opener I think might be the most underrated one and my favorite one. 21-12 win versus the Jets. While there was nothing hugely memorable about the actual game itself it was a solid W and the 1st win of the Mcdermott era. So a new era so to speak.
  3. Drinking beer for the most part is unappealing
  4. It’s been rough against the Astros this year
  5. Well you know I'm as nostalgic as you get and I thought his take was very fair. Yeah 2015ish I think when the Four Falls of Buffalo premiered on ESPN the nostalgia was getting old but that program did put a little battery in that backpack. But it only lasted so long. Every now and then it's nice to relive some moments or what not but yeah it's a continuously beaten dead horse
  6. Random Buffalo Bills ones: I was born in the 80s but still can't conceive how the Miami dominance of the club in the 70s was worse than the Patriots dominance for 20 years Leodis McKelvin was a very good Bill overall who gets most remembered though for the 09' NE fumble and 14' KC game fumble. I'll admit the 09 NE one can be hard to overlook. Been following the team/a fan since the 90s. 2012 was the year of biggest disappointment for me in terms of meeting expectations prior to the season
  7. The Cowboys really weren't all that much better (if any) a team than the Bills in Super Bowl 27, 28. The team choked in both those games
  8. I feel sorry for anyone that cant find something positive about the Talking Proud song 😝
  9. Sometimes fans on this site worship Josh Allen too much
  10. 2nd to last game in 2011 vs the Broncos on Christmas Eve: The Bills had just lost like 8 in a row and this was during the height of Tebow mania. I thought for sure it'd be a loss. On the old BBMB fans were joking it'd be a Rocky 4 like scene: Our people cheer for him!!! But very surprisingly to me the Bills completely dominated that day. Tim was awful Last game of the year in 2012 against the Jets. A very very disappointing season in my eyes. But still seeing the Bills beat the Jets at home on the final game felt good. Jets had beat the Bills 6 in a row prior. I still remember CJ Spiller on a 3d and 13 taking it to the house. He could fly!!!! Memorable in that it was Chan and Fitz's last Bill game
  11. It's been many years since I watched it. I guess I might be an outlier then as I would actually say no to yay or nay. Like I didn't think it was great but didn't think it was awful. it was alright But I wasn't the shows biggest fan. again ya know it was alright. lol
  12. It didn't make me laugh as hard as I did as a teen but still a solid watch. Similar sort of plot to the 97' movie
  13. Scott Norwood and Vincent Gallo. To see Scott's thoughts on that film. Plus Vincent's always been a rather interesting and at times funny character to me. Josh Allen I guess currently. Only in the sense he can get along with anyone
  14. For casual Italian dining Otto's in Cheektowaga was very good. As was Sorrentino's in Williamsville. Very sizable portions without messing up my stomach. they have subs there though and the OP mentioned it
  15. imo can't go wrong with Anderson's. Always give a solid meal and dessert too for that matter
  16. Good article. https://www.theplayerstribune.com/posts/buffalo-01g5heb0fb94/amp Dion Dawkins initially a Jersey guy made the city his home
  17. What didn’t you understand about it? The other posters on the picked up on it.
  18. As a teenager two stand out with me: The 1st Super Bowl Brady and the Patriots were in I rooted for them along the way. I didn't like Oakland and Pittsburgh. Super Bowls I usually root for the underdog. Plus I was tired of hearing about the Rams offense at the time. I think a lot to do as well it was right after 9/11 and the name Patriots. Plus the red, white, and blue. Brady's story sounded appealing at the time. Needless to say it wasnt a good idea. Other side to that I rooted for the Jazz in 98 against the Bulls in the NBA Finals. I liked the Knicks in the 90's and didn't want to see that group affect someone else's chances to win a championship. Like they did to Cleveland as well. But over time as a fan of that era of basketball I thought it was a fitting end. I'm not much for comparing sports athletes from different generations but that does help Michael's case vs Lebron.
  19. @SinceThe70s @Gugny @2020 Our Year For Sure Well I mean holding steady I guess. West Coast trips are never easy. Only thing is now Atlanta it looks like has been ripping up the league. The division isn't a shoo in. When on the club Dan Murphy was my favorite Met. Say what you want about him but I thought he played with a lot of heart. I'm coming to like Canha though as my favorite Met now. Chill guy, has his own personality and plays hard. I came across this article about him that was pretty good and sort of goes a bit to the change in culture. While he didn't play for the Wilpon Mets Mark was familiar with the A's owners who were penny pinching as well. Talks about it being night and day https://www.nytimes.com/2022/05/18/sports/baseball/mark-canha-mets.html
  20. has that been proven D lowers covid? ive hard that before
  21. Since you seem to have a lot of know how and experience with health and fitness perhaps you can talk about your regimes
  22. I'm getting to the age where I think I got to start taking my health a little more serous. Meaning doctor appts, checkups kind of thing. I haven't had a real physical in 10 years. But I've always taken b Complex vitamins. Think it wakes my brain up in the morning. I'm told zinc is good as well. Vitamin C and D I've been told its benefits. Something I should look into
  23. A favorite story I read about him came from the old BBMB. In the 2011 season once the wheels came off there was that absolute horrendous game in Miami that year. Lost like 45-8 or something like that. Everybody played bad that day. Someone on that board stuck up for Fitz that day that was there. This fan was at Miami at the game and waited for the Bills to come out afterwards with some other fans. Understandably all the players were pretty upset and didn't even look or talk to the fans. But who was the one guy that did that day? yeah Fitz. While I mean the story can be just internet fodder it definitely sounds like how Fitz would act. Maybe someone can confirm by some small chance?
  24. The over dependence on analytics kinda ruined sports for me. Takes the heart out of the game. That being said I'm not anti-analytics. But rather all this extreme over dependence on them Well imo then that shows analytics certainly doesn’t account for communication skills
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