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  1. One friend I know went there in 2016 to rep the Browns and had a Jersey on. He got some dirty looks and comments initially but decided to buy the guy next to him a beer to show no hard feelings. Idk if that was really necessary but this guy is very social/talkative/loves people and scenes so maybe he was protecting himself! Sounded like he made it out in one piece Best advise I would say I’d start an account on Eagles forum and see what feedback/pushback you get if you’re really considering it
  2. What could be more important than Buffalo football in our lives with our Lord and savior JA#17? 😉 Now that the Bills are back in the news…. Some of which for the teams play and some of which for the snowstorm, I try and tell people fandom just runs DEEPER with this fanbase then other teams. To which if you’re not from or familiar with WNY or Buffalo it still don’t register with a lot of people.
  3. Yeah not familiar at all with Texas Rangers baseball and looked them up. They were 68-94 last season, not exactly setting the league on fire. My point is yeah parts of me wonder now if he didn't really like playing for the Mets/New York or what not. Maybe he wouldn't have gotten that much money from the Mets but he's still playing on a team now that will likely be in contention or at least for an owner that seems to want to win. It's like when Strawberry was telling Judge to re-sign with the Yankees.... all other cities even LA or pretty boring to play in next to New York. Honestly, it reminds me of Mike Hampton signing with the Rockies a little. But he was a great pitcher here and one of the few Mets down the stretch last year I was satisfied with. I'm just a little perplexed what he was thinking. Whatever
  4. While the Bills aren’t perfect it’s a game I’m comfortable they should be able to win push comes to shove. I think I have to go back to the 1990s to have that feeling against the Pats
  5. Reading through this thread I’ll just leave it as social media is the downfall of a lot things today and we’d all be better off without it imo
  6. Yep. But in a what have you do for me lately world they still seem to always help the Bills. Oh yeah they beat the Jets as well this year too
  7. The Bengals always seem to help the Bills: they beat the Dolphins earlier in the year and the Titans today
  8. He’s like the Charlie Brown of the NFL. He has he even ever won a start? I’ll say I find it admirable he doesn’t quit
  9. I'm not old to remember it but I watched that game on Youtube being a nostalgia fan. What I found enraging was it sounded like there were Giant fans cheering that day when he went down. Giant fans always point to Eagles fans as being degenerates for booing Michael Irvin when they had to cart him off the field but they are no better. I mean at least on that day.
  10. There might be some big Bills fans out there due to their family dynamics are in households where they can’t watch todays game and missed the Cowboy one a few years ago They might have a word with you 😂😆
  11. Browns vs Bills in 2009. Roscoe Parish fumbles the punt with I want to say less than a minute left. Which sets the Browns up to kick the winning field goal. Browns win 6-3 where Derek Anderson goes 2 for 17 passing for 23 yards
  12. I have a memory of a fan putting a taser light on Carpenter during the game. Is an underrated Bills classic game imo
  13. You pretty much said it all. Only thing I would stress is if they go after high priced free agents make sure they can handle the playoffs. I mean to me Scherzer was an epic fail and that’s inexcusable when you pay someone over 40 million a year. More of high priced flops like that the Mets will really be the joke of the league. I mean just throwing it out there
  14. I still think he looks safe
  15. Yeah man. The main Bills page comes across more cultish than anything more often than not
  16. I recall the Bills were a few points favored in the game and until that miraculous last drive it looked like it was gonna be a disappointing loss. That last drive WAS exciting though Yeah and I still recall that infamous poster who claimed to lose 5k betting against the Bills that day
  17. Yeah I get that. One of the few celeb deaths that got to me was Sage Stallone now 10 years ago. I was probably the only person in the world to like Rocky 5 enough to watch it multiple times as a kid. Sage did very well in the movie as Rocky's son (he's Slyvester's irl) and that was always the image I had of him for years. What little I heard of him over the years was irl he really wasn't that close with his dad. But yeah when he died it was a real sad reminder to me of why things just can't be what they were.
  18. some names here kinda look familiar https://www.billsfans.com/forums/forum/8-buffalo-bills-community-forum/
  19. The defense gave a Herculean effort that day. I think that's part of why they lost the next week in Oakland. Flying across the country and being gassed. Interesting though under the new playoff format Buffalo would have made it in 2014. They were the # 7 seed.
  20. When MTV still played music videos, Michael Jackson's Thriller video was a staple for me every year The Chucky movies I might watch within the next few weeks As I get older and grumpier Halloween is easily my favorite holiday though
  21. Maybe slightly odd but I never disliked the Phillies growing up even as a Mets fan. Growing up and even now it’s a more convenient trip if I wanna see the Mets. So I’m pulling for them too. But I think it’s gonna be Houston in 6
  22. Where I work there’s only a few sport fans. There’s one guy that’s a Patriot fan but I’ll just get annoyed if I talk football with him, so I don’t even go there with him One guy likes the Yankees here. They’re not my team but since I like him sometimes I’d ask about Judge. Ditto for a co worker here about the Eagles. Sometimes I’ll just ask how they did on Sunday. A team I’m pretty neutral about. So yeah sports talk comes up occasionally with me but it’s not common.
  23. Kind of a generic answer but imo you can't go wrong with Wegmans. The last Bills game my dad and I went to years ago we split a 14 inch sub in the parking lots. I only say that as depending where you live now there might not be one near you. DiBella's is pretty good as well. I think they are in the Buffalo area.
  24. I'm not sure if this relates to what the OP was talking about but I recall a punt, pass, and kick contest sponsored regularly by the NFL. I'm going to say it was during the 90's? Or at least the height of its exposure. Seemed pretty cool then to be able to participate in it.
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